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Found 8 results

  1. Just wondering why my WR is so far apart from my WN8 at the moment last couple of months). I always thought there was always going to be a bit of a correlation in the gap between or could spotting not being taking into account or other non included metrics cause the gap ? I am a true pub scrub but do love my lights and would love to see my WN come up more. Cheers!
  2. Thinking on some of the things that have been shown about AW I was wondering what sort of win rate you guys think can be achieved compared to wot good -no more getting 1 shot by arty -no ridiculously huge alpha tanks preventing pushes ie: 183 (from what it looks like) -no xvm is confirmed -maps do not appear confined, giving you good opportunity to flank bad (for your winrate atleast) -will likely have a higher skill playerbase as how things are looking, quite a few unicums will migrate away from wot whatcha guys think?
  3. Specifically with meds, lights, and other vehicles not known for being easy pub stomping tanks. Does anyone have any suggestions for influencing the battle in your favor & what kind of things I should prioritize? I am referring to solo play and not platoons btw (this seems like a topic thats been gone over, but Im fucking terrible at forum use searched diligently and failed)
  4. My math may be off, but according to my calculations If a players play N number of games with a win rate of 40% and then plays an equal number (n x 2) win a win rate 50%. His win rate will be 45%. If he then plays (n x 3) at 50% his win rate will be 46.6 (rounded up to 47%). Yet this player has spent 2/3 of his games at 50%. If we take this to 4 times the number of games played at 50% his win rate is 48% even though 80% of his games are at 50%! Yes his recent win rate is a constant 50%, but this doesn't show in the xvm stats at the beginning of the game just his lower stats. While this is true of his 'historical' stats it is not accurate when expected performance in a game. Would it not make more sense to show the recent win rate to show his true expected performance in a game?
  5. I have 517 games as of this posting. I have had XVM since I started this account. All my battles are listed on the 60 day, 30 days etc. My Win rate is 46.62 and my Wn8 is 649. However my 60 day report gives me 47.24 and a Wn8 of 487 30 day report gives me 48.7 and a Wn8 of 488 7 day report gives me 55.56 and a Wn8 of 597 24 hr report gives me 66.67 and a Wn8 of 627 What I don't understand is I have never had a Win rate that low, nor a Win8 that high. Also my average damage has never been that low! I am totally confused!
  6. For the past few days, I've been playing well, with my win rate going up to 77% at the highest. However, no matter what I do, how I carry, by the end of the gaming session my win rate goes back down to 50%. I thought it was because I was tired and playing badly, but that didn't seem to be the case. My WN8 was consistently around 1600-4000 in every game I played. Sometimes it is higher near the end of the gaming session. How do you unicums keep on winning? I just cant seem to keep the win rate up. My WN8 is rocketing since last week, yet my win rate remains unchanged. Is it because it is the summer holidays and all the school kids go home to play? (Even though I am a high school kid) Or is it just because I lose the sense to be where I need to be to make an impact on the game as the night progresses? :/ Replays may be attached on request. (I've got hundreds of em)
  7. I would like to know from experienced solo players how to increase your w/r while playing solo. I am not so much interested in the stats as I am more interested in winning every game I play, I know this sounds impossible but I always try to win each game I enter when I am playing seriously. There are times when The game throws you into the shit end and it can be very frustrating, everyone knows how it feels or else they would not be playing WOT. How do you win battles when it feels like things are stacked against you? ie, teams falling like flies, when your team mates dont go where they are supposed to go and help when you are making a great advance etc. I know I have to work on my situational awareness and I do believe I need to be more consistent with every game. I am lingering around the 60% mark atm and seem to be sticking at that. The tanks I am playing mostly are my premium tanks (because I love playing them) 112, kv5, is6 etc. Also going through the british med line atm. I was playing the brit TD's until the 183 nerf and scraped the line. Most of the tanks with above 54% w/r are the ones only I have played and not my old man, I dont know if that helps or not. Any true help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  8. I've been using the http://www.vbaddict.net/wot.php and wot statistics--they both include training rooms and CW in their statistics. What do sites like WOTlabs use? Pub games only? No training rooms? Its a bit tough to figure out as the stat sites only pick up when WG updates, and that can be inconsistent. I'd like to eliminate training rooms to keep better track of my progress if I could figure out how--ours tend to be no shoots run throughs and throwing a bunch of zeros that aren't intentional kinda flubs with the tracking of my progress. So guess i really have 2 questions: (1) How do I eliminate training rooms from wotstatistics and http://www.vbaddict.net/wot.php (2) What battles do wotlabs/noobmeter include in your metric. I want to make sure I can synch the two is the main deal--not looking to push an overarching change--just what I measure is what they measure...
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