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  1. ...what am I about to get myself into? I've gotten a bit bored with the the ISU-152. Ok, more like frustrated. I don't play the ISU lately as much as I did when I first got it, and maybe because I'm not taking advantage of the TD meta. And I know there's nothing new with how derpy and inconsistent the 152mm BL-10 gun can be in the ISU. I've always preferred medium tanks (and fast HTs like the T-10 and WZ-111 1-4), and I've considered trying out the alt Soviet TD line for awhile. From what I can tell, the SU-100M1 seems to be kind of opposite to the SU-152 (wh
  2. Hi Wotlabs, During this last sale I bought the T110E4 simply because I had it unlocked and I need/want a T10 TD for missions potentially. I did a search on the forums and I either failed at using the search tool or there is no topic(high likelyhood of the former, but I've tried a couple times so I'll risk the flames) There are a few youtubers that love this tank, and pretty much say it plays like a HT(like I ended up playing the T30 in the end to recover from a sub-50wr.. barely) Now, the E4 doesn't have the hull down potential due to -6(?) gun depression and potentially softer turre
  3. The T95 is actually a solid tank. I'm over 30 battles played in it and it's sitting in the 54%-55% range with good DPG (compared to my other Tier 9s). I had similar success with T28 Prototype, slow TD's work with me for some reason. Here is my current setup: Who else enjoys playing this tank? I like it because you can shoot enemies with a good chance the return fire will bounce, especially at long range. Also the high damage/pen combo is nice with APCR rounds for the toughest enemies.
  4. 6000 Hp of damage... which TD would you recommend...i dont think i can do it with my skorpion g, and the only other tier 8 I have is the isu152, I have nothing higher than these. Incidentally i'm also stuck on Ht12, i dont think i have the right tank for this, but i have unlocked the is7 and hoping this will do the trick.
  5. I have previously made a post HERE about Chinese TD leaks almost a year ago, but despite the leaks coming from KZW's official account (the company running WoT in China) not much information was provided afterwards. WoT Express Brought a neat piece of information to my attention today. (Link to Wot Express VK account: https://vk.com/wotclue) All credits goes to them. The following was mentioned during a KZW livestream: " 坦克世界 军临天下午夜谈 现在直播的是C系TD线的内容,关于这件事情有了详细的说明,坦克世界的更新是需要根据全球玩家的市场需求而定,C系车在世界市场中并不是很受重视。KZW曾经向WG提供四版C系TD车的设计方案,要做足够详细的设计方案和数据分析才有可能让WG设计全新的C系车。顺便说一句,C系车大部分都是KZW
  6. I've noticed a lot of well-known WoT players have flat-out dismissed the Swedish TDs entirely, due to the poor firepower, armor and meh mobility, as well as the "siege mode" in the high tier TDs being of limited usage and more a liability to the tank in certain situations. I had a sinking feeling that the Swedish TDs may not do so well (and WG probably knows this) with the introduction of the whole X-mas tree decoration shenanigans that includes giving a discount price of the Swedish TDs all the way up to tier X, as some form of incentive along with the girl crew (though I suspect they
  7. Can someone please tell me how to research this TD? I cant see it in the tech tree but I know it exists because ive been shot at by it :/. Thx
  8. Hello, Im doing the Waffle E100 on-track on NA server, but Im not a TD player, I really dont know how to play with it. I kept my 50% 3rd skill crew on Roomba, and I am already on WT auf pz4 with a 72% 1st skill. The equipament it has are GLD, binnocs and cammonet, it got overweighted and I put the Rhm's derp gun. It has only 25k xp. My doubt is: do I research the tracks to use the 128 gun or do I put the enhanced tracks to use the 128 gun, or fuck that shit and go straight to WTE100?
  9. Given that only two threads exist on this shy little t7 Russian TD and both are older than my grandparents' furniture, I have decided to open a more positively-minded drivers' thread for this little gem. Not played often and overshadowed by monsters like the SU-122-44 in combination with the fact that TDs up to t8 suffer from bad health values, this tank is far from being en vogue. To kick things off, its statistics sheet with a 100% crew (no skills) and my equipment setup: HP Pool: 830. RIP. Armor: Non-existant outside of the gun mantlet. Sidescraping is not recommended unless
  10. All this is collected from vBAddict (filtered for t10 machines only) which by no means is 100% correct but i think it gives an indication of tank class comparison quite nicely Heavy - 1,959.1 Avg. Dmg. Medium - 2,027.8 Avg. Dmg. SPG - 1,677.9 Avg. Dmg. TD - 1,965.1 Avg. Dmg. **halfway throug this I started thinking about XP distribution for roles. ** As you can see the classes are pretty much the same across the board except for ary which averages significantly less but who am I to judge a person for taking up a t10 slot with a useless RNG sl
  11. Hi all, I was wandering if any of you could tell me what could I have done to win this game. I believe I did alright, excluding the last 10 secs of battle. I knew the enemy grilled would be aiming where I was for, I had been spoted before in that position, so I had in mind to fire a HEAT to the TOG2, kill it, and thus go forward hoping to avoid the fact that the grille would most likely shoot at my rear thinking that I might go backwards. But it failed. Any opions in general? Btw, thanks for taking your time Link for replay: http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=90535#team
  12. So I'm thinking about starting the new German tank destroyer line, and I'd like to have some tips on how the line plays in general, as well as anything that I should know about each specific tank in the line (starting with the Marder 38T and upwards), such as if there are any vehicles that I should keep/skip.
