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Found 3 results

  1. There has been a rumor going around within some of the Rampage games that I have been in, saying that this weekend WG will reset the Rampage T-22 missions, and put everyone who doesn't have the tank back to mission 1 for both gamemodes. Can anyone confirm or deny? There has been no mention of this on either Rita or The Armored Patrol.
  2. Source: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/12/t-22sr-mission-rigging-eu.html Apparently WG EU is actually doing something about the rigging that went on for the OP very balanced T-22, do you guys have any info about this being true? Rita promises to lead the banning brigade by sending emails to WG and I feel she hopes for a name and shame thread on the forums... any thought on that? @WaterWar I'm posting on this section because that's where the majority of discussion on the T-22 went on, feel free to move it on a more suitable one if you feel it's in the wrong place (and in that case, I apologize). You can delete this sentence in either case.
  3. As feared, the T-22 sr can be won through missions ... in Domination/Steel Hunt mode ... Played it 2 times so far because I find it frustrating as all hell. But I do really want this tank. Going to sign up already for an angre management course since I will be "grinding" this tank. (there is no other way of putting it ) 1st Mission- Deliver or capture at lest 2 flags- Make at least 7000 damage2nd Mission- Get 250 points (when in platoon) or at least 150 Points (without platoon)- Deal at least 1000 damage by combat reserves 3rd Mission- Destroy at least 2 enemies carrying the flag by shooting or ramming- Get at least 1500 Experience (including premium account)4th Mission- Destroy one in the first 2 minutes of battle- Don't get killed more than three times5th Mission- Be on top of damage dealt amongst all players- Destroy at least 4 enemies.6th Mission- Deal at least 1500 damage- Destroy at least 4 enemies by ramming or shooting7th Mission- Deal at least 9000 damage or destroy or return to base at least 2 flags- Destroy at least 5 enemies by shooting or ramming8th Mission- Destroy at least 2 enemies by using combat reserves- Get at least 1700 Experience (including premium account)9th Mission- Damage or destroy or wound at least 8 modules or crewmembers, damage made by combat reserves does not count- Make at least 8000 Damage10th Mission- Destroy at least 5 enemies, or at least three vehicles of different classes- Deal at least 1500 damage by using combat reserves11th Mission- Destroy at least two times more vehicles than the number of your vehicles lost in battle or destroy at least 3 enemies- Get at least 1800 Experience (including premium account)12th Mission- Destroy at least 6 enemies- Do not lose more than 2 vehicles in battle13th Mission- Make at least 9000 damage at a distance less than 100 meters or by ramming- Destroy at least 5 enemies14th Mission- Receive at least 2500 XP (including premium account) while not losing more than 2 vehicles- Deal at least 8000 damage15th Mission- Be first in XP, victory points and damage- Destroy at least 7 enemy vehicles Second Set - Domination Mode 1st Mission- Get at least 250 points or deal at least 3000 damage- Win the battle 2nd Mission- Destroy an enemy in the first 2 minutes of battle or kill an enemy without being spotted - Get at least 200 victory points 3rd Mission - Deal at least 750 damage by combat reserves or Penetrate an enemy 3 consecutive times - Destroy at least 2 enemy vehicles 4th Mission - Destroy one TD and one HT in one battle - Deliver at least one flag 5th Mission - Destroy at least two tracks of different enemies or destroy an enemy without receiving any damage up until that point - Win the battle 6th Mission - Be on top of both teams in damage dealt or Dont be destroyed more than 2 times - Deliver at least one flag 7th Mission - The sum of the damage you dealt and the damage blocked by your armor must be at least 10000, deal at least 5 shots dealing damage (all the results are summed up) - Deal at least 3000 damage 8th Mission - Destroy at least one enemy using combat reserves or Get at least 300 victory points - Deliver at least one flag 9th Mission - Block at least 5000 damage or Deal at least 5000 damage - dont be destroyed more than 2 times 10th Mission - Deal at least 1500 Damage from a distance of at least 300 meters or Deal at least 1500 damage from less than 100 meters - Deal at least 500 damage by using combat reserves 11th Mission - Destroy at least 1 enemy using combat reserves or Destroy at least 5 enemies or at least 3 types - Win the Battle 12th Mission - Be on top of both teams in victory points or destroy at least 6 enemies - Deliver at least one flag 13th Mission - Destroy at least 3 HT and 3 MTs - Do not be destroyed 14th Mission - Destroy at least 10 modules or crew or Deal at least 6000 damage to enemies within your viewrange - Deliver at least 2 flags 15th Mission - Be on top of both teams in experience, Damage and victory points - Do not be destroyed
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