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Found 17 results

  1. We've just launched http://warships.today/ in beta. It does tracking of player statistics in a user friendly way and also calculates Warships Today Rating (WTR) - a rating that considers stats such as damage, frags (ship and plane) to determine player performance. The individual player page provides a great overview of how the player is doing in different ships and shows a comparison with server average stats. It currently has all players on EU, NA, RU servers in the database, so the vehicle stats are representative (not skewed towards those that use the site). It would be great to hear what
  2. So this is the forum to go when you're tired of WG forums? I'll keep this short in case I'm posting in the wrong place. Maybe I haven't done my research properly, but I somehow failed to find out how to access the battle API of WOT. I've seen there are a lot of stat based metrics for WOT and am disappointed at how much winning games is being neglected. You have probably tried Elo rating before and I wouldn't be astonished if the large teams made it a pain to work with. As I have just implemented Whole History Rating (publication) for my favourite open source game, I thought I might as wel
  3. I stopped playing tournaments when WG nerfed the gold payouts. By March of 2016, WG changed how tournament data was presented and added an API. That broke the data scraping scripts that I had running, and I didn't care to update them. Now a year and a half later, I'm taking down the server that hosted the website. I really liked how people used WoTScout.com links in forums to show their past performance. That was a neat side-effect of what was initially just a way for me to see the WN8 and win rate of upcoming opponents during tournaments. Since that historical data may be of value t
  4. For all of you math geeks, I just got through statistics and passed the final exam. This particular professor had a lot of "weekly discussion questions" where he would want us to come up with our own problems to demonstrate yadda yadda yadda... To keep my brain interested I pretty much did a 5 year old's version of WIN8 as my common theme using the known variables (at least known to me). The last question of the year I did an addendum to my answer and gave him my source inspiration, a few cut and paste formulas and a page or two (this being one of them) to show just how active m
  5. There has been some discussion about the impact of having assault and encounter game modes turned on and whether it is beneficial for players to include or exclude these modes to improve win rates and other statistics. Looking over my Vbaddict statistics as a decidedly average (for my number of games played) player indicates that I do significantly better in assault and encounter modes than I do in standard mode. Here are my results: Game type Battles Win Rate Damage Ratio Standard 6785
  6. WoT Numbers just phased into Open Beta for those who's looking for an alternative to WoT Statistics. It has a pretty fresh user interface that you can customize, and also includes a grind progress tracker. The table columns are also customizable to your liking. Not all features are finished, so expect bugs, errors and other magical stuff to occur. Site: http://wotnumbers.com/ Previews under the spoiler; Image 1: Home page, which is fully customizable. Image 2: Tanks page, which allows displaying of the most demanded statistics, also customizable. Image 3: Battles page, which d
  7. Hey guys, first off: you math contributors are doing a fantastic job here on WotLabs, many thanks for that. Today I want to ask the question if you think it is possible that there are persons / people that are statistical outliers concerning "luck". You know that guy who always comes out throwing a "1" when rolling dice. I am that guy. My colleagues and my family all notice this too and it is a running gag already. They say I should write a book titled "My life on the left corner of the Gauss distribution curve". Funny, isn't it? Of course they are mistaken, because even for me "luck"
  8. So because this forum is all about stats, stat whores and stat deniers, I ll ask sth about stats. I want to get better, so I want to track my skills, got vBAddict back up and tried to get it workin. It doesnt. So anyone can mention some alternatives? Or help me out with the vBAddict problem? I d love to see my REAL progress again
  9. This is probably old news for folks that regularly keep track of their stats, but vbAddict and WoTNumbers now keep track of your solopub and platoon statistics and can display them independently if you're interested in seeing your progress. For example, I can look at my overall solopub progress with the "Solo" tab on the vbAddict "Progress" page. will let you go a little further and filter out battles for an individual tank, solopub or platoon, and time period, which gives you a little more granularity in how you're viewing the data. You can also select what data you see in the table
  10. I have 517 games as of this posting. I have had XVM since I started this account. All my battles are listed on the 60 day, 30 days etc. My Win rate is 46.62 and my Wn8 is 649. However my 60 day report gives me 47.24 and a Wn8 of 487 30 day report gives me 48.7 and a Wn8 of 488 7 day report gives me 55.56 and a Wn8 of 597 24 hr report gives me 66.67 and a Wn8 of 627 What I don't understand is I have never had a Win rate that low, nor a Win8 that high. Also my average damage has never been that low! I a
  11. Hey y'all. I've been doing pretty well on the new light tanks, the lttb, ru251 and t37. My Wn8 for the past 2 days has been hovering in the 1800s. However my overall WN8 score keeps dropping day by day. Is this a temporary thing, due to the new light tanks not being assimilated into the overall WN8 yet? Thanks people, Sneaky Bastard
  12. Just an idea that I got while reading through the recent WN 8 post by Preator77: How about re-labelling the WN brackets from "bad", "average", etc. to percentiles such as "Among the best 25%"? The goal of this change from normative to non-normative labels would be to improve the acceptance of ratings among the general player base and indirectly aiding in improving the overall skill level by lowering resentments towards skill measure per se. I believe that the many players out there who are labelled from orange to yellow reject ratings because they misinterpret them as absolute measurem
  13. The latest update at WOT Statistics is working correctly now. Just downloaded and verified.
  14. Anyone else experiencing serious issues with the WOT statistics application? How about random crashes with WOT? Even my match count from last night is WAY off...
  15. What is it? WotStatGrabber is a small Python program I've started working on to retrieve player stats from the official API and output them as a CSV file that can be easily opened and worked with in Excel and other programs. I got the idea from Praetor77 mentioning something like this would be useful in the WN8 thread and the current focus is making it useful to assist with WN development (and/or other statistical methods). Right now it's in alpha, it can be run from the command line only and only has basic functionality. Currently you provide it with an input file that contains the
  16. Let's do an experiment. Let's say you flip a coin with a 50% chance of landing heads. You flip the coin X times. What is the longest streak of continuous heads (or tails) you can possibly hope to achieve? My answer is below: The longest streak of heads (or tails), out of a series of X throws, you can expect is approximately that of log2(X) More on Streaks Here's why. The chance of a streak of N consecutive heads is (0.5)N, this is because the odds of flipping four heads in a row, for example, would be (0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5), or 0.0625. Now look at a streak of N consecutive heads, it
  17. I copied and pasted this post from the WoT Forums in the hopes that I could obtain some positive feedback and collaborators from a more scientifically-minded community. 1. Introduction Many WoT players have opinions about the effects of platooning or Tank Companies on personal stats such as Winrate, Survival Rate, Efficiency, WN6 or Performance Rating. I believe most people think that platooning in general will have a positive effect on Winrate and a negative effect on Efficiency (or any other individual performance calculation.) (I just want to clarify here that I have no interest i
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