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Found 7 results

  1. Just noticed after seeing my old intro thread that when i discovered wotlabs i had 900 overall with a recent of ~1100 Pic 4 Proof Well, under 2k battles later and my recent has jumped by 1000 wn8 with a 5% improvement to WR. AND IM GREEN NOW I just wanted to thank the community for enduring my shit poasts and helping me learn to not be a potato anymore <3 Here's to hoping the next 2k have just as much improvement and i'd love spending it with the greatest community ever
  2. Pretty much the title. At the moment im grinding tier 8 and 9 along with tier 8 prefs for $$$ If you want to play with a blue scrub like me id be more than happy to platoon with fellow Labbers Mandatory gif
  3. Wasssup ladies and gents, So i recently bought some games and whatnot and realized i dont know any of the Labbers on steam so here you go, My steam name is Triffels and the URL is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Triffels/ Ive got a bunch of games and to list a few: CS:GO BL2 Arma 3 Arma 2 Dayz KillingFloor TF2 Garry's Mod Rust Terraria ive got some more but i dont really play them or theyre singleplayer. Ive also got blizzard games like HS and WoW if youre interested i could send you my BNET tag. Subsequently if you want to also have random people from wotlabs add y
  4. So i found a thread sort of along these lines but its almost a year old and not exactly the same thing i want to discuss. So throughout my progression as a orange to now blue player I was always under the impression that high alpha "derpish" tanks (see russian TDs) were better for the red-yellow player base due to the fact that it generally means longer reloads thus less exposure time and that tanks with fast reloading but low alpha guns (see russian meds) were better in the hands of a Blue-Purple player due to the fact that they generally know how to flex and maneuver well enough to be co
  5. So i got better internet and upped my game. Now i want to take my play to the next level. I grinded 10 games in my T54 this morning and was hoping someone could look at them and maybe give me a few points to work on. I didnt cherry pick any games they were just 10 that i played in a row and there are a few derps in there (1 or 2?) I averaged something like 3800-4000 wn8 over the 10 games. So far it seems if i keep playing like i have been the past few days i could hit purple or maybe even dark purple recent soon. All tips and criticisms are appreciated! Link: https://www.mediafire.
  6. So im interested in giving streaming a shot, maybe not strictly tonks as i play other games as well, because it interests me. I was wondering besides my upload speed what does streaming put a strain on? My graphics card is a GTX 660 Got 16 gigs of ram my processor is a Intel Core i5-3570K Quad-Core I have an SSD drive, i seem to remember Nolan having problems with dropping frames and getting an SSD cleared that up for him. If its any other part than these i can pull them up and tell you what i've got. Im honestly pretty clueless when it comes down to really detailed things in
  7. So with Arctic Region getting a bit of a touch up i think i've found the most viable place to go in a med, Replay for an example http://wotreplays.com/site/968497#arctic_region-sploofy-fcm_50_t That little hill has a bush, good arty cover and is pretty central so you can flex somewhat easily. This spot is especially good with the high concentration of people who yolo rush the middle because they think its the new #ggNoReFacerollMap route. Id love to hear your opinions on where you take your meds on this map!
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