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  1. So I'm bored of my current library and I'm curious to see what you people listen to so I thought I'd make a thread for our favourite albums. Just make a chart here http://top50.topsters.net/ then share it. Also turn on captions so we can tell what album you added, hopefully we can get some interesting charts Here's mine (tfw literally no variety lul)
  2. Hey everyone, ive had paris a few times in my least few battles, and realised that i have no idea what to do on this map. i can't brawl in heavies or mediums, and using the north for scouting is campy as heck and doesn't influence the game. i was wondering how you guys brawl (positions) and where you go in a scout. replays, positions, guidance, whatever, anything will help. thanks, garry.
  3. I don't know how many people actually do their own XVM config instead of using modpacks, but I thought we could have a dedicated thread for people that actually does this and/or just general questions or support. Kinda the same principle as the Quick Questions thread, just mainly focused towards XVM, but other mods with configs could relate. I myself have been doing this for a year, so I kinda have some experience with the config structure and what not. XVM Related Links: Site: http://www.modxvm.com/en/ Forum: [EN] - [RU] Dev Builds: [N
  4. First off, these are my thoughts and what I've concluded from playing these maps. If you have any valuable input please share, it's meant to be informational for the less skilled and for those who seek to learn. I'll also do maps a few at a time, because writing for over 30 maps in one go ain't gonna be pretty lel I will also take replay requests/specific walk throughs of things you don't understand or need to get into further I will share thoughts on both spawns if they differ a lot (for example Abbey and Airfield plays similarly meanwhile Arctic Region and Sand River plays different
  5. Hello. I need a new mouse, pls halp. So recently my mouse has been acting up. I need a new one. I'll mostly use it for csgo and wot. All I want out of a new mouse it a good sensor (no common issues or built in mouse acceleration), and for it to be light weight as I game on low sensitivity so I lift my mouse a lot (insert Flusha cheating accusation here). I've been looking at a few Zowie mice (FK2 and EC2-a) and the Fnatic Flick G1. Anyone own any of these who can comment on them? Also any recommendations? I tried my brothers Steelseries Sensei Raw for an hour or so. I like t
  6. So recently I bought a pair of head phones to find out the audio jack on my tablet was not working (It's some cheap tablet my parents got me a while back). I was planning on getting a new one in a few months, but before I opened it I heard stuff rattling around, turns out it was falling apart on the inside... So now I guess I need to get a new one now. I don't know where to start looking for a tablet or what to look at, so I came here. All I want out of it is to be rigid enough not to fall apart on it's own. All I'll be doing with it is web browsing and youtube or netflix videos. I'd prefer no
  7. So after last years attempt to get a proper rig failed due to lack of time and dedication I finally want to get rid of my 8yo . Goal is to get a decent machine that lasts several years without having to do major upgrades and is mainly used for music production and WoT and costing me at the very most 800€ w/o peripherals and OS. Here's what I've got so far using Logical Increments and pcpartpicker, no fancy research because that's a pain with a phone. PCPartPicker part list: http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/2Ydb99 Price breakdown by merchant: http://de.pcpartpicker.com/p/2Ydb99/by_merchant/ CPU
  8. So um, I'm using WG's own wrapper and I'd like to start uploading to vBAddict (mostly for MoE purposes), but I've been searching as hell but I can't find the dossier and upload it manually, and since ADU is an .exe program it won't run. I googled around and saw that it should be possible to get it using other wrappers such as Wine and stuff, but I can't for the love of wot work this one out... I've also asked this on the vBA forums but I figured some of you techies here might have a solution as well.
  9. Pretty much what the title says, I've gotten so acquainted with my 140/62a and their play styles, I really don't know how the Pershing should be played. Every game it seems as if I can never do enough damage to help the team whether that be because of the guns accuracy, penetration, etc resulting in losses. Any help would be greatly appreciated. http://wotreplays.com/site/2057906#south_coast-whenisayboomisayboom-m26_pershing http://wotreplays.com/site/2057973#arctic_region-whenisayboomisayboom-m26_pershing http://wotreplays.com/site/2058014#stalingrad-whenisayboomisayboom-m26_pershing
  10. I'm in need of a nice tournament group that consistently places well. I can have preferred tanks for all tiers and can show up for the times required.