  13. Hello ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: Due to special light / medium special mm is a bit wonky, but still..... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since the alpha dmg nerf + foch-155 nerf + 268 nerf the amount of tier 10 tds stopped increasing and started to slowly drop (atleast for my feeling). The nerf of WTF-E100 and Fv-183, by then the most popular tier 10 (tds) further reduced the amount of tier 10 tds. (its atleast 50% le
  14. Hello Everyone, I haven't played much since 9.0 and just recently decided to get back into things. I generally like to just focus on one tank and play it all the time. (I like leveling up a crew.) In the past I've used mainly the T49, ELC AMX, and I was just getting back into the VK 2801. I love all these tanks because they've been able to carry a lot of team. (I mainly solo pub). Recent updates have taken away a lot of the advantages of these tanks though. It seems like every updated map takes away the great scouting spots. And the TD firing bonus hurt my play-style too. (tho
  15. I just today got myself an Object 416, free XP'd all the modules minus the top radio, and boy am I having a joy ride. So I'll give a first impressions/review on the tank, cause I want others to know its greatness. Pros: + Unquestionably the best gun on a tier 8 medium tank with amazing alpha, decent accuracy, glorious rate of fire for its alpha, and has not so bad pen + Unquestionably the best gold round on a tier 8 medium, 330 penetration compared to the average 240-250 pen most tier 8 meds have + Very small size, smallest tier 8 medium by far (see pic below) + Amazing camouflage valu
  16. Going through this line for the on track, need some advice: 1. Grind looks pretty easy. 85mm carry over isn't bad, just a few games but averaging about 1400 dmg/gm. Seems a lot like Jpz4 with a different but relatively same gun. Is it a waste to free xp things on it? 2. Suggested equipment. Not an assault TD without 122 and low HP anyway, so Rammer, Net, and binocs to start to stay hidden. Are vents worth it for general improvement? I usually don't both with net/binocs camo, but are they worth it in this case since 2nd in tier base camo value is so good? With other guns is EGD
  17. I just had a game in my T49, bottom tier on Tundra, and I felt completely worthless. There was no spot from where I could safely do damage without being right in the enemys face and get blasted back to garage in one shot. The TD spots in the southeast are completely gone and the west is just pure brawling now. The eastern hill can only be used after and if my team wins that flank and without any bushes sniping isnt very effective. Didn't get a single point of damage throughout 90% of the game and only got 3 shots in at the end when my team just got destroyed and I managed to flee to the top of
  18. So, I am confident and doing well in my Mediums and Heavies and Lights now, but simply am a newb in my TD`s. To show you an example of each in the last month... T59+FCM have been 3k wn8 T64+5916 have been 2700-3k Obj416+T54 2550ish T57+E5+Fail 2500 Then TD`s. Su122-44 1900-2100 E25 1800-2100 T25 2100ish Mainly what I find is these tanks I considered OP and hated are not as easy as they seem to me. I think its because 1900 DMG for the SU122-44 while easily doable on some maps seems just impossible on others. It doesn`t have depression so its hard for me to use hills and
  19. XennoX

    Object 268 - ...

    First off: I fucking hate this tank. Why? 1. Coming from the Object 704, the gun arc is a joke. 2. Shell velocity is slow. 3. Hull traverse is slow. 4. RNG man. Fucking RNG. 303 pen means nothing when RNG hits you with less than 240 pen when you need to make that killing shot against that derpy IS-7, or worse 50B! I don't know, maybe it's just me (probably is) but I can't seem to play this tank right. My average damage sits at anywhere between 2.0k to 2.8k, I haven't checked. It sucks, big time. My crew is pretty new and I'm sure this is part of the problem, as they're all o
  20. So, I picked up my E3 last week and have just started the process of getting comfortable with the tank. It's a beast and I'm so thankful that the speed is better than the T95! Let's have a look at the armor profile: So in reviewing the armor you need to protect your lower front plate while keeping your front forward. The side armor isn't amazing so you can't really use a deep angle. There are a couple of tiny weak spots available frontally if the LFP is hidden, but they are quite small and difficult to hit. The 155mm gun is pretty good and it loads APCR as its premium ammo
  21. Since this was kinda off-topic in the `best tier 8 tanks` topic, a repost, with the same numbers: TL:DR: on EU server 60% of the tier 10 tanks are heavys Some seem to think i made these numbers myself (since they are totally different from vbaddict / noobmeter) This is however not true, they are just ripped from wot-news... and this is how i got them (its this simple...) 1: I copied the overall tank stats list from wot-news to excel, 2: I removed all tiers below tier 8, 3: I summarized all heavys, mediums and TDs, 4: I took the % of all 3 classes and compared it the total amount of ga
  22. Hi gents. This is how I like to play Sand River. I look forward to any positive feedback/criticism. http://www.wotreplays.org/replay/5332d7829c81a5749d010000.html
  23. Since I play LT's... TD's are still invisible, still get one shot. Probably better to ask someone else.
  24. Hello every1, I just purchased FV215b 183 and found it extremely fun in pubs where you can always one shot someone, but most of the time when I shoot HESH it won't penetrate because of the long aiming time that I can hardly aim at enemies' weakspots for those of you who play 183 alot and good at it, please give me some advice about how to play this TD, like where to go in those maps, should I snipe like 268 or follow the heavies and provide support from behind? And what's the best ammo combination? and here's the screenshot of my setup for 183: I got pretty lucky that
  25. Okay good@tonkers: I know the E-25 is relatively new; I just picked it up myself yesterday. But I got my ass handed to me with it... sucked...hard. How do you play it? It's speed is deceptively enticing, probably my downfall. I play the T49 and Hellcat a bit better than average, but I don't know where this TD fits between those two. Any recommendations and setups would be appreciated before I get such a poor WR in it, that it takes me forever to dig it out.
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