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Found 5 results

  1. I had recently 2 marked my T-34, I realize that by WotLabs standards this is not impressive at all, but it's the first and only tank I 2 marked so I would like to know how it compares in playstyle with the cromwell and comet (as I have Cromwell but not Comet yet) . And also which tanks have a similar playstyle to the T-34? Side question: what equipment should I use on the T-34, I use it with Binos, Vents, and Camo Net but I'm thinking to change it out for Gun Laying Drive as I've often times found that the aim time is just that bit too long, and since I've played played the A-43 with the 57mm
  2. How are people supposed to be playing artillery? I know arty is a really hated piece... but its good to know how to use.
  3. Asassian7 & Dabba sugested that I ask for someone to review my replays to give me specific areas to work on since I don't seem to be able to identify them on my own. I had made some requests previously in the wrong section. Apologies. http://www.wotreplays.com/player/sca_Baron_Georg those are from mid May and are discribed as "playstyle/game improvement review". That page also has a couple that I didn't upload so I don't know if they will be of any use. if that dosn't work I'm listed as sca_Baron_Georg. here is a link to my vbaddict stats if that is any help.
  4. I am slowly, and gradually improving in my FV215B 183. I am slowly figuring out how and when to take a shot(Pure hesh). But still, I don't know what I am doing wrong. There are some times when my HESH should do full damage(Shooting at a Leopard 1, or a Batchat should be pen every time.Or, so i think.) Anyways, my question is this. If provided with replays, could someone give me tips and pointers on what I am doing right, and wrong. Or, run a few rounds with me and evaluate my playstyle. Currently, I have 150+\- matches, and I sit at an abysmal 42% win rate( Like I said earlier, I am improv
  5. All, This is something I've been struggling with as my play has flatlined around the 55% range of late. Granted, some of that is the result of my own impatience (playing many more stock tanks than usual at the moment), two hell grinds (ARL V39 and T28), and a little bit of bad luck (my T-54 averages 1800 dpg and 46% WR)...but as i continue to work to make the next step in gameplay (and those crappy tanks HAVE taught me a few things), I wanted to throw this out there to all the PURPLE POASTERS for feedback, as I decide what skills I want to refine. These questions are deliberately not f
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