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Found 1 result

  1. The Waffenträger auf E 100 is my most hated tank in the game. I would rather face triple E100 purples than triple random waffles and this is the essence of the problem. The tank itself is beyond broken, being able to dump 3000 damage in 9 seconds is ridiculous combined with very good aim time and accuracy makes for an unbalanced starting point but this is not my main gripe. The problem is the calibre of player it attracts. The sort of player who maintains a <50% WR in it. The sort of player who hides the whole game in some random corner and then when you have the misfortune of stumbling across them clips you. These players see the damage and the ease with which you can rack up quadruple figure damage and think "mmm I can actually do damage" without thinking about if it helps the team or not. Now I am just about getting the hang of where to be and how to react to the battle and these idiots in their OP waffles keep killing me and they are idiots. Players who are probably half asleep, one hand down their trousers and with a full clip of APCR/HEAT loaded to maximise their damage. Or in one guys case a clip of HE because it always does damage... How do you account for the sheer randomness of where you find them and what do you do about this? Arty is fine. I accept I'll get shit on for full health at 50km/h every now and again but I can weave and I can hide but waffles... Halp plz.
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