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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! I'm Va1heru from the SEA/ASIA Server and I've decided to do my first 100 game challenge in the T 29. I have just bought, fully upgraded and played one game as of making this post. Goals: 2.5k DPG 65% w/r 3 MoE by 75 games Don't Rage quit midway through :^) I'm more of a Medium tank kinda guy and I haven't grinded a heavy line since I was a 5k battle 48% shitter so the goals may not be realistic but it's something to aim for. Setup: I should get 3 MoE by the end of the challenge but I'm aiming for 75 games. All replays will be hosted and this will be completely solo. o7o7
  2. Let's all welcome the newest member of the PP team to the casual purple section, our lord, Xensation. In the words of veitileiN: "hugs redline, takes chiri into t8 skirmishes, is a general potato overall and orders you to scout in waffelpziv. no me gusta" I personally would like to congratulating him on his hail mary pass of getting PP through being an inactive dipshit (<3) & never replying to any poast outside of shenanigans. o7 Also claiming this as the official IDEAL hang out area on WoTLabs.
  3. So there's a pervasive lack of new threads coming out with regard to improving, so I'm gunna try and scour my PMs to other players to see if I can get some worthwhile gems that may help some people. This one is for Green players or higher who want to improve (assumes reasonable competence in using abusing autoaim, mechanics, angling... you know, the normal stuff ^^). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think this game is pretty easy when you kinda unlock the knowledge of strong decision making. After that it's just down to remembering to making those decisions and make those decisions with as much information as possible. That's all this game is on the 'skill' level. As far as your mindset go, I can't really help cos we're all different - but here's the thing, going on tilt is either gunna happen cos of sleepyness/not in flow OR rage. Now rage is easier to control - all you've got to think is the FAME motto, "Deal with it!", what happens to you doesn't really matter, all that matters is how you deal with that situation. Staying positive/happy and learning from this is the best way to react, always. ^^ Sleepyness/not in flow is much easier to detect. All you have to do in these situations is just walk away from the game for a little while & come back when you're fresh. On to the meat of the subject, "skill". I've already highlighted the basics of it: Getting/reacting to information Processing & making decisions based on this information Carrying out the decision you made The "event" that occurs because of the decision Analysing the decision (to understand what the conditions were that made it successful or a failure). It's a pretty logical order. Getting/reacting to information: Getting information goes along the lines of: what's the enemy's tank line up? Are they slow or fast? Where are these guys likely to go? What location plays to my advantage? Will I still be effective at this location under these conditions (the enemy's line up)? - Staying effective = putting out damage, receiving none or little. Preventing your enemy from being effective. Where can I go next to be optimally effective? Basically any question you ask yourself in battle you can use to get information... Don't think too much though, over-analysing the current state of the game can prevent you from getting into 'flow'. Processing & making decisions based on this information: This basically completely decides where you go, who you prioritise shooting at, when you move out of cover, what cover you pick etc etc. Once you go through a variety of different conditions at a high level of play/thought this becomes a lot easier (when you're just starting out, it can seem like a bit of a minefield, or at least it did for me). High level streamers can really help here. You've also gotta understand your goal and how what you're doing is fitting in to the grander scheme of the game. This grander scheme is called macro-positioning and macro development. This is basically fancy talk for "what flank is going to win/fall/stalemate and when that will happen" - this is a basic consideration you're gunna have to make and reacting in a smart way isn't always easy. You can gamble, play it safe, play aggressive, play passively or play stupidly. Literally 5 options to every 'stimulus'. Examples: Gambling can be staying in that area and hoping that you can win it through skill. Playing it safe can be retreating or getting out before it's overrun - gives you vital extra time to relocate or farm extra damage on a complete loss. Relocating early can either be game winning, game losing or stat tanking (you played too passively and