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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, its my repost from wot forums (source). So basically, after I got way more random penetrations being hull down/face-/side-hugging stuff in my 62a even from E100/IS-7 AP shells and also from medium distance, I was wondering, whether WG fcked up turret armour of 62a for the 2nd time, its not fcked up entirely like zero armour gun mantlet from 0.9.7, but the test confirms my assumption, that it got nerfed in the 1st place, by at least 15-20 overall effectively and if you consider more flat surface and lose of the slopes left/rifght from the gun, its 80-100 armour nerf effectively at some places. Of course, penetration is influenced by dumb RNG mechanics, it would be better if you could shoot 10+ 62a's turrets in 1 training battle to tell it, but the tests confirms what I assumed to be - a fcking hidden turret armour nerf, RIP. 62a's hidden turret armour nerf test results: #1 vs 62a: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031545#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #2 vs m103: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031547#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #4 vs m103: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031550#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a #5 vs e50: http://wotreplays.com/site/2031551#himmelsdorf-lazydot-t-62a Results: its weaker, it feels like at least ~20 overall nerf with way more flat surface and less slopes making it 80-100 armour nerf at some places on the lower turret front of 62a left/right of the gun. You could reliably penetrate every flat surface from turret front with 75-80% chance and 258+ pen gun. Farther more, as you can see in 1st 2 replays, you can penetrate 62a's GUN AND MANTLET and in 2nd test mantlet only with 100% penetration chance with 268 and 258 penetration guns. You think in the first case at least the gun would be damaged and eat the damage before its going through the mantlet like butter? LOL! Nopes! There are few sites, where you can inspect the actual armour values taken directly from the game files, but I don't have it installed, anyone could post the screens/results from there pls? Any chance someone got game installed from 0.9.6 version or older to compare it?
  2. Wat could I have done. http://wotreplays.com/site/2014270#prokhorovka-nightmare_luna-t-62a
  3. Purpose "140 is better" - Generic Unicum "NO 62A is better!" - Yato "907 is obviously the best" - CW pleb "430 DPM IS BEST" - idiot The long debated discussion of the best Russian medium is still in stalemate. I'd have to say that this discussion's frequency in Twitch chat and forums rivals that of the discussion of the best premium tank. This challenge will pit the most skilled players to the ultimate test in order to solve one of WoT's biggest dilemmas. Readers can expect to learn more about each tank and how to improve in general. Expect to be awed by these replays. Conditions Anyone can join. Self Improvement is important. If you want to use this challenge as a means to improve then by all means do it. Contestants must play at least 100 SOLOPUB games in any Russian medium(s); If they feel up to the task, they can play another Russian Medium after finishing the first Contestants must announce their intention to participate by posting in this thread. They will then create a separate thread and PM Patient0, giving the link to the thread so he can put it in the main poast Contestants will show their Loadouts and Crew Skills Battles need to be tracked by first taking a picture of initial stats on service record in addition to using a battle tracker (VBAddict, WotNumber, etc..) Battles can be uploaded on a day by day basis or as an entire batch a concluding service record screenshot needs to be taken to authenticate results Batch uploads must be accompanied by a screenshot from the battle tracker which details stats of each individual battle Contestants will write a conclusion paragraph expressing their thoughts on their own performance as well as tank performance Contestants should set their own goals in their threads. While there are no strict guidelines, a DPG and Winrate goal is recommended Be sure about entering. Quitting or not doing a challenge after entering it makes you look bad. Challenge Deadline: June 6, 2015 (Epeening will commence shortly after) Other Thoughts It is my hope that this challenge can live up to its potential as a worthy competition for fellow unicums as well as be a big resource for aspiring Russian Farmers. I would appreciate it if people can upvote, comment, and direct traffic here. Also I will be streaming this challenge on Twitch, link in sig (It would be awesome if this thread could be pinned for the duration of the challenge so people can see it). Arrogant unicums are welcome to prove their worth. Calling out Kewei and Xena Edit: So apparently an "anonymous" WoTLabber has offered to pay the Contestant with best DPG, and the one with the best Winrate $30, so get cracking! Contestants Replay threads in spoilers MELOL Self Proclaimed Patton Driver ( More is always better :^) ) Here is a preview of things to come With that said, Let The Games Begin! Putting my replay thread here to save space. Patient0's Russian Medium Challenge First tank: Object 140 GOALS SERVER: NA West DPG: 4200 WINRATE: 70% 4.1k DPG has been no problem for me in the past so I am pushing myself to get a higher number. 70% WR will be extremely difficult for solopubbing though Loadout First Batch planned to roll out this weekend Starting Stats Note: I played 17 shitty games on tilt so I'm not going to post them. DPG was 3759 Batch 1 AVG DPG 4665 https://www.dropbox.com Batch 2 DPG: 3916 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vb5qadj7rhz7w7m/AAD-ItdYuww1FZWeHe2PuLnZa?dl=0
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