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Found 4 results

  1. Ok so i running WOT on 3 PCs, two i7s and one laptop i5. On all PCs WOT is installed on C partition (system) on SSD, slowest PC is i5 with only 8GB of RAM. Problem is WOT is sluggish, almost vanilla (only XVM), and still ALT+TAB takes 2-3 seconds, in-game menus just stuck all the time (on all three pcs). Is it me, or wot is utter crap of code?
  2. WoT Numbers just phased into Open Beta for those who's looking for an alternative to WoT Statistics. It has a pretty fresh user interface that you can customize, and also includes a grind progress tracker. The table columns are also customizable to your liking. Not all features are finished, so expect bugs, errors and other magical stuff to occur. Site: http://wotnumbers.com/ Previews under the spoiler; Image 1: Home page, which is fully customizable. Image 2: Tanks page, which allows displaying of the most demanded statistics, also customizable. Image 3: Battles page, which displays the last played battles depending on selected time table, which surprise surprise, is also customizable. NOTE: DO MIND, I'm not the developer, I'm just a beta tester that decided to viral this here. All credits should be directed towards to BadButton and cmdrTrinity from the EU WoT forums, as I don't believe they're registered here.
  3. Most of the stats discussions revolve around how to evaluate performance, and are limited by what we can tell or know about players based on the API and other info. Avg XP is thrown out because it is not possible to tell whether it is with or without premium, or a mix from a programming standpoint (including remote observers). However, you personally can track xp and identify when it is increasing or decreasing by also accounting for when you have premium. I realized that theh trigger for my to improve my game was when I thought I had good xp/game (650 or something, back in beta) and realized that my 'peers' had 100+ xp/game more than I did. I would recommend that any player looking to increase their performance should pay more attention to xp/game than other stat measures. That being said, does anyone have thoughts about xp as a performance measure? I haven't really seen any threads constructively taking apart xp calculations - generally just some confusion from players and lots of whining. Are there types of games that are poorly rewarded from an XP standpoint? Possibly it weights kills and damage too heavily compared to spotting, and any assist tank (scouts) will have some trouble, but I haven't really heard complaints about xp in them (gameplay yes, xp no). Also, one of the stats/replays sites should do a mass data analysis to figure out the xp parameters. There should be enough data out there to do it (may violate T&C though).
  4. So, I'm posting this here, because a post about stats, especially about stat metrics on the WoWP forums would be 25% trolls, 50% deniers, and 25% of people that actually want to discuss this topic. This is a preliminary rating system that should be tested more thoroughly at release when the population allows for consistent 15v15 battles in higher tiers, but ATM, it should only be accurate in determining the contribution of someone that plays lots of low/mid tiers, since those are the only areas where you can consistently get 15v15 battles. The variables that I used to determine this performance rating were: aerial kills per game, damage dealt per game, average tier, and GT kills per game. The formula: Variables 500A+ 400D/(44.43T+11.33)+ 150G = Performance Rating Conclusion So, if you have any questions/suggestions/criticisms, please post them in the replies of this topic. It would also help if you could post your http://planes.noobmeter.com/ page and your calculated rating, as you can only get your average tier from noobmeter at the moment. (mine is 1560) Perspective FAQ's Q: How did you get the damage dealt thing (44.43T+11.33)? A: I made a linear regression line with my trusty TI-84 with the average hitpoints with the upgraded airframe of each tier. If on average you deal the average hitpoints of the average tier that you play, you would be credited with the multiplier, 400 points. My data: Q: Why are GT kills weighted so low? A: As it stands right now, GT's are not very useful right now, so in order to get the same rating as someone who averages 1 kill and hitpoints of their average tier, you need to average 6 GT kills per match.
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