  11. Hello, I am underscoreShrew of clan Bulba. A little about me: I am a NA player. I am known for having the best tioga.moe signature. My greatest achievement in game is meeting you. My favorite tank is the T-62A, but I would like it to become the FV215b. My greatest fear is making public forum posts. My goal on this website is to contribute underscoreShrew approved T-62A spots. I plan to make a maptactic for every map if there is enough interest. My WoT idol is NOTsillyputty. My second greatest fear is a bad WoT session. I hope to start adding replays once I begin to play again. My greatest WoT
  12. Getting back into the game this week so I can be ready to exploit Spring Break. Mostly played solo in the past, but I'm looking to play more games in a platoon. Not really any requirements. Just know things that make you win more. Mostly tier 8 and 9, with some 5 for credit grinding: I'll specify what tier I'm playing when I send out invites. I prefer silent because I sound like a 10 year old, but I can do TS if you insist. FYI ~ I also don't have 10s
  13. need to set enemy 1 tier higher, on fire >>>need pref 8 or pref 7 because Matchmaker actually wants me to be top tier every game..... Anyone willing to help?
  14. Hello, I am a tank, I have been working on becoming a better tank. I have improved greatly over the last few months, but it seems I have hit a plateau at around 2k WN8. What I'm looking for is a teacher/tutor/mentor (whatever you want to call it) to help me get past this slump. Someone to platoon with me, and either give me solid directions/positions or answer my stupid questions. I've listed the tanks I currently run below in order of my proficiency (in my opinion)/comfort in them. I would like it for you to have equal or better stats than me, unless there is a special circumstance where you
  15. So I thought I'd make a thread where people (and me) could find a team for this skirmish. It's tier 6 with a 24 point max, tier 4 LT's only. Four players and three reserves. Redshire encounter. I have a Cromwell, and could buy another tier 6 if you are not running Cromwells for some reason. I can make every battle except Wednesday and the first battle on Sunday.
  16. Dedicated towards discussion of current and upcoming sales and recommendations of great (or shitty) games. Does anybody have DisplayFusion? Is it worth it? http://store.steampowered.com/app/227260/
  17. Once finals are over, I'm probably going to be playing much more than I normally do. I decided to use a third of this time to play arty on EU. Plsno arty haterino, I want to have an EU account and ping sucks. I have yet to make an account so I can offer a T95E2 to someone who's willing to grind up with me, preferably purple recent. Also, what should I name my account? Why_So_SEA_RU_EU_US add meh
  18. So i finally have gotten sick of soloing. Looking for people to add Jozala on to their platoon spam list. As long as you are purple overall/Dark purple recent its all good. West preferred, and currently can play tier 7-9 and pref 8s. o7
  19. sorry for the eye cancer, I'm using a toaster... here is a thread explaining everything wrong with what's here http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/395761-my-team-loads-enemies-dont/
  20. Hello Wotlabs. I really need some help with my tier 10's. I can't seem to do well with the leo 1, i'm not sure how to carry with it since it has 0 armor, I try to snipe but teams just collapse. I would also like to understand better how to use the t57 heavy efficiently, It seems that it has such an incredible potential and every battle I enter with makes me feel like i'm not using it adequately. Is anyone up for platooning and mentoring for couple battles?
  21. this guy has a bunch of videos on armor, interesting I guess.
  22. Here is like 50 battles in LTTB 100% solo, some are training rooms and some Team battles, but I couldn't be arsed to remove that. if you have some special replay viewer thing that would be a good idea. stats for you whores my equipment ghetto crew. overall I give this a 8/10 The depression actually makes even a communist cringe +High Firepower +good view +good armor +high speed -terrible gun depp -somewhat large bloom, it is somewhat compensated by fast aim though IDK what good numbers are in this tank, but 1.6k is probably m current max
  23. I'm starting to get the itch to free xp some new tanks, but I don't have the gold to do so! I'm trying to find a team to do weekly skirmishes/monthly challenges, to pick up my gold stockpile. <--- Credentials are to the left. I've played free exp'd past many of the midtier tanks in the game at one point or another, so I can probably buy most things that are necessary. Attendance wise, I can show majority of nights, but there will be a couple of days each week when I won't be able to use my mic. If necessary, I can call battles (check out RBIS's fights in the gold league for examples of
  24. Picked up by D-O-S. Insanley fast honestly. Hi guys, after having a few clans approach me and all offer positions in their clans, I decided to be picky/hard to get, and I am now stuck with no clan. Honestly I felt like I deserve it but hopefully someone will scoop me up and bring me out of the darkness. Anyways, I was really wanting to play the Clan Wars Event and I'll be sticking around afterwards aswell. I'm looking for a clan that is going to do the event, has success in clan wars, and has an overall history of doing well. For the event I believe it's tier 8 abd if course listed, I
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