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Found 1 result

  1. This is my rep thread. I'll try to post mostly sessions here but if I have single amazing games they're gonna be in here as well. So expect decent games from one of the better players on the EU server. Thanks to Deltavolt who doesn't care a lot about credits I will also play on NA from time to time. How did you get into this game? One month after release (May 2011) a friend introduced me to it. I derped around on the german heavy line for my first 4k-5k battles nonprem with stock tanks and played tanks as a sidekick to CS. After I quit playing CS I focussed more on that game and started improving pretty fast (was a blue player before). Since then I've played on and off with occasional breaks. Clan history? MOP, SRSLY, EFE, PTS, KAZNA, FAME What do you play? Everything except arty but mostly meds. I don't like slow tanks (like most heavies...) with very few exceptions and TDs and lights can be very nice but are too map/team dependant. Favourite tanks? M46, T32, T-62A, FV215b Why do you talk so much shit in chat? Cause I used to play Basketball and like to trash talk. How many 3rd mark tanks do you have? T10: IS-7, T110E5, AMX 50B, T57 HT, Object 140, T-62A, Batchat, E-50M, M48 Patton, Leopard 1, FV4202, Object 263 T9: M46 Patton, E-50, AMX 30 Prototype, Object 430 v2, T-54 T8: T-54ltwt, RU 251, AMX 13 90, Type 59, IS-6, FCM 50t, AMX CDC, SuperPershing, T32, M26 Pershing What are you currently playing? Grinding marks on AMX 30B, FV 215b. Grinding a new M46 crew. Will soon pad E-50M DPG over 4k. Why don't you play lower tiers? I avoid stuff below T8 because it's boring as fuck unless I have to grind a line and I know the tanks is decent I'll just free xp to the T8. That being said I might start the chinese mediums soon on the T-34-1. Go ahead with any questions you feel like asking and I'll try my best to answer them in here