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Found 12 results

  1. Seriously what is this Wargaming, Alright, I know aesthetic is a very subjective idea, but I am still gonna say GIVE BACK MY M26 MANTLE.I WANT TO EXPOSE IT PLZ NO COVER! Seriously, how difficult it is for wargaming to hear some player based thoughts before they actually finalize the HD model? oh wait, they never listen to their customers. So the current meta for USA HD model is putting canvas on every single of them, making the paint jobs look like they are ready to be disposed by glorious soviet hover tank? Seriously, OOsa does much better than this. Oh wait
  2. How do you do it? I am now for 2 days trying to 2-mark the T-34-3 and I find it kinda hard since the vehicle is sometimes hard to keep consistent. I was literally 0.3% away 5 times already and I always fucked it up, team died in few minutes or arty oneshotted me. How do you deal with rage and frustration? Should I stop looking at percentages or stop playing when on tilt? Thanks for any advices, frustrated fellow here.
  3. WARNING THESE VIDEOS CONTAIN AN UNCENSORED SMYLEERAGE VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!! I Livestreamed today for the first time in 6 months and will continue to live stream Mondays-Thursdays. I Decided to highlight some of my Rage and my friends loved it so Decided to put in on youtube and make A playlist of me Raging after I'm done with a big stream I will most likely post these little clips of me Spazzing out I hope you enjoy the videos #QQMoreSmyleeRage Follow me on: SmyleeRageTwitter SmyleeRageDuxter SmyleeRageTwitch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ep1SyWbcjBM
  4. I just got the IS7 a day or so ago and I absolutely hate it. The armor is garbage, the gun handling is terrible, the AP seems unreliable and the APCR only gets 300 pen, and it just seems inferior in every way to my beloved E100 and T57 Heavy. One of my least favorite parts about it is that you cannot angle the armor. Turn your hull too much to one side and your pike is exposed, but stay facing flat and your undertray is wide open. With my E100 I can angle in such a way that the tank is for all intents and purposes impenetrable, and with the 57 Heavy you're too busy shelling out damage and
  5. link http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/_putin/1001242683/ so some no life pubby got so mad he rage posted on some stat site about me :^] what does yours say?
  6. I know that in world of tanks, everyone has bad days. What do you unicorns do to cool down when the IS-7s decide to snipe, and the Chaffee suiscouts, and you get 1 shotted by arty? How do you deal with those moments? Perhaps I have no right to ask this question, as I suppose sometimes I am sometimes the pubbie who noobs out as well, but still, even I have rage moments...
  7. I think it must really suck to care about win rate in a 15vs15 game. That is the only thing I can come up with after a game with a very verbally abusive [THUGZ] player. I said nothing to these guys and was called a plethora of names, told to uninstall, even while bringing victory to my team. One player in particular flipped out because he somehow thought I could help him when I could not and gave me a barrage of insults for it. While I was capping, another player on my team actually appeared to be happy that the cap points were reset when I got hit. After the rager died, I went on t
  8. Whatsup guys I am new to the forums and the website and whatnot but not new to the game although my improvements are. I started off as major alpha scrub and now I am just a minor bravo scrub and my recent makes me a..... a..... still a noob. I try. But anyways, HELLO! I am here. I read how2poast n stuff. and I am just dropping in to say hi. I have 5k and a few battles and my username is GuySenseiRocks. I hope to see you all random battling and fighting the war on nerfs and baddies like meself. Good to be here and have fun.
  9. Hello Fellow SEAers or SEAians sometimes our glorious server serves us such horror that would make men/women weep and gnash their teeth as they rip out their hairs. I want to know how you deal with the pain that SEA throws at you everyday in your tanking lives, yes it is time to share coping methods and techniques to live another day and tank happily, and to avoid insanity turning you into a full on motherf***ing YOLOERS like the rest of your glorious team. Have a good day and tank sanely.
  10. We don't have to worry about naming and shaming here, so those angry young men can get the attention they so crave. Here's an individual who knows how the game should be played and is kind enough to share his wisdom for my betterment: First, my toonie du jour warms him up... 05:44 [E3] jodgi[FGUK] (Obj. 416) dealt 308 damage to [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) . . . 04:51 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : why you don't came face to face object? 04:46 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : afraid? 04:38 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : you came out to tyake the kills? 04:29 [E3] arxaios1908 (IS-3) : too bad for
  11. I haz a problem with keeping calm lately. Since restart i get angry after few games every time. I just returned from 2 month pause so i dont need long break from game. Before i would simply ignore things like: comments in chat that now piss me off, people doing stupidest things, ramming me when i aim, several defeats in a row, shit rng. But those days are gone... It has nothing to do with me hating game, i want to keep playing but anger and annoyance bring down my performance a lot which ofc means i am even more mad and then i play even worse and make mistakes. Obviously, this results in
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