didn't get enough out of it). Aggressive play is risky, but can fear the enemy into halting an attack. Watch out for getting into a crossfire though. Playing passively is mainly used when there's a shit tonne of arta and you've got no move that actively plays to your advantage. Too much passiveness can lose games. Too little can lose you a lot of HP. Playing stupidly is yoloing without a clue of the enemy composition in the area that you're going to. It could pay off or you could get fucked. Be deliberate with aggression, not stupid/lucky. Carrying out the decision you made: This is pretty simple and relies solely on the players' motor and mechanical skills of the game, for everyone above green level, this will likely be a background process of angling, using terrain, using camo, abusing mechanics etc etc. Note to be careful when you're carrying out your move, you need to account for everything in the processing part - getting yourself stuck or in crossfires on the way to the position you want to get to is just stupid. So you can't do that. It goes hand in hand with the 5 points above. The "event" that occurs because of the decision: This is all about how well you can react, control the engagement, think critically under pressure, buy time, preserve health & generally keep your eye on as many parameters as you can. Examples would be like looking at team health (are you about to get rolled? Or... Can you afford to take a hit to initiate another push?). Minimap situational awareness is key throughout all of these stages I should add, especially this one. Just remember to think clearly and prioritise what tasks need to get done. Sort of like mini events of the points above (getting and processing information - note that doing all of this shouldn't be too much brain work, just a little thought every few seconds/minutes. Think about your options, always). Analysing the decision: How did it play out? What were the conditions that made it a success or a failure. What did you learn? Simple self objectivity here makes you a much better player and can only improve your performance in the long run. Just remember to act on what you've thought about. Sometimes that's the hardest thing of all... Remembering your mistakes. Finally, better players are being succesful and having fun while doing it, they still get the same bullshit that everyone else does and if you're not on their level, you gotta do something different. So it's quite a wall of text, but I think if you're struggling you should be able to see where you're going wrong from my "plan" of how to play WoT... Or at least what you're doing differently. ^^
  4. So I was doing some motivational searching for my business/learning shit and came across this from the Dalai Lama, I thought it applied quite well to tanks; Which bracket do you fall in? How are you going to advance? Food for thought. Edit: if someone can let me know how to see who's voted for what in the poll pls share, I wanna see the correlation.
  5. Hi, my name is Shinma, and I'm an artillery player. I've been completely artillery free for over 3 months now, and have been high tier free for 9 months now. It's been hard lately, with so, so, much m53/55 spam lately, not to fall into temptation. I try to convince myself that it's for the sake of TK'ing the other arty and then drowning myself, but I get strength from being here, amongst you, and it gives me hope.
  6. I've been grinding a bunch of different tanks lately in the hopes of filling my garage with awesome tier 10 tanks but neglecting my own play. What good is a garage full of tanks if I can't play them well? I remember that I improved quite a bit when I undertook my WZ-132 challenge, so I figured I'd do the same thing at tier 10 with the STB-1. So without further ado, here's the "Pork Sucks at Solopubbing Tier 10s" challenge. Here's my ground rules: Play 200 solopub games in the STB-1. Don't play any other tanks and don't platoon. Purple (WN8 and winrate) or bust. Gather the stats/replays and post them every 25 games. Report any insights I have about solopubbing tier 10s as I go along. Run food but shoot mostly APCR, reserving HEAT for E 100 turret faces and the like. This is more of a self-improvement challenge than an e-peen waving; I'm bad@STB and want to get gud. Without further ado, let the suck commence! Edit: I'm over halfway through with the challenge. I started running the E 50 Ausf. M and FV4202 because the STB was bleeding my credits dry. Session 1 (games 1-25), 48% winrate and ~2000 WN8: Session 2 (games 26-50), 40% winrate and 1633 WN8: Session 3 (games 51-72), 50% winrate and 1247 WN8: Session 4 (games 73-97), 64% winrate and 2111 WN8: Session 5 (games 98-122), 52% winrate and 1893 WN8: Session 6 (games 123-144), 47.6% winrate and 2441 WN8:
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