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Found 1 result

  1. I don't think this tank has a dedicated thread, or if it does, it hasn't been posted in for 12+ months. So, once in a while, you probably drag your Cromwell(B) out and think "What happens if I put manageable gun handling and decent armor on this?" You get the 3002 M (henceforth referred to as the mini-Panther). Pros: Armor buff on the upper plate gives it 130mm effective armor which trolls lower tier mediums and some tier 6 scouts. VERY fun to bully with the armor on this thing. Second best in-class gun handling for the tier, combined with a lean aiming time of 2.21 and base accuracy of .34 making it an excellent sniper and overall above average snapshotter. weighs 40+ tons. She's a big girl and placing your meaty girth upon helpless 20 ton tier 4s with too little armor is too fun to pass up. Especially with all those Swedish TDs that are like feathers. Gonna place another bullet here for big rams because seriously, anything worth ramming you can catch up to on a downhill slope. 45-50 cruising on flat terrain, 55 definitely downhill means nothing runs away when you attempt to ram it. The Average: Middling DPM. Not as much as a Crom, not as much as an Easy 8, but more than the 34-85 and T25 and Strv 74. Middling speed. Outpaces the slow stuff that you're scared of, you can run away from a flank if you don't overcommit but you're a little iffy on those speedy cap resets. I lost a game because the speed was a little lackluster and couldn't reset. Mildly above average view range, but not enough to warrant a pro. It's 370, which means you can run optics if you run food with it. I prefer binos, for a sweet 486 when bitch camping or trying to spot. Cons: Relatively big with thin side armor. 40mm side armor means the countless 85mm+ guns get 2x overmatch on you making it very hard to sidescrape. You also get raped inside-out if you expose your side to the 105mm HE hoses. Relatively low camo. Not like a cromwell where you get light tank camo. So yeah, lovely tank. Got my first mark after about 30-35 games, getting top tier is like kicking puppies and when bottom tier, you have enough DPM to make anyone be seriously annoyed. The buffs to its armor were probably more effective than the mild gun dispersion buffs. You turn into a pseudo-heavy when fighting tier 5s and tier 4s are just food for you.
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