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Found 5 results

  1. With our recent member addition to the masochism club; @Kolni and @SchnitzelTruck 3 marking the fucking 4005 today, I figured I would make a thread dedicated to shit tanks and the people trying to 3 mark them. The Churchill gun carrier is the most majestic of all tanks and the one I would like to highlight though any 3 marked turd will do. if you are working on 3 marking abominations or already have 3 marked abominations, come and display them here. also @Gandaran dead club founder. (I will be adding my collection to this thread later)
  2. After going through the first mark on the amx ac 48, I can honestly say that it's the worst thing I've touched in a while. To sum up the quality in just a few words, I fished my churchill GC out of the dumpster to play it for a few games after the first mark on the amx and it legitimately felt like a strong tank in comparison. The tank is such an abomination that even the O-Ho outclasses it with ease at the tier. So, naturally I am trying to 3 mark it. Working towards the second/third mark today on stream and I'll be doing the foch and 155 once this is done. streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit for anyone who wants to see me fail/occasional cameos from cat. @Kolni joining me when?
  3. I just got a hold of my maus and after waiting a week following my wisdom teeth being pulled out I'm more or less capable of semi coherent thoughts so MAUS 3 MARK TIME Got a million credits for today and am starting off with optics, vstab & rammer with small rep, large med and chocolate Goals -3500+dpg/#1 NA -65%+ wr -sub 100 game 3 mark Its a bit below what I did in my type5 but I feel like the rear turret is going to be a bit of an issue. As of this post, its bein streamed to the twitches https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit @Spartan96 can have my stuff if I die
  4. So the type5 heavy. After its introduction it quickly rose to the title of "worst tier 10 in the game" and even after receiving a small buff alongside the type4, its status has not changed. After 3 marking the tank and ending up with 3744dpg after 100 battles though, I felt like there was some value to be had in this boxy abomination. The Armour The armor is what this tank lives and dies by (though dying more often than living) It has an 260mm frontal hull armor with essentially no weakpoints assuming it is not angled and is almost entirely flat. What this equates to is that almost anyone who is not a tier 9 or 10 tank destroyer is either going to be incapable of penning you or will press 2 resulting in your tank becoming butter. Now you might think "oh its a box, I can sidescrape with it though" and if that comes to mind you are sadly mistaken, the type5 has ferdinand esq cheeks on each side of the hull that make angling impractical as anything other than a last ditch effort when in the open when the enemies have loaded gold. Not to mention that being shot in said cheeks will often result in ammo rack damage. So most of the time you are either going to just go front twards enemies and be bulletproof or be very confused why your TOG is fighting tier 10s. Things aren't completely hopeless though if someone can pen you. It is possible to angle the tank around corners and if you hide the badly angled side properly you can bait out shots quite effectively. And should you get hull down, you can use your 10 degrees of gun depression to actually make your turret somewhat respectable of a target. Note: wiggling can help against people who can just barely pen you and over angling your side can help against heat due to the spaced armor covering a significant amount of it. Mobility its fat and weighs 150 tons. what are you expecting here, its slow. Less so than the type4 but still bad. 25kph top speed, bad reverse speed. Hills are nightmares and will drop you to 7kph if you are lucky. Nuff said firepower The gun on this tank is disappointing to say the least. The reload can be dropped down to about 14.5 and the aplha is 600 with mediocre accuracy, thats not what kills it though. This thing only gets 282 pen gold rounds, gold AP. So, you see a hull down e100? You either have to leave or push up until you can shoot his hull as you cant touch his turret. Its a massive flaw that makes it incredibly difficult to fight many other tier 10s. E3s are an absolute nightmare to fight. You cant flank them, you cant pen them(most of the time) and they can near autopen you. Grilles are also surprisingly difficult to deal with as they are often able to aim and pen you with ease before your reticle is shrunk down to anywhere near reasonable enough hope to hit them. Preferred equipment I used vstab rammer and optics. The optics can be swapped out for vents or super heavy spall but I personally preferred optics for my yolo scouting runs as when stacked with food and my consumables left me at 490+ vr Gameplay So I said that I thought this thing had some sort of value. Why and how? this tank is awful. well if you can get over every arty within the space of 3 maps trying to shoot at you and the fact that any reasonable human being is pressing 2 the moment you come near the type5 is capable of doing work. If you can pick a fight with lower tier tanks, they have difficulty doing any damage to you at all regardless of where they shoot you frontally and being able to avoid bleeding any HP when fighting certain tanks is a valuable trait. If you find any tier 10 players as well in say t110e5s who are just a tad on the clueless side they can become lunch at little to no cost to your health and say you do get in fights with say an IS7driver with full apcr and a clue how to play. You can still just brute force your way to victory with 2900 health and with a bounce or two from significant wiggling. an example of some excellent cockroaching against people who were firing gold but unsure what to do against the spooky type5 heavy https://secure.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit/v/76144474 3rd mark session (with other tanks in between) https://www.twitch.tv/abandoned_spirit/v/76095656
  5. What are the easiest tanks to 3 mark? I've realized that if I try to 3 mark something, my stats go up (a lot). For example, when I was 3 marking my only 3-marked tank, the Crusader, my recent went form 1000 to 1300, and 49 to 55%. My overall also went up by 100 wn8 and nearly a whole percent. I'm asking this to see what could possibly give me an incentive to keep playing, as WoT is getting kind of repetitive, without being called a "stat padder". I don't want to be a masochist like @SchnitzelTruck with the Type 5 or @zapyoug with his Archer :^) Thanks!
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