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Found 7 results

  1. Since we don't have team battles, we in RUST try to sync-in to the same random game. Most of the time we are on opposite teams (I kept track for 3 weeks and seems to be around 92% of the time) even when we tried to mix and match ship classes. This is probably a good thing since when it does work this happens. Fun, but OP. What has your experience with sync-in been like in WoWS? Does WG actively look to split divisions that are from the same clan/fiends list? Wouldn't blame them if they did for randoms. Just curious. THS
  2. [SWN] Smexy Wild Needlefish [SWN] is an EU server based pubstar/re-roll (no CW/tournament stuff - at least for now) klanu for people who play/switched to WoT:Blitz. I originally created it only for myself to get the discount thingys that klanus in Blitz get, but realized I can share, so if you are Unica, or Super-Unica too cheap to pay 1,000,000 creds for your own clan, don't mind being in a clan with a sperg who named it after a fucking fish and want discounts to help you grind n' stuff and people to toon with, feel free to poast here or send me a PM with your IGN. No forums or TS for now, but it wouldn't be a problem to set up if this shit picks up. If not, whatevs - I'll keep the discounts for myself
  3. Interested in knowing if any clan would take me. Also, because obviously and actually I have more chances to find people to play with back at WoT than at some new game. Its my first "looking for clan" type post and its going to contain straightforward information. Feeling tired of WoT and cant find much fun at it but also, want to socialize at least a bit in WoT and have some friends here too. Better than being solo all time because all people I used to play before dont play with me anymore or dont play at all. I have played very little for past 3-4 months and have lost some of edge, I think. I have shitload of battles but just 1 real T10 tank in garage (2nd is reward tank). My stats are blue, as random bobs and people have mentioned in chat and as everybody can see under avatar. Although, I lack consistency and it can be seen even better when I take tank class which I dont know how to play properly. For example like now when Im slowly trying into heavies and I dont really know how to play them. Yes, I admit I dont know how to play tanks. Plus, I don't think I play on blue level myself. Can't tell how many days of week I can be online because of current situation I have. I grind stock tanks, even T9s. So, do I have chance on getting in clan or should I simply try to find people who could and would like to play with me.
  4. If you're browsing reddit and found something remotely fun and/or interesting, post it here in this topic. If you've been watching the news and found something worth mentioning in a half sentence and/or link, post it here in this topic. If you remembered something funny, post it here in this topic. If you bought a new tank/sold one/etc, post it here in this topic. If you have a fun photo from WOT encounters or such, post it here in this topic. Anything status update-ish can be posted here in this topic, and/or on your status. In this topic. *Thinking intensifies* Do NOT make new topics with half a sentence and/or just a link. Do NOT make post worthy of half a sentence and/or link and write a lot of words just to make it look like more than it is. Topics like that will be insta-binned from now. Toodles!
  5. Since, once mentioned I would write about this...Anyway, after having WoT open for 9 hours but 0 battles played today, and doing random other stuff, I wanted to write about eGPU. Since my laptop has one. So, while just sitting in WoT garage and not playing a single battle, I had this idea to write about eGPU thing which helped me to get rid of poor performance of Integrated Graphics (Intel HD) on my laptop. Maybe some of you, this thread readers, have heard about eGPU, maybe not, but as much as I know, its not that popular „upgrade” for laptops and not that common thing. Im running on Lenovo G560 laptop. From graphical device technical data, mine has only Intel HD graphics adapter (a.k.a. integrated graphics card). No ATi or nVidia Mobility serie dedicated graphics card. I spent my first 10k battles (I think) playing this way. But I started get tired of this low FPS. I couldn’t sit in bushes at all. Well, I could but I never had more than 10 FPS in them. When simply driving, shooting and doing other stuff, FPS was still 17-22. City maps were pleasure as they had very little of trees and bushes. I had to use very compressed textures, disable all additional effects. I even kinda got into more-less serious clan, but I decided to leave it shortly afterwards because FPS problem was too big block in way towards normal performance in serious clan when they would need it. btw, I still managed to get 50-something WR and keep above red It did help very little. I got, maybe, 1-3 FPS increase. But bush situation was not solved. Yeah, you can say: „Buy new computer.”, „Use proper dekstop PC” and so on. But, I had no wish to spend more money as I kinda had no that strong reason to invest in totally new computer. Some long time ago, I heard about such thing as eGPU. I found some website with lots of info about that. But at that time, it seemed really complex for me and it all looked like there is a ton of cables, electrical stuff and other stuff. Some time later, I decided to read all of it again and try to analize what is what there. It wasnt that much of complexity actually. But, overall, that thing sounded risky as it might not work. I would have to order some stuff from Taiwan which in the end might not actually work. Its price was not astronomical, but anyway, its money. eGPU basically is setup, so to say, consisting of proper desktop PC graphics card connected to laptop. It could be done through Express Card or through MiniPCI. Luckily my laptop had both of them, but MiniPCI is already used for Wi-Fi card...So Express Card all the way! Because of Express Card slot using, a cable-someboard equipment called PE4H-EC2C had to be ordered. There are different versions of PE4H, as far as I saw, but in my case, I had to take this one. So, I ordered it from HWTools homepage. They are connected with creators of it or are creators of it themselves. So, it arrived in small white box. Those anti-static bags contained all of the items. Very first setup with all connections made. Nevermind random stuff around. Then I connected all of it together. How it looks and works in real life: 1)Graphics card needs to be powered on. For that, eGPU requires additional PSU with normal scale power. PSU 20-pin or 24-pin cable goes to tiny motherboard which has power switch. 