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Found 14 results

  1. https://ritastatusreport.live/2017/01/26/9-17-1-patchnotes-tank-changes/#more-29537 Centurion Mk. I – Reload time for OQF 20-pdr Gun Type A Barrel for the second turret changed from 8 seconds up to 7.5 seconds. – The maximum forward speed is changed from 40 kph to 50 kph Centurion Mk. 7/1 – Reload for 105 mm Royal Ordnance L7A1 reduced from 12 seconds. to 11.2 sec. – Maximum speed forward changed from 40 kph to 50 kph FV4202 – Maximum speed forward changed from 40 kph to 50 kph Panther – Reload time for 7,5 cm Kw.K. L/100 for the second turret changed from 4.4
  2. I haven't seen one of these around so I figured I would start one. Post Wallpapers you like! Whether they be for PC/Mobile post ones you have used, liked, or would consider using in the future. I'll start with some (last one spoilered due to a bit of content [furry, gore, etc]. Spoilered due to minor gore (zombies) Just a courtesy, if you like something enough to download it, leave an upvote for the uploader (leaving one for Pity now, I like the dragon and car one)
  3. AirG

    GTA 5 PC

    anyone picking up GTA 5 on PC ? if you are feel free to say so and we can start like a crew or something. I haven't purchased yet, but I will once I muster up some dough.
  4. Background So I was looking around the forum at the gameplay sections, and I saw that everyone else was better than me. So I used what I'm good at (computers) to help you guys out. Purpose To help people with potatoes/toasters design and/or build a PC How This Thread Works You can either A. Put your potential build on PCPP (pcpartpicker.com) and share it. Give me a budget, purpose of the build, and anything else you want me to know. B. (This is if you have no idea how to build or design a computer) Tell me your budget, country, and purpose of the build. I'll
  5. So right now I want to kill myself half the time I play WoT, any other game, or just try to do more than 2 things at once with my MacBook Pro. Because it's a Mac, I can't even install texture compression. Today, I had a run of 5 or less fps over 90 minutes, which was tilting as fuck, making me play even worse than my scrub ass usually does (I'm so tilted right now that I'm getting 500 WN8 games). That kind of made me decide that maybe it's time to build a PC. Unfortunately for me, I'm a poor-ass university student without a job (don't even own a prem tank lel), so money is kind of an issue, an
  6. yoyoya2

    Halo Online

    I recently found out about this game and it is basically a mix of halo 3 and 4 modded to run on the computer. It is really cool and any old Combat evolved fans should download https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bV9r3tQnKpY Download links https://www.reddit.com/r/HaloOnline/comments/423you/0501/
  7. Ok so i running WOT on 3 PCs, two i7s and one laptop i5. On all PCs WOT is installed on C partition (system) on SSD, slowest PC is i5 with only 8GB of RAM. Problem is WOT is sluggish, almost vanilla (only XVM), and still ALT+TAB takes 2-3 seconds, in-game menus just stuck all the time (on all three pcs). Is it me, or wot is utter crap of code?
  8. Remix 2.0 is released for "devs". It's full buffed Android for PC/Tablets. Discuss
  9. So, after examining my PC at home (the really crappy HP one, I found out that it's worse than I found out,) I've decided to simply scrap upgrading and just start anew. Using http://www.logicalincrements.com/, I'm going to make a PC somewhere around the "great" tier, if not, just make the PC straight from the site itself. Any thoughts?
  10. [Romantic Bulbasaurs] ~ As the fields of green are gently caressed by the soft winds, the Bulbasaurs run wild and free~ ~ The exquisite Crew [Romantic Bulbasaurs] is ALWAYS recruiting exceptional Gangsters/Pimps/Thugs/Drug Dealers/Thieves/Escorts etc just no Rapists allowed! ~ TeamSpeak: ts101.light-speed.com:4914 Recruitment Standards: You Must Love Bulbasaur's Must Have Swag on you at all times Must be able to hold guns incorrectly If you're not Sagging You're not RBIS Material Must Dislike World of tanks Must Be Loyal "Snitch
  11. hi need help and some advise on building my pc old one is dyeing on me need help on what motherbord and chip shuld i go so far i got 1500wats power case gtx 690 adn so ssd hd need some help what shuld i get to finish it planing on doing liquid cooling so i migh need beter case
  12. I've been gaming since forever with a $10 Logitech keyboard + mouse combo on an hp dv-7 laptop... I think it's time to upgrade. No case, monitor, or power supply to reuse; I'd like to actually get my hands on some decent peripherals for a change as well. Don't need an OS or optical drive, will be running off wired connection so Wifi is unnecessary. Budget is variable: ideally I'd like to keep it below one grand USD, but I can stretch that to get some better parts if there will be a significant boost. Goal is to run modern games at a stable 60+fps on high/ultra at 1920X1080. Since I play W
  13. So I got a new job while back and the paychecks are starting rolling in. Most of the $ I am setting apart to save for a new gaming pc. But I want it mainly to stream World of Tanks and run it at a highest graphical settings if possible. By early-mid July I will have around the target budget of 1,300-1,500$. But I currently want to get the idea of what parts I need to build the pc. I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to pc building but I have an idea of how to put a pc together. I have built the one I have currently, but following a YouTube video heh. I want to buy the parts as I gath
  14. So I was checking Steam to see if anything was on sale or if there were any good games to buy when I stumbled upon this game: DCS World Its a flight simulator, a pretty damn good one by the looks of it, and you can create multiple battle scenarios to fly through and the graphics are really good. Best of all, it's free*. *There's a catch though. You only start off with one aircarft and must pay to expand the game through DLCs. Check it out over here Haven't downloaded it yet cuz I'm not home and was just browsing Steam, but will when I get home. If any of you guys already have it feel
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