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Found 10 results

  1. If you kill a tank who is oneshot, sometimes you won't get spotted, if only tank which is within the range to spot you is the one you killed. Tested this in training room, and the result was that if the enemy dies within about 0,165 seconds of when you shoot, that tank will not spot you. It seems to not be exactly 0,165s with every tank/shell, but the results were consistently between 0,165 - 0,172 seconds. Camo value of shooter seemed to not have an effect. This implies that for every shell velocity, there's a certain distance within which you can kill an enemy without getting spott
  2. Hey guys, I'm doing a school project on myopia, and am conducting a poll to see the vision of people based on their lifestyles, etc. It would be helpful if you could answer the poll below. If you're not sure about your prescription, please don't take it. https://goo.gl/RszAdL Thanks.
  3. Hi guys(and girls ), So I'm having some theorycrafting in my head, looking some games in retrospect and whatnot, so I thought I should ask what you think whether this is true or my mind is playing tricks on me. Basically what I seem to notice is that on few maps where you can dominate by (ab)using vision lately pubbies seem to avoid such places. Few maps come into mind - for example I noticed pubbies avoid Prokhorovka middle and cluster up in corners, city on Lakeville seems to be spot for brave nowdays(I saw quite a few valley pushes recently) and if you have competitive scout on Ma
  4. I've been fascinated with scouts/lights ever since I started playing. I used to play TF2 and played Scout well so I figured I would try a quick mobile class in WoT. After 5,000 battles and map/meta changes I have no idea what to do for most maps. For Mali, I used to head to the swamp to get early base lights, until I got light by people on the ridge and quickly exploded. I just can't find a good database for early lights. Anyone have good spots they would like to share?
  5. To expand off of what I've seen, and to get a better idea, visually, of what I have been told by top-tier players ingame, I'd like to start a thread to show on maps, good places to go to scout. This partly comes from individual missions, and being able to complete the two annoying ones (spot x dmg before you get spotted, spot x dmg total), but also to become a more effective scout when your team is full of blues/platoons that are competent enough to realize a scout is passive scouting an area and lines up to get shots early in the game. For this purpose. I'm going to shamelessly copy paste a
  6. Ok this seems like a really damn dumb question but this started dogging me back when I was driving my M6 and the ranges got longer in tiers 7+ I'm driving mediums now and its come back to haunt me again so I've got a question, or three: There are times when you shoot through a bush at a distant target(300m+) and there is a bush more than 15m in front of you that stays solid (ie: hard to see through, especially in sniper mode) You've got the red outline of the tank you are shooting at clearly lined up and you shoot only to find out something (rock, part of a building, pole, column, s
  7. So with today's FTR Storm's conference call mentioned that sixth sense may be planned as a radioman perk skill that everyone would get once their radioman was trained at 100%. Your thoughts on this? Frankly, while I have spent a lot of time training up crews to have it (feel so naked without it), this is one area where I feel players with 1000's of battle have a significant advantage over newer players, and it is unrelated to skill, map knowledge, or core mechanics. So while it's frustrating to have ground this on a majority of my tanks, I do feel it is a bit unfair for those starting out, o
  8. Here's a quick summation of why invisitanks happen, even during a peek-a-boo, but also the action-reaction cycles of those situations. A poster @ NA WoT forums complained about Romulan tanks... and well, my post there is only going to be forgotten anyway, so I might as well put it here where people give a damn. More Romulan cloaking devices found. His beef was summed up in the following video video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys5Kv8woSVM My responses buried on the bottom of page 3; the wasted breathe and breathtaking Paint.NET skills ridiculous South Park-calibre box ta
  9. I have two lights in my garage that I barely ever play, the VK2801 and the 59-16. I have had both for months and months, almost never playing them, pretty much since the vision/camo changes. Because of the IS-6 thing going on at the moment, I decided to run them cause I was getting tired of the completely oblivious players playing tier 6. But like every time before, I regret it after a few battles because I am instantly reminded of how imbalanced they are (as in underpowered). The tier 8 lights seem ok, they have the HP to take a hit and survive, and they have the punch to deter someone fr
  10. How do I improve my 'vision' of where to go? Allow me to elaborate- there are times in game where I seem to wind up in the right spot (defilade, cover, one way for an enemy to approach, good escape route, or a combination of the above). Other times, I wind up in the completely wrong spot. Perhaps I get tunnel vision, perhaps I don't know the map well enough... My question is- What do you 'read' as the game begins to determine your initial movement? Do you read your team? Enemy team? Map? Combination of the above? I see some great players sit back and evaluate. Others seem to know from
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