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Found 40 results

  1. Looks like infamous Australian "Dick Tank" is on supertest, bit as a SD model. Any reason it would not be HD? Anyways, here are the "main" stats to begin the discussion: Description:Australian medium tank. It was mass-produced from August 1941. 65 were built between 1942 and 1943. It was never used in combat but in the 1944 movie "Rats of Tobruk" it was used to depict German tanks. Tier: 4 premium MTHitpoints: 370Engine: 330 hp (WD-50PS)Weight: 27,941 tonsPower-to-weight: 11,81 hp/tMaximum speed: 60,4/20 km/ Hull traverse: 40 deg/sTurret traverse: 45,9 deg/sTerrain resistance: 1,055/1,151/2,11Viewrange: 350Radio range: 469,4Hull armor: 65/45/?Turret armor: 65/65/?Gun: 2pdrDamage: 45Penetration: 64ROF: 18,961DPM: 853,2Reload: 3,164sAccuracy: 0,355Aimtime: 2,88sDepression: -10/+20 Armour Layout: Can't find the "Soft Stats" yet, but I will update the OP when I get my grubby little claws on them.
  2. We haven't had a tanks contest in years, and In the past I've acquired gaming mice and WOTLABS used them to run a contest. I'd like us to do that more often if not monthly. My goal: Obtain support from the community to collect donations of paypal, gold, tanks, premium time, gaming gear, etc. and then establish a monthly contest. Those that have donated can still participate as long as the correct dated screenshots and replay are posted during the contest period. I don't know all the particulars to starting it, but maybe one of the admins could establish a paypal or patreon contest donation account?
  3. Mrdonnie1

    Pref 8 toon

    Um looking for anyone interested in platooning some pref 8's I got the fcm 50 t and need to grind a crap ton of credits and I should be on about all day everyday from 1-2 PM when I wake up to 4-5 AM when I go to sleep if you cant find my ign name somehow its Mrdonnie1 and as you see below are my stats (gone down cuz i suck at 50 t)
  4. Description: Developed by 1944 by the English Electric company as a part of the new program to create a new infantry support tank to replace the A43 Black Prince. The tank was never accepted in service due to the change in the concept of tank forces, but it served as a basis in the creation of post-war heavy tanks. Hitpoints: 1500 Engine: 800 hp Weight: 55,883 tons Power-to-weight: 14,32 hp/t Maximum speed: 31/16 km/h Hull traverse: 28 deg/s Terrain resistance: 1,151/1,342/2,014 Turret traverse: 37,5 deg/s Viewrange: 380 Radio range: 594,4 Hull armor: 76,2/50,8/? Turret armor: 152,4/88,9/? Elite gun: 17pdr Damage: 150 Penetration: 171 ROF: 14,551 DPM: 2182,7 Reload: 4,123 Accuracy: 0,374 Aimtime: 2,21s Depression: -8
  5. Ilnahro

    KV-5 Available! Worth it?

