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Found 16 results

  1. [LOTI] Luck of the Irish are recruiting!! TS3 address: ts6.freets3.net:10004 Are you a ‘blue’ or ‘purple’ player wanting to have fun in this game without the seriousness of having to be online X number of times a week at a set time? Do you act first and then think later? Do you believe in a thing called love luck? Do you like potatoes? Is Leprechauny even a real word? Did you know that an ‘original’ Leprechaun was actually a great warrior? If the answer to any of the above is yes then how about applying to be part of the most Guinness a
  2. I'm a carrot player on EU, with 4k games in, I still suck, especially on decision making, I would love if somebody decided to help me out, I promise I'll be a good student ^^
  3. I know a lot of players look down on people like me, and even more on people with 45% WRs, but would you prefer if every player with a wr say, below 52% suddenly stopped playing wot? *By wot, I mean wot random battles*
  4. This is a game I play with my family on long drives. As I am currently bored at work, I thought I would see how it plays out on a forum. The rules are simple. Take a song title or section of lyrics and use a thesaurus, or your vast knowledge of the language, to change the words to something as official and complex-sounding as possible... For instance: "Here comes the sun" becomes "Our solar system's central source of light and heat is arriving!" Here's one for you guys: "This frozen blended dairy product I own beckons the entirety of the young male population to the outdoor pla
  5. So, I was randomly contacted by this guy: He has been leading tournament teams since the beginning of the year and wanted some input. He sent me a message on the official forums: "He man, we've run up against your tourney squad quite a few times. We've always been impressed by how well your teams perform and work together. I was wondering if you have any training advice or resources you could steer me towards. My guys have finally realized that if they want to be anymore than a upper bravo/ low alpha team they are going to have to work for it. I've been working on them the last co
  6. Since I started paying attention to my own performance WoT skill metrics basically divided players into two groups. There were the "blurples" and the "greens". Yes, I understand those of you who are turning different shades of "blurple" have further divisions for yourselves; but to those of us who stand agape and in awe of your royal hues, it makes little difference. Since the most recent color category update a new and wonderful palate has been added and shifted. While I have some reservations with red now being the "average", I understand the reasoning... So we still have tomatoes, a
  7. Since I have been busy at work... And WILL be busy at work for the next few weeks, I have been filling my gaming void with browser-based games. I can access them through the guest wifi at work in my office. Lately I have been playing The Last Stand - Dead Zone and Battle Pirates on the old armorgames.com account I made for my kids awhile back. The pace of base-building and stuff for both is painfully slow, so I play them both at the same time! Dead Zone has some interesting scavenging and combat. You can also help other players out, trade, and raid their encampments. Set traps, set dec
  8. Skirmishes and You Over the past year LIMBO and its relatives have participated with alarming regularity in these weekly tournaments. The format has been an attractive option for those of us with limited or sporadic availability on a week-to-week basis. These events allow us to participate in a structured competitive format and take home tons of well-earned gold as a reward. Throughout our trials and tribulations LIMBO teams have encountered hurdles and issues that will be commonplace for any core group wishing to partake regularly. I have also encountered many new recruits and players
  9. So, I recently decided to grind for the T57 Heavy... I am a bit of a grinding purist and like to start around Tier-IV or V and play may way up from there. I may free-xp some modules if the grind is going to be particularly horrible. For the M7 I started with a 1.75 skill crew that was recycled from some very early grinds I did back when the only keys I knew how to use were "W" and "LMB". I lucked out as they all had 100% BIA and were well into their 2nd skill which was repairs (the radioman had 3 skills). I figured I would retrain them for the M7 and grind it out, and if I liked the tank I
  10. We have potatos and tomatos in wot, but what if they merge (the potatomato plant http://technabob.com/blog/2013/10/06/potatomato-tomato-potato-hybrid-plant/ )
  11. I have no idea what's going on, but for some reason I'm doing a very, very good job of making sure that the Object 140 never, ever gets nerfed. Unfortunately, that's not the level of play that will be expected of me in CW, so I need to figure out what I'm doing wrong. However, being the moronic potato that I am, figuring out what's wrong and implementing changes are not coming quickly. I'm playing it almost exactly the same as my T-54, which I managed to somehow get a 57% winrate in, so I'm not sure how I'm managing a winrate that's 12% lower on what's basically a buffed T-54. Specifica
  12. When I first joined LIMBO, there was a lot of shit-talk on the forums while we tried to recruit. For some reason many people couldn't quite grasp the idea of a clan that didn't give a fuck about those chip-dropping, land hoarding, gold-earning activities that occured on the global map. It "defeated the purpose" of a clan. It was unnatural and a disgusting aberration. I joined LIMBO because I just wanted to fuck around, learn how to club seals, and platoon with better players on a regular basis. I had been in a disappointing clan previously and my experience really made me rethink how I had
  13. Okay... We all know about running over the buildings on cap at the battle's onset to prevent capping ninjas from hiding. But, after the 200 game M7 run I just finished I have found that demolishing structure from afar is really helpful. I would like to discuss the strategy's viability in pubs and other formats as well as what buildings you like to destroy on which maps. On Hidden Village from North spawn there are some troublesome structures that prevent spotting and shooting enemy units crossing the Eastern side of the river: I shoot them down. I also have no issue taking an
  14. I'm certainly no slouch when it comes to sniping moving targets at range. 4/5 I can hit a moving target at 500m 3/5 beyond that. What I can't do is lead a target through foliage for shit. It's gotten me killed/taken a lot of damage because I have a hard time giving proper lead through foliage so I move closer so it becomes transparent. If there is someone out there who can lead well through foliage give me some tips on this please.
  15. I really enjoyed the Foch50 http://abload.de/image.php?img=shot_082vtugw.jpg, did pretty well in it i think. Now i bought the 155 and suck so hard, i cant believe it. The gun arc sucks as hell ( its worse than the foch50) and the dispersion trolls me as fuck. http://abload.de/image.php?img=shot_083f5uxz.jpg Im running a 4 skill crew (bia, camo, repairs and the usefull stuff as safe stowage, holy fuck im spotted lamp, etc. Vents, GLD, toolbox. I kinda played it like a foch50 the first battles and totally donked it. The normal ap rounds seem to fly around like a drunk cruise missile without fi
  16. Seems like just yesterday I was a massive scrub... oh wait, I still am Thanks to the peeps who have helped me/carried me kicking and screaming to this point. #milestonethreadclub #egoswoleasfuq Stay potato-ing, my friends
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