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Found 23 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm just looking for some other newbie players like myself to platoon up and grind some tanks with. Voice is always a fun feature. my best tank right now is the t-43 tier 7 russian. I also have a couple of tier 6's including my t-34-85 (which i'v kept in order to possibly research the kv-13) and my T-150 heavy. my tier 5's include the su-122a SPG, the su-85 TD, the kv-1 heavy, and american m4 sherman medium and the british churchill 1 heavy. I also love to take any and all suggestions for tanks/gameplay strategies I soak up all information and I reallly enjoy playing this
  2. Hi all, I have read with great interest several of the articles and guides here, and one in particular (to which I seem to have lost the link, and which I appear to be unable to relocate, *sigh*) struck a chord with me. Several posters here have underscored the same point, but this article in particular seemed to boil it down to basics for me. I took away from the article a couple of key points (at least for me), specifically: KISS. I'm not a good player, I'm not even an average player, and trying to improve (let alone master) all areas at once is a recipe for failure. So I'
  3. Hey! You can call me Kazz. And no, the subject line's not a cry for attention or a sign of some disorder. I just took a long break from WoT and came back recently. Thanks for the content and for the forum! I put what I believe has been a lot of hours into the game. I've only looked things up when getting a new tank or have been completely buffaloed by an issue. But I've forgotten quite a lot and found WOTLabs just today. I did all I could to scream through the first five tiers and do not have a single 100% perk crew member in barracks or any tank. From what I can tell, that can be hard to
  4. Introduction The third campaign is now over and I hope you all had a good and fun experience; hopefully whilst winning a reward tank! As some of you may know, Orrie and I were the main field commanders for the lovely KITTY-clan during the campaign. For those of you who are not familiar with KITTY (shame on you if that is the case :3), we are a clan who do not participate in Clan Wars (CW). This means that most KITTY members that played during the campaign had little to no experience in CW. Surprisingly that couldn’t be felt as much as one would think. Everyone followed orders with a level of d
  5. Hi everyone newbie here to the Wotlabs forums, though I have lurked a little bit before signing up. Not the newest player but still no Tier X Seriously wanting to improve in my game play and wot better place the Wotlabs? PS: Where would I post a replay and ask for help/analysis? Or do I just do it here. Now I got a tier X Hurrayyy!
  6. Ah, so this is my HELLO (song plays), I'm TJ and I'm working on fixing my stats from my first 14k battles of not caring and getting annoyed and saying my team is horrid even if I was the worst on the team also I'm a LT specialist with a good knowledge of most classes (playing since 2011).
  7. Hello, Berean checking in. I've finally decided to check this forum out for help rather than the official forums. The games I'm currently playing (That I have the time for anyways.) Is World of Warships and Armoured Warfare.
  8. Hello tankers.I'm robo and I've been playing WoT on and off(Have been playing consistently for about 5 months) for around 3 years now About me(if you care.This is just a long version of what I just said above): I started playing in late 2012 on the US server and tried grinding the US heavy line I got upto the M3 Lee but that tank was SOOOOOO bad that it made me quit the game.And then in late 2013 I discovered a certain Youtuber who has just done an "Ask Me Anything" here.He made me get back into the game.So I made a new account on the EU server and got upto t
  9. Hello, i'm a player from Taiwan on the ASIA server and hope to gain whatever new insights and learn up on on what i may have missed or not been aware of in WoT and get better at the game. I do make the occasional mistake and errors but i am at least aware of what i've done and and always trying to improve and get better.
  10. Hello WOTLabs forum! My name is Sarcastic Eggplant (In-game 3p1cModZZ) I'm a mostly casual gamer, doing a little competitive gaming every once in a while (such as CS:GO and considering TF2 comp). I am just getting back into World of Tanks and had just heard of these forums. I was hoping for some advice on how to improve my skills at the game in this thread, or any links to some good posts to help improve my game. Since this is my first post I'm trying to keep in kind-of short. P.S. If anyone has a clan that would accept me help me improve my skills, I'd appreciate that very much so (My S
  11. Hello Wotlabs Forum, I'm a relatively new player, and I'm looking to improve at internet pixel tonks. I've been hanging out for a while on the official WoT Forums, but the constant drivel people post over there gets annoying over time. So, I look forward to seeing you all around here as I learn and get better at the game.
  12. Pretty new to this game and found its hard to make friends in game. Would like to expand my spam list and hope someone would like to teach me more about this game. Feel free to add me in game or I can add you after. Thank you very much!
