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Found 3 results

  1. INB4 SUPER SEXY TANK REPLAYS So I'm Yung Lean, all of you should pretty much know who I am by now (or just use google) and with my new user group I decided to actually post some replays. My user group doesn't allow me into PP Replays WW-EDIT: Now you can First of all, some things about me: TRIPLE MARKS: T6: Type 64, Rudy (Working on Brommy) T7: None so far, pretty boring tier for me T8: CDC, 110, Pershing, Super Pershing, T32, T-54 ltw, IS-3, IS-6 T9: E 50, M46 Patton, T-54 (working on WT auf PzIV) T10: AMX 50B, Batchat 25t, E 50M, M48 Patton, T110E5, FV4202, T-62A (Working on FV215b, 94,89 and artied fucking stinks) replay packs: (Can't use whatever shit the other guys use because I play on a Mac so you'll have to take my word for DPG) AMX 50B: 9 games, 4150 DPG Finally started to get the hang of this tank after 20 games being complete shit. Tank is fucking OP when stuff don't yolo like, like they usually do ;_; There's a game there on Siegfried Line and how to play it from the south, which seems to a map people have problems with that I've been doing great in recently M48 Patton: 38 games 3,5k DPG I have played 40 games in this tank, but first game was with stock gun and second + third games were crashes in which I died before I could log in again, so ruling those out. Throwing in the stock gun game for fun though haha (first game, Erlenberg with 3k dmg lol) Will throw in an a Leo 1 game as well on Overlord because it was A) A nice carry and B) the way to play Overlord when you don't have armour IMO http://wotreplays.com/site/1982078#overlord-yung_lean-leopard_1
  2. I skimmed the first three pages of the French forum on WoTlabs and was surprised to not find a dedicated appreciation thread singing the praises of the AMX 301er. I probably missed it, but in the event that one has not been created, here you go. This tank is fantastic. It is a tank that makes me feel like a unicum. It's fast, it begs you to flex and find new ways to use the gun depression, it hits hard (especially for a French tank), and it looks good doing it. It also has higher pen than the French tier 9 TD (because WG balance). I only have 100 games in the AMX 301er but it's a keeper tank for me. Once I get more girls in it (yes, that's my ghetto crew on the left) it will be even better. Share your thoughts on this masterpiece of French engineering, bathed in sexy French blue. Or yell at me for missing the actual appreciation thread.
  3. I just can't stop watching them... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WWDqWW7 I guess if you've got some nice Japanese/Vocaloid/Etc music, you can spam it here. :3
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