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Found 12 results

  1. I bought some boxes and was really disappointed to get what looked like 2 non-camo patriots (I already owned a patriot...like wtf are you kidding me?) ....bummed around in my garage feeling unlucky and deflated and low and behold there was a type 59 in my garage Santa must have put it there, because it did not come from the Xmas boxes, ...apparently Anyway how do you play it? Also please share your Type 59 Xmas miracle story
  2. Im kind of convinced this tank is maybe the most overhyped tank in the game... I've seen many people calling it OP when it seems pretty ordinary.... if it came on sale, would you buy it (obv assuming you dont have it!)... and why?
  3. Just went up on EU. http://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/pc-browser/45/100-yot-cojntest-announcement/ So you don't need to get insanely lucky and have 1 monster game to get a shot at a Type 59. This time they'll reward consistency instead. I'm really tempted to go for it. What tanks would (will?) you guys be using? I'll roll out the Walker Bulldog and the T-54 for sure.
  4. Type 59 hype https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKcX0sVaEZk
  5. Hello there, I have been on a mission to 'get gud@tonks', and as I get better, I am enjoying my Type 59 more and more. In retrospect, I wish I had put it aside and waited until I was acquainted with the higher tiers, but back when I got it I was just 'playing for fun' and it was a good money maker so I managed to wreck its stats by 'playing' the hell out of it. However, lately I am starting to learn how to properly use it, and I would really like to platoon with someone else who has one, both for the pure enjoyment of it, but also to receive tips and pointers on how I can improve my gameplay
  6. From WG... Historically, Gladiators were allowed to keep any prizes or gifts they were given during gladiatorial games, and we are offering you the chance to win prizes in conjunction with our Gladiatorial Arena mission: "Contender". Start time and date: 6-26-2015, 9:00am PDT End time and date: 06-29-2015, 4:20am PDT Finish the Mission "Contender" to enter into a random drawing to Win either a Type 59, AT 15A, Gold, or Premium Time! 5 tank, premium time, and gold prizes for a total of 15 Prizes! 2 winners will recieve the Type 59! 3 Winners will recieve the AT 15A! 5 Winners will recieve x
  7. Newest WG contest! I wish I was more adept with a photo editing program... PAX Prime is often considered to be the holy grail of sweet sweet swag. There are baubles and trinkets aplenty, but nothing beats the coveted t-shirt! Earn yourself some serious cred by entering our Pax Prime T-shirt Design Contest. The winners receive a shipment containing all the official 2015 Wargaming Pax Prime t-shirts (four total), in-game prizes, and the satisfaction of knowing that literally thousands of people are wearing a shirt they designed! Prizes: Submissions will be screened by Wargaming and the top 1
  8. So, I finally made it to level 6 of the tank game.. yay for me. I'd sure love to win me one of them shiny Type 59 things. Although it will take me a long time to play all of the tier 6 tanks, with Wargamings win a Type 59 competition on this month I'd be curious to know which tank you good at tanks folk think would be best for getting the most raw xp (and hence winning a Type 59). That way I can drive this tank now and win.... anything but arty would be sweet. Cheers
  9. So was in a battle just recently with one of Otter's Best: Tenet! I am running a Type 59, giving it the best I can. I get in a position where I can either wait for the enemy to make the mistake or make my own. Tenet begins to ping the map like crazy for me to attack the enemy IS6. If I do that, from what I can see, I open my back end up to at least a tier 8 TD and another medium. Tenet decides to go toe-to-toe with the IS6 before I take care of the medium and TD. By the time I can help I fire 1 shot, Tenet dies, I kill the IS6 and then get flamed by Tenet: Here is the replay:
  10. Hi gents, Please see the above replay. Yes I won, yes I did gud demege but I don't feel satisfied with the game. Felt like I was running around like a headless chicken trying to do damage control and put out fires. [Very hasty] Summary: - Live Oaks, NE start. - Tier 9 game. In platoon with one other. - Platoon mate, IS-6, goes into town. I don't feel so confident about that because of the Waffles, so I head south. - ELC spots IS-3, he pulls back I, I drop forward. I see town getting rolled and decide to go back to base. - Take some hesitant potshot and manage to kill the IS-8, Com
  11. I just discovered that a website exists that allows you to make custom deal with it gifs Tons of pubbies are whining that the 59 is not on sale for them to ruin with their grubby little paws The only reason I go on the shitforums is to post pictures to things I eagerly await a new baw thread about the 59 not being on sale
  12. StranaMechty


    I picked this up this past weekend during the 15% off sale, after the 110 and WZ-111 model 1-4, I honestly wasn't expecting much. I'm not going to call it the new T57, but I was pleasantly surprised by a number of factors. Good 1) It's quite quick. The IS-7 has 15.4 HP/ton, but due to garbage terrain resistance (1.3/1.8/3.1), is far more sluggish than one would think. The 113 not only has 16.67 HP/ton, it also gets 1.3/1.4/2.7 terrain values. You can hit your top speed of 50kph and cruise there on a lot of terrain, unlike the IS-7 which bogs down to ~35kph on Malinvoka field. 2) Th
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