  13. Hi guys! I've been lurking for a veeery long time, so I finnally decided to officially sign in. As you can see, I'm a noob trying to improve, and this site and forum have been an incredible help, so, first and foremost, I'd like to thank everybody for sharing knowledge and helping me learn and realise some things. I was a mega-noob with 47% win rate and 3k games before I finnally discovered that this game has stats (first online game...) and that I was a fuckin liability for my team. I believed that win rate is luck - nuff said. I still play almost all of my games solo pubbing and I ho
  14. Hey, I heard of WotLabs before and have been meaning to ask for help here, finally, after Jingle's video where he mentioned there are some great players here, I decided to come forward and ask for your help to improve my gameplay. I watch Quickybaby and Jingles to pick up tips, although the latter is mainly for entertainment, and although I do learn a bit from them, I feel that platooning with a good player, and discussing my gameplay after would help me so, so much more. If a knowledgeable player could platoon with me and help me improve, I would be very grateful. I want to be an asset to my
  15. Hello everybody. My name is Yumei, I'm a player from the NA server although I'm European myself. I'am a Sub-Commander from the Girls und Panzer clan ''ANZIO'' and have come here to improve my game play. I'am a jack of all trades player (Not good but according to my clan-friends not bad either) although I perform better with medium and heavy tanks, but I enjoy Tank-destroyers and Artillery allot too. I'm currently working on becoming a better scout and trying to perform better in battles. My highest tier is a lone E-75 which I have recently fully upgraded and my lowest the tier 2 gift tan
  16. Aloha and Mogethin from Maui, Hawaii. I have been a lurker here for a little too long. Its about time to quit being the creeper. I have used and applied the strategies and information shared on this forum even at almost 19,000 games. It never too late. So Mahalo/Kamagar to the people that take their time to share their knowledge of the game here. I am usually on west solo and platooned east. Mostly, even in ACES I like the freedom of soloing. I get to absolutely try new strats and tomato out of sight. Say hello! Again to the posters that contribute to the success and improvement o
  17. *wall of text/rambling incoming in spoiler* After noticing a certain IOC_5 member (CanadianGuitar) referencing the wot labs forums, I decided to see what this place is like. (I was completely oblivious to this forum's existence until a few days ago). I'm scared of the responses I might get from a community composed mostly of cream-of-the-crop players... ... TL;DR: TEACH ME YOUR PROFFESIONAL SORCERY! D:
  18. Hi guys, I've played a couple of thousand battles and am still Bad@Tanks but getting serious about improving my stats (and having more fun while I do it). My numbers are slowly improving and I'm winning more than I lose but I still have a lot to learn from the experts.
  19. Well, Ive finally given in and joined the wotlabs forums. Might even start posting, as the ASIA forums have been quiet of late. Mostly here for the guides, and the quality banter provided by an unfettered PB crowd.
  20. Started playing just over a month ago, finally found my way to this forum and lots of valuable information. Looking forward to learning more! T4E
  21. Hi, I am FuzzyWhale, and I play on the EU server. I found this forum about a month ago, and it has allowed me to steadily improve my game. As can be seen from my stats, I was a 55% baddie for a long long time. However, reading the guides posted by the unicums on this forum has allowed me to push my 60-day up to 58%, and my 60-day WN7 into purple zone. My only regret was that I learned about game mechanics and tactics far too late, and by the time I started trying to improve, I had already played 5k+ games. I play solo-pub only, and I abhor stat-padding.
  22. This is just a basic beginner's list to help acclimate newbies into the tanking world of what to- and what not to do and to help understand the mechanics a little better. Explains and helps pinpoint areas you should aim for in Tiers 3-6. Very Detailed. Has Pics! Explains and helps pinpoint areas you should aim for in Tiers 7-10. Very Detailed. Has Pics! Explains basic aiming habits you should learn when targetting a tank. Has Pics! More to add when not busy at work.~ After reading the above, go here for juicy Information Overload! XD A collection of Warg
  23. So I have a E2 crew (my only USA crew) which I use for SP, and it has 6th sense / BIA / Repairs (60%) However, I have decided to go up the E5 line, which is a heavy tank line. Should I start with a completely new crew (0 skill), or should I retrain my E2 crew to the heavy line? I'm stuck between being gimped if I have 0 skills on a T7 tank (T29) or being unable to farm credits efficiently (SP is my credit farming tank; I need the repairs at least). Any input is much appreciated
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