2) Graphics card also requires 6-pin connector from PSU. If PSU doesn’t have 6-pin (my current PSU for this has only 4-pin), there is adapter which creates that 6-pin connector from 2xMolex connectors. 3)There is one another cable going from 2xMolex (again) to similar slot which floppy drives had. 4)When I switch the power switch, 2 out of 4 LEDs on PCI motherboard turns on. Plugging it in laptop changes LEDs. Cable going from PCI slot motherboard to laptop Express Card slot meets with adapter itself. Adapter has to be plugged in laptop to start working. In first picture of ready system, I used Ati Radeon HD4850. But it required an external monitor. So, I had to find why and if there is way to use laptop internal screen. So, laptop does all the stuff and all the stuff graphics card needs from it to do, and shows in on external screen. I don’t why it is like that, but nVidia has Optimus Technology allowing to use laptop screen. So, my field of choices decreased to nVidia cards only. I read that there is some way to make Ati card think its going to use external monitor, but it seemed really too complex. By the way, monitor is connected directly to graphics card and not to laptops’ port for external monitor. That also means option to switch to any monitor I want. Since Im that much of gamer and I mostly play only WoT I didn’t need that powerful graphics card. And I was not running after maxing out all settings. Im on Geforce GTX550Ti now. It price was kinda low and it was good enough for me. Also, from my experience so far, it is really capable of doing its stuff. When I want to play WoT, I have to power on graphics card, plug adapter into Express Card slot. nVidia Control Panel (if it was called that way) and other software fully recognizes it, as Device Manager does the same. ^Very first box for eGPU and Crysis 2 running on laptop which by default couldn't even launch it (graphics card not found error or something similar). Laptop can’t be turned on while eGPU is plugged it. eGPU has to be started only when laptop is atleast at windows Welcome screen. Unplugging eGPU in hard way (simply moving adapter out of slot), is a 50/50 situation whether laptop will crash or not. It has to be done through „Safely Remove Hardware”. There are some limitations for such system, as much as I found. There was something connected either with Express Card slot speed, either with PCI motherboard capability. I haven’t been looking that much for that information. People who have dedicated graphics card on laptop (like Ati or nVidia mobility), have to do some changes in BIOS configuration or something like that, as there can be some conflict between eGPU and that dedicated. There might be more things to watch out. As I said at beginning, some of people have heard about it here, but I also wanted to tell about this as it worked for me. Maybe you want to upgrade your laptop this way too, but dont want to risk ordering some hardware, this serves as example that it actually works. There might rise a question: „Wasnt actually cheaper to buy new laptop?” In my laptop situation, it wasnt. Other hardware parts are working fine enough and buying new laptop, I would have to buy things I have in this one. Plus, it allows to install a „normal sized” graphics card. I cant judge how much powerful it is than dedicated card built onto laptop motherboard, but as much I have read, people have their laptops running and using really powerful graphic cards using eGPU. And in my case, FPS increase was too obvious to make any comparisons with Intel HD. More pictures (indirect links): http://i.imgur.com/ZsPlJ0L.jpg http://i.imgur.com/2FMo1QS.jpg http://i.imgur.com/vayB8ZS.jpg First two "cases" for it was from plywood and simple shoebox. But thing is, I couldn't "modify" them to provide necessary stability. Graphics card is not very tightly sealed in PCI port. It can lean about 2mm to one side. If it happens, BSOD would pop up after playing something for few seconds or even in stress test. Then I bought PC case and modified it to provide what is needed. Like some part of CD plastic case to hold PCI slot motherboard and dont let it slide down. It does have support from rear screw but its not a full sized motherboard which has some screws at multiple places holding it. Here is screenshot of how WoT looks now when I have eGPU plugged in. http://i.imgur.com/56Ivy36.jpg I hope it was atleast a bit interesting read.
  6. Forgot to post here and after seeing this section, I though I need to post atleast something here. Sooo, before I found this foru, I already had about 13k battles. After showing my defeat in Obj.704 with 8,6k damage and loss into some WoT channel, Private_Miros told me to post screenshot into Name and Shame thread. And since that Im registered here. I have over 2k posts in official WoT forum, but I dont think people recognize me in random anyways Im trying to improve myself, but as I said, im playing kinda for fun and dont rush to look at my stats. Like I say "I just try to make damage." So, in short, Im some random playererererer playing for fun (kinda of). I dont play heavy tanks as I tried them and found that Im big noob with them. Instead of bashing random teams with my noobness in them, I decided to stay away from them and not drag others down. I have been playing WoT for over 2 years and I even have Tetrapack. Im also keeping all gift tanks because I dont know why. Plus, I like beer (having one atm, finished another one few minutes ago). Have seen some tonks in real life and, darn, they are so beautiful and detailed. Before someone asks/says, I dont play arty I like SU-101. 501 battles in it and I can play it even after 20 defeat streak. Never felt so Free and Refreshed in any other tanks. Also, I haz B2 and Type 59. Aaand I haz unusual system to play on: (probably will make thread about "what is this" later) Until then here is something what I made in my free time. forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/314048-jagdpanzer-viii-sandkatze/ forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/232534-object-692/ forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/168837-jagdpanzer-vii-jagergepard/ Something to lift up someones mood or something: P.S. I cant escape Walls of text for some reason
  7. Warning: Physical Violence - would be assassin gets a beatdown. http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=50139318n http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il1XYGL8jWA That one guy defending him... strong morals. Obvious youtube comments protesting how these 'animals' ganged up on him. I don't think it's a bad animal instinct - wanting to instantly erase the existence of someone attempting such a despicable action. Not sure I would have held back. Completely missed this gem back in January.
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