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Found 5 results

  1. Got this info off of the Armored Patrol - it's from a Q&A in Russia If you speak Russian - have at this video by some guy named "getfun". I like him more than iChase or Notser already ..... I desperately want the graphic he uses for being "spotted" in his client. It's like a ghost chef or something ..lol.
  2. Since we are just starting season 4 of ranked battles, it seemed like a good idea for players to have a thread for posting what ships they are using in ranked battles, and how they see the meta. I just started at Rank 18, and have used the Gremaschy so far to good success. It's not that I am particularly deadly in it, but because it is a very strong tier 5 DD, it allows MM to upscale a cruiser or BB above me. In addition, the rule change this year is VERY favorable to bottom tier DD's that can cap. If you are top XP, you do not lose a star, and if you solo cap one and assist in another
  3. Any intel on when Season 2 of Ranked Battles will start? And will it be Tiers 6 and 7 again? There's an outside chance that I'll have a suitable ship this go-around, and I'm keen on trying out a more coordinated version of the game.
  4. Leaving aside the "which ship is what" discussion, after a whole day of this, how do we feel the meta is going to unfold? So far, I've noticed much more stand-off than even in high-tier battles. People seem to be fixated on surviving – which is good – but often at the detriment of making an impact. I quite like the changes to the three maps. Especially the insanity of those two Fault Line caps. How the hell do you deal with that if you don't have any DDs (or if your DDs are passive prats)? Share experiences, thoughts and feelings. I'll go first: Fuck the idiot who shows up with a strike Indie.
  5. With Ranked Battles drawing nearer, which ships would you take? To kick off here are the ships I would consider to be worth using CV: Hiryu BB: Nagato. CA: Cleveland(see OnboardG1's comments regarding the Cleveland), Pensacola, Myoko DD: Hatsuharu, Sims with Advance Firing Training. I have amended the list according to comments made here and additional in game experience won since starting the Thread. Note: WG, the cupboard is bare, we need more ship lines.
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