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  1. Hey folks, So, my groups has decided to back off from tier 8 expansion and build our core up first. As a result, we are implementing a new training plan. Part of that plan is to create a semi-quantifiable standard by which to grade people on certain aspects of their abilities - a rubric. I ask for experienced trainers and tankers' opinions on the most important aspects of personal gameplay. I plan to have our folks grade each category on a 1-10 scale when they as for mentoring, so that we can focus on where they need to improve and why. Here is my working list of important gamep
  2. Are you new to World of Tanks? Have you been playing a while and find yourself wanting to learn more about WoT and improve your gameplay? If so you should enroll with the, Minion Institute of Tankology (M-I-T). Through your enrollment you’ll gain access to: A community where you will be given respect no matter your skill level A relaxed teamspeak environment Platoon mates with a shared interest in getting better Weekly training sessions Training from super uni’s that drop by from time to time Exposure to all facets of WoT M-I-T’s r
  3. ROHAN WoT page SHIRE WoT page GONDR WoT page Middle Earth Tankers is a newly-formed group of clans arising from ROHAN with the goal of providing competitive play at tiers 6 and 8, as well as a casual/training outlet. Although we don't currently have short-term tier 10 plans, we will in the future. Come join the group of tankers that grabbed and dominantly held onto first place in tier 6 for CW season 3. We need experienced tankers like you to achieve the same success in tier 8
  4. I have 3500 battles...and my stats are terrible. I am looking for someone who is willing to work with me one on one to help improve my game. I am willing to work hard, accept criticism, and take the necessary steps in order to improve. Anyone who is interested please contact me here, In game or at: vnav.enjin.com I use the same username at three sites. Thank You squidy_2016
  5. Clam [VNAV] Is currently building teams for tournaments and team battles. We require: 1.TeamSpeak3 2.Tier 6-8 vehicles 3.Willing to attend one training session per week We are not worried about stats right now. Just a willingness to learn, work, and improve. If you have prior command experience, are a good player, and would like to train and mentor we would love to have some help there as well. If interested contact me here, in game, or at: vnav.enjin.com Thank You squidy_2016
  6. I have been improving myself quite abit since i started to get serious about wanting to do better in the game and i recently made it to 2000+ recent win8 now that im at 2000 i find it hard to go over those numbers and i tend to only do similar amounts each game so im stuck you could say So im looking for a mentor that is willing to help me learn the missing pieces to getting over blue and to do it more consistently I have read some other forum posts and i see a few people choose to ask for money for the training unfortunately i cannot afford to pay for any training but i
  7. Hey All, I am looking to work with someone who can help me be a better tanker. I tend to float back and forth between pretty decent games and utter crap games. Some of which I do not feel I played all of that different but with vastly different results. I am would like to understand why I am doing this and what I can do to improve my decision making abilities. I am on a few evenings eastern US time during the week and usually on during the weekend. Primarily US East server. I have and play a variety of tanks, except arty can't stand it anymore, so would welcome any advice for any class. Clan
  8. Hey there everyone! Im new to the WotLabs forum. I hail from the NA server Im an alright World Of Tanks player but im just not able to push my recent Wn8 over 2200 I admit I make dumb mistakes sometimes, and I dont know how to effectively play some tanks I do really well in lightish tanks such as the T21 and Cromwell, I have 3 MoEs on both of them. But im horribly bad at playing Tds, which is making my personal missions lag behind because I dont have any tier 7+ Tds I really need some help with learning to play Tds, and improving my play in some medium and heavy tanks I have a mic and can us
  9. Hello, I am a tank, I have been working on becoming a better tank. I have improved greatly over the last few months, but it seems I have hit a plateau at around 2k WN8. What I'm looking for is a teacher/tutor/mentor (whatever you want to call it) to help me get past this slump. Someone to platoon with me, and either give me solid directions/positions or answer my stupid questions. I've listed the tanks I currently run below in order of my proficiency (in my opinion)/comfort in them. I would like it for you to have equal or better stats than me, unless there is a special circumstance where you
  10. This is a game not a job. You try to win games. Games are built so that people may have fun enjoying them. This clan is 1 month old!, 75 Active members, and already turning heads. Will you be part of the rise of Stud Muffins? Will you be here when it all began? PARTICIPATING IN THE 3RD CAMPAIGN We understand that most of the people that play games also have a life outside those games. We do this for fun, to relax and to socialize with like-minded players to keep us entertained. Here at STUMU, we look for players that don't just understand these principles, but also like to compete
  11. IMO, the community could use a more open discussion of clan management and operation in general. A recent discussion on gold payouts was quite interesting: Here, I would like to open a channel for all who are interested and have questions on running a clan - both in general and specific terms. I don't have anything particularly insightful or interesting to start with, so let's see how this works out as an open thread... Ask away, if you're curious, or starting up a new clan, or wondering on how to improve your clan, and we'll see who pipes up and responds.
  12. [MITS] is looking for new players with at least one tier 6 and a desire to play clan wars in the future. We offer a website, teamspeak and a great place to improve at the game or transition into clan wars. Requirements: -1 tier 6 tank -900 recent WN8 -47% or higher recent win rate -Ability to listen on teamspeak -Apply through our website (Please list camrox92 as a known community member so I can find and comment on your application.) [MITS] is part of Gentlemen Gaming, one of the oldest communities in WoT. We have a great group of friendly players of all ages and skill levels.
