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Found 1 result

  1. This is a review of the VK 30.01H the Tier 5 German Heavy tank in all but name. This Tank is a good learning step into the world of understanding German Heavy Tanks from Tier 5-7 where you get metal boxes with flat armor but good side scraping capability. This Tank will teach you the meaning of sniping from a distance since the long aim times of the guns and good accuracy will help you grasp the reasons why you should not brawl with long aim time guns with a weak tank hull of only 50mm all around will cement this. Vehicle Stats Stock Fully Upgraded Tech Tree Starting Point When first arriving at the VK 30.01H from the D.W.2 the first thing you want to do this upgrade the Gun on the stock turret to the Kwk 7.5/L43 to give yourself a badly needed firepower boost since your Kwk 7.5/L24 and Kwk 5/L60 are pitiful at this tier and are unable to penetrate the front of tier 5 heavy tanks without using gold ammo. Next is to upgrade the tracks for 2,250 exp do not go for the engine upgrade as the Kwk 7.5/L43 will push the stock tracks close to their weight limit of 33 Tons. After getting the tracks which increases the load limit to 41 tons go for the top Turret 2,600 exp which unlocks better gun potentials for the tank. Research the Kwk 7.5/L48 for 3,400 exp which is a minor improvement over the Kwk 7.5/L43 and is a roadblock gun to stop you getting the good guns for the tank. Then research the Kwk 7.5/L70 for 4,600 exp to give the tank a decent sniping gun then research the engine upgrade for 1,300 exp that boosts engine power by 75 hp from 300hp -> 375hp save yourself 5,250 exp going for the last engine upgrade since its unlocked when researching the Vk 36.01 H and it only has 25hp increase than the previous engine. you should save 9,200 exp for the 7.5 Konish gun which offers half a round faster firing than the Kwk 7.5/L70 has 0.34 accuracy compared to 0.35 and weighs 1 ton less than the L70. Armor What armor are you talking about the steel plates that hold the tank together and the crew inside nope thats not armor with a pitiful 50mm of armor all around that is flat sided this tank will not bounce shots aimed at the hull of the tank it never will unless the gods of RNG bless you with such luck that you bounce something unless they hit the 35mm front sloped plate and auto bounce off it, yes i've seen it once in a blue moon happen to me. That lower plate is your doom like the D.W.2 if you get smacked there you can catch fire and enjoy your tank burn. The Stock Turret is a joke with its 50mm of all around armor useless in this tier don't count on the spaced armor to save your poor butt as the 80mm spaced armor has no armor behind it so if they slap rounds through there say goodbye to your gunner or loader. With the upgraded turret you get better turret armour 80mm front 60 sides and 60 rear but the mantlet is still the same 80mm spaced armour with no armour behind it, but note the side of the front of the turret with 120mm thick armour if you can get them to shoot the front sides of your turret so that they hit the 40mm side spaced armour, around the mantlet and the 120mm red strip and the 80mm front plate behind it you have an effective armour thickness of 240mm but that is such a small spot.That is why they shoot you through the 80mm mantlet. Note the front bottom side of the turrets with the plate angling inwards that is a nice trap-shot. Shots from the side will damage the ammo rack, the ammo rack is really fragile How to Play ​Stay back and play as a turreted TD never show your hull to your enemies only expose your turret for its the best armour you have so far and the gun depression of the tank of -8 will allow hull down tactics. Another tactic is the possibility of side scraping since you have large tracks that add up to 70mm thick side armour but you expose the engine weak spot with only 30mm spaced armour protecting the engine hitbox. When the enemy team is weakened use your HP 660 as a meatshield to finish off weakened enemies preferably from a safe distance. Note that with only 20mm of hull top armour this tank takes poorly to arty hitting it. Loadout Since my heavy crew lacks skills I went with -Gun Rammer -Binos to make use of the 360 metre view range for sighting targets -ToolBox for fixing the tracks its best to save repair kits for the gun or engine or ammo rack -when the crew is trained in Repair I'll replace the toolbox with a Enhanced Gun Laying drive to boost the aiming speed - coated optics is a good replacement choice for binos -vents if you feel like it Skills Get repair for the whole Crew first then swap it on the commander for sixth sense follow it up with recon then take your pick Loader should go with repair then safe storage then take your pick Driver should go with repair then either preventive maintenance or off road driving then take your pick Gunner should go with Repair then designated target for that extra 2 seconds of getting shots off on distance targets or Deadeye for the increased critical damage then take your pick Radio Operator should go for repairs then Situational Awareness to boost view range then take your pick. Well thank you for listening to my opinion of this tank and I hope for constructive feedback. I've Got Pictures now I'll have replays up later if WOT Replays accepts 8.9 replays This is a Tier 6 game where I learnt that speculatory shots wasted my potential damage output, and those stupid pubbies can't kill that KV-1S for crap should have finished him off earlier to stop him ganking 3 of our tier 6s This is a Tier 5 game where I got my Ace Tanker Badge for this tank I had to do some close range fighting and used hull down tactics when defending the base This is From a tier 7 game on Westfield : I played a sniper support role getting shots on enemies from a distance Okay about those Replays, well I went full Retard thinking they were corrupted because i couldn't upload them to WOT Replays. But I did manage to get a really good replay yesterday Here it is : http://wotreplays.com/site/463080#port-leoaegismaximus-vk_3001_h
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