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Found 1 result

  1. I don't seem to be able to find a 277 topic and this fact per se should be indicative of its mediocrity and mehity in general but I thought I could start one with the most obvious -and problably only needed- question: is this really just a worse 5A? The nerf bat hit hard just before the releas of this tank, it was in a borderline OP state imo but maybe that was too hard. To be fair it has something going for it to distinguish itself from the 5A but I really can't feel if that's enough to be even able to be something fresh and different. As alway I'm not looking for a better version of the already available tanks but rather for something new and to be fair to WG I really feel like this was the original intent however timidly expressed. Sadly they have no balls whatsoever, they didn't want to risk a new v4 and the morons at the head of the balance department are too powerful and scary so that any good idea is quashed before maturing. Let's go back to topic to see the diffrences between this two tanks and maybe the IS-7 just for reference. Obj. 277 pluses are: + 265 silver pen against 250, not bad at all (jic someone didn't noticed they lowered gold pen to the normal 340 with 1k m/s speed just before release) + .38 accuracy against .39 (5A) and .40 (IS-7) with better dispersion than the 5A. I feel this is marginal. + better p/w ratio but compensated by worse ground resistances and 5 more kph top speed 5A has for it: + better dpm, 5.36 base rof against 4.8 (277) and 4.38 (IS-7). I'm not a dpm fanboy as the theoretic dpm is seldom used in "real life", reloading in 1.3 second less than a 277 and in 2.5 seconds less than an IS-7 is huge though. The IS-7 can use a bit more effective dpm by being able to expose more thanks to better armour but again the flexibility of the 5A allows it to use more positions and not be fucked by wierd angles + 2.50 aim time against 2.70 (277) and 2.90 (IS-7) although with the dispersion they have, good crews and equip you basically have NO aimtime so this is almost irrelevant + 7° of gun depression against 5.5° (277) and 6° (IS-), this is quite a bit, you are viable in so many more locations. + better ground resistances and 36°/s traverse vs 32°/s (277) and 28°/s (IS-7) render this a bit more faster to react a flex, the worse p/w ration limits this a bit. Just to give a more complete picture the IS-7 has: + armour --- 303 gold pen lol Ok so it seems we have silver penetration (277) VS dpm and flexibility (5A) VS armour (IS-7). I can't really feel which one is better as mobility goes, can someone please share their experience on this? It feels like the IS-7 better mobility is just a hoax, it has basically the same p/w as the 277 (a bit more even), the same groud res and 5 kph better top speed but the 277 feel a LOT faster. How is that? It never reaches its top speed (a part downhill of course) by a lot, I'm not saying it has poor mobility, just worse than the other two. Also the armour: 5A vs 277, are they basically the same? I can't get the feel. How's the IS-7 armour nowdays? Is it worth to have this better armour paying the gun stat price if everyone shoots gold at you? I mean if the 277 and 5A armour if used correcly is good enough to bounce silver why not get something esle instead of more armour? Or is IS-7 armour still reliable against gold? What about the 430U? That feels basically the same class (heavium) but I didn't remember it but I'm lazy so I'm not rewriting all just to insert this. It has way better groud res and amazing traverse but worse p/w and top speed. How's the armor? How's the gun hanling? In the end, is 5A still meta? I feel like the 277 problem in its current stat is the 5A: you buff the 277 you get an OP tank, you nerf it and you get a useless tank. I tried and suggest this during the test but oddly enough they didn't listen to thoughful feedback but just to the whining feedback: That was imo a decent solution for having 2 different tanks and not just one being a better version than the other, of a bit diffrent but still one clearly better and one clearly worse. Or am I biased by the dpm and gun depression of the 5A? Of course being "a bit worse than the 5A" doesn't mean being a bad tank by any stretch of the imagination. Some end attached questions: - What would you suggest to a player that already has a 5A, to still get the 277 or the IS-7 for a change? - What would you suggest to a new (but decent) player as his FIRST tier 10 between the 277 and the IS-7? Is the IS-7 still comfortable for new players in 2018 or the power creep is too hard? Please share your thoughts.
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