    So WG put up the KV-5 for sale during Tankfest for a whopping 38.45€ or alternatively the BT-SV bundled with the standard 99.99€ package. Are those two worth it? I'm mostly curious about the KV-5. Everytime I come across it in randoms it seems useless, but that doesn't say much in WoT
  6. A friend of mine needs to grind money and he is arguing that his SLowe is fine. While I've only ever played it a few times, it is not fine. My short list of problems. -Poor DPM -Slow as shit -Weak front armor -Fire -Seriously, fire I know there is more but it's a tank I would never buy. What else is wrong with this beast, and how can I convince him to buy something good like the KV-5.
  7. Hello, So for someone who doesn't have a type 59 and lost his faith in ever getting one, which premium tank should one get? I'm primarily considering the profitability and only then its "mediumness". I'm tired of the T34, constantly fighting t10s and crawling around the map and while I enjoy the IS-6 it simply doesn't print the money it should when you need to fire apcr. On the test server I felt the T-34-3 is barely mobile and doesn't allow for mid to high range engagements. It's only good thing is 390 dmg shots, but even that only happens each 11 seconds +/-. And I'm sorry is this is a repost. I used the search and it didn't come up with any relevant result.
  8. I'll try to keep this short because A: there are x5's at the moment and B: I hadn't expected a tier 8 premium tank sale this early. (America and their bloody taste of Turkey blood) I mainly did this to support the premium tier 8 guide ( with some extra information, but also because I wanted to know how profitable my premiums exactly were. While focusing on winning, obviously. all battles were solo - I'm obviously only 'investigating' the tanks I own. IS-6 is the go-to for now. Ridiculously easy to drive and amazing dpm result in the ultimate carrymobile. You'll have to use a ton of APCR though, which makes it a lot less efficient at credit grinding if you can't afford a premium account. FCM 50t wins at making credits, but loses at winning. Small sample size, I think I can hold around 60% overall. Despite the low battle count, I feel like the assisted damage is rightfully higher than the others. Earning cheap credits and compensating the lack of presence you can offer in a battle with the IS-6. AP shell cost is 255, I'm [email protected] KV-5 ehhh. I prefer playing it in platoon. I'm honestly surprised by the winrate so far. Damage could be slightly higher. Haven't tracked too much battles so far, but I think everyone can agree that it's an easy moneymaker, with ridiculously cheap AP ammo. T-34-3 made in china. Despite the buffs, it still underperforms (jezus, sub 2k damage is embarassing). What can I say, it's the worst. The alpha really is the only reason I enter battle every now and then in mine. How I'd rate them so far (fun and win factor) IS-6 FCM 50t KV-5 T-34-3 If you're interested in replays I'll direct you to this page () where you can ask for a certain replay, after checking session stats. I've also played a bunch of games on my laptop, so you can't pick one specifically of those. You can always ask in whatever topic I mentioned here for a batch and I'll upload them (for example the last X battles before 3rd mark on IS-6). Some highlights
  9. So... yeah... this. From FTR. (not going to regurgitate stats from there unless requested). ... So... initial impressions on this. Right now it looks like it uses the shit 75mm L/43 with 3mm extra penetration and 0.35 accuracy instead of 0.39 (on the StuG III G). Mobility doesn't look spectaular either, and at a whopping price of 2000 gold for a tier 5... i don't see myself buying one. What do you guys think of this? Would premium MM be enough, or will locked MM/stat buffs be required to make it look half-way appealing?
  10. Gdek


    Hey folks, Curious about the Tankmas bundles. If you already have a tank offered in the bundle, what happens when you buy the bundle? Anyone know? - Is it the gold value? Thanks! Gdek
  11. Pitch_Black

    Alienware Arena WOT codes

    Edited- you're too late...all gone! Aliernware is offering 300 gold/1 day premium giveaway...hurry keys are going quick!
  12. Assassin7

    FCM 50T

    So, with the Gold i will get from selling my Superpershing in 8.8 (goodbye old friend) I am planning on buying the FCM 50T. The reason im planning on buying it over say, the IS-6 is because I want a french heavy crew trainer. So can owners of the FCM give me a run down of its playstyle, how effective it is, its earning potential, Equipment setup, etc please? I will try it out on the test server when its comes back up, but for now I would like a review of the tank itself, and opinions of it from other players. Thanks.
  13. I plan on buying gold(6,500), and hoping that they do the super Pershing(7,200) refund if that happens I will have 13,700 gold. I was wondering What Premium tank that i put in the poll options would be most recommended?
  14. jonnydeathstar

    Panther M10 or D.Max?

    Hey y'all, So I recently got a little bonus from WG, and most the premium Grey Fascist Box Tanks are on sale this weekend. Even though roughly 40% of my games are in german vehicles, I don't have a German premium. Was thinking D.Max or Pz M10... gimme your vote and your opinion! Cheers, -j.
  15. So as I am considering buying the T34, I want to know a few things about it. I assume that I should be using a Vert stab, rammer, and GLD. So for my first question, is it worth the cost? I know that it is quite good at dealing damage and taking hits to the trollishly armoured turret and that it isn't that great at moving. For someone who hated the Lowe is it good? My second question would be what skills and perks to put on the crew? This crew will be going on the 57 heavy when I acquire that so keep that in mind. Finally, Is it better to have a premium repair kit on this instead of Fire Extinguisher? I did my research on this and I know it has a lower chance to burn to it's demise, but I have found them to burn a bit more often, like when a Grille hits the engine deck. Thank you for any responses and If you think any of these are stupid, please don't refrain from telling me so.