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Found 7 results

  1. Salute! I apologize if there was a poll like this already, couldn't find it. Since LT stats got reworked, meta changed a bit, and the fact that most of them are collecting rust and dust, I'm doing a cleanup. Regardless of game mode (CW or Randoms or even for Personal Missions), some have to stay, some have to go. What to KEEP? PS: Feel free to voice your opinion about your votes in the comments! PSS: Same poll can be found here, drop your vote there too: Rddt LT VI/VIII Poll
  2. I unlocked the WT auf E 100 awhile back, I had mixed feelings about it, and ended up selling it.
  3. Im rather curious to see how it goes in a poll
  4. Hello, welcome to my thread. Today I wish to discuss the joy of writing. Please post pictures of your writing setup. Many people upgrade their PC and peripheral experience, do you believe in investing in the writing experience?
  5. As the title and poll imply, what brings you here? I'm intrigued.
  6. Banish to a platooning etiquette thread and categorized platoonmates into three categories. Here's the relevant quote: To put my own spin on it (and possibly to make it a less lopsided poll), I'd describe the categories as follows: Platoon for wins: You prefer playing in a platoon with an ideal team composition and a sound strategy because you're in it to win it. Platoon for stats: Platoon composition matters less to you than does your individual contribution to each game. Platoon for fun: Platoon composition and winning take a back burner to having a good time with your platoon mates.
  7. I'm interested to know what tier 10s everyone is currently grinding for and why. There has been a lot of discussion about the best 10s lately and I would like to see which tanks are still being ground out. I would also be interested to know what tier 10s you've kept in your garage if you want to add that too. My own current tier 10 grinds: T-62A and Obj. 140 from the T-54 T57 from the T69, too slowly Obj. 268 from Obj. 704, on hiatus because I'm bad at TDs E-100 from the VK 3601H, stalling until Tiger buff Foch 155 from the AC MLE. 1946, halted for now
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