  13. Hey, you there! Yes, you. Sitting there, staring at your screen. Do you feel bored, and perhaps just a little unfulfilled? Yes, I thought so. Well, do I have the remedy to all that ails you! Brand new to the Clan market is PRVDA, an associate clan to Pravda Girls’ Academy. Now there of course a few requirements: Have a microphone, and be active on Teamspeak 1 Tier VI tank for Strongholds. Training sessions every other week Whew, what a list! Certainly you must be wondering just what PRVDA is hoping to do? Those answers are simple enough. PRAVDA is hoping to start up a confident
  14. I was wondering if purple players practice with each other in the training rooms to scout out the best spots, view range distances, vulnerable areas, testing gun depression, arty safe spots etc. It's hard for me to find anyone willing to take the time and have the patience to learn maps and practice strategies etc.
  15. Looking for a clan wars clan that has training, as I wish to get better. I do have a bit of calling experience...currently I have the E100 and the T110E5 but I am also grinding the Obj 140 as my first tier 10 med. I'm looking for an active clan, not a building one. Any questions or concerns direct them here! Thanks for your time and consideration!
  16. new guy question ive been reading about skills and premium tanks, now ive got a excelsior with its original crew on 100% with 1 full perk, can i move this crew to my say, comet without a penalty? as i understand it i can put any crew in the excelsior without penelty but can i do the same in reverse? if so can i ...... put a crew from the black prince in the excelsior to be trained then move them to a cromwell when trained without penalty?
  17. Hey everyone, it is The_Xtreme and since my training days did gain some popularity for the two days I have done them (June 28th and July 5) I have decided to post it on Wotlabs for anyone who might be interested. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/370303-world-of-tanks-public-training/ What will these training days cover? In-Game Tactics Moving as a unit Focus Fire Winning! What will not be covered? Stat Padding Yolo Tactics SPGs and TDs Now here are some rules before we get into battle. Use of Illegal Mods will not be tolerated! If you are caught you will be removed from tra
  18. So i wanted to know how effective the levels of a crew's training are. For Example, the loader's level effects how fast you reload but does a 100% trained loader give you 10% faster reload speed than someone with a 90% loader?
  19. Howdy everyone, this is my first post and I was suggested to come here to ask for help in the form of platoons! I have been solo pubbing alot and I am trying to improve my WIN8/7 Efficacy as well. I can play mostly during the week from 10am est till about 5pm est. Thanks in advance!
  20. Here is a very nice clip from U.S. Marines, 1st Tank Battalion when they are having a live fire exercise at Twentynine Palms. Really awesome footage. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=477_1401305567
  21. With the forming of a new clan, I have alot of interested members wanting to compete in CW. As much as I enjoy their eagerness, I know we are not ready to compete. With that said, we are looking for other clans to train with. I was hoping to get somthing together in a training room once in a while, to get the feel for things and prepare. We are just looking for casual clans atm, because obviously we are not able to compete with alot of the developed clans out there. If needed, interested clans are able to use our teamspeak channel. If you are interested let me know in game, or reply to t
  22. Hello from New Zealand and mostly the NA West server, although it seems to make no difference these days. I posted this below in another section but those with more knowledge suggested here.. so here it is. Hi, I am on the NA server, generally on West but okay to head to the East server from time to time. I am in the Pacifc region time-zone, Auckland New Zealand, looking for top tier and skilled players for coaching. I have 10,000+ battles under my belt, a bunch of tier 10 tanks and others, never sold one in fact, but would like some advice about how to improve in-game play. I am teachabl
  23. I posted this on 13th November and thanks to the replies I get then. Have kept an eye our for those of you who offered help, much appreciated. Sorry we actually haven't hooked up yet but the intent of my original post still applies.. would like some good in game coaching.. don't mind hearing the good, bad or the ugly.. been suffering poor stats recently and would really like a sense of achievement to tip the 50% WR... Here is the message i posted earlier so if you are still around to help or new folk who can advise please post reply and I will catch you in-game.. HI from New Zealand too.
  24. Not like I need a holiday as an excuse to express my gratitude here, but now seems as good a time as any. Last Spring is when I got into official blue-status, finally paying attention to a few game mechanics, and not just playing for fun. But most of my stats were built on my chariot driven by both the pre-nerfed Hetzer and VK3601. So after popping that posting cherry on Wotlabs I figured I would make the most out of the great resources this place had to offer. I put myself on his internet went schizophrenic and started torturing squirrels 4fun- and took a lesson with him in August.
  25. Question is - When you need a new crew for the next tier tank but intend to keep current one or use the current crew elsewhere, do you train it all at once or one or two members at once? Point is to keep your tank at least with half decent crew and train the rest and then change it or is it useless? Like keep decent gunner with sixth sense on commander and train loader and then keep decent loader, driver and train commander. For example I like my E-75 and intend to keep it and play it. Starting E-100 crew form a scratch would make that tank perform bad or at least worse. So far I usually put
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