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Found 4 results

  1. I have found more and more that 6th sense is not going off and i justy die. Is it anything that anyone else has noticed, other members of my clan are saying the same thing. Maybe it's a mechanic of the game as things develop with new tanks and power creep. Is spotted sense getting over powered by spotting creep? Anyone got any answers. NB: my 6th sense does go off most of the time, but more than often it does not. It is not just me grumbling because I am rubbish or had a bad game. It is also not me missing the point about: - if i get killed in the gap between getting spotted and the few sec between the spotted notification going off and me getting blown up. It is also not when it is a spotting bush blind shot. I get shot many times by more than one tank if they are running towards a hill top and i am on the other side and 6th sense will not go off at all. It's like I don't have it on the tank and i do check to add it as a directive if I have a commander with no 6th sense. Hence my not understanding and others say pretty much the same thing. Any teck players please help.
  2. How useful 6th sense on HT? in particular on IS line. I'm grinding from KV-13 to IS currently and training my future IS crew for it in IS-2 got to 2nd skill and was planing to reset CM (with gold) to get 6th sense.. but posts like this http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/113531-is-crew-skillsperks/page__pid__1922843#entry1922843 make me doubt how valuable 6th on HT. On scout, TD it's no-brainier, on MT... I'd say same... but how about HT and not just any HT (e.g. long-range support like US T34/T32 or German Löwe ) but Russian brawler. My current Crew Tank Role Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Req Battles Req XP IS-2 Gunner Brothers in Arms Snap Shot TBD 25% IS-2 Loader Brothers in Arms Repairs Camouflage 25% IS-2 Driver Brothers in Arms Off-Road Driving TBD 25% IS-2 Commander Brothers in Arms Mentor TBD 25% BiA actually skill "0" and by the time I'll open IS, I'll be ~ 50% on my 2nd skill... 1.SO, should I just set rest of "TBD" to Repair to get it max. for this crew and do not reset CM? 2. I also have 70+K free xp and thinking about x5 convert event.. (at the moment it will get me to 98-99% on 2nd skill) so I could get mentor+6th without reset. Good idea? 3.How essential is Smooth Ride for Dr. ? I normally even don't try to shoot on the move.. except in F2F (e.g. circling in few meters) situations.
  3. Something occurred to me last night as I was playing a solo game in my E-50 (that currently doesn't have 6th sense on it as I moved the crew up to the E-50m and started a fresh 100% crew), is that I play tanks that don't have 6th sense much more cautiously than tanks that do have 6th sense, but I'm still getting just as much DPG and am often playing just as aggressive. I've thought about it a little more and realized that part of it may be that I rely on sixth sense too often and use it as a crutch to tell me when I'm spotted, whereas on tanks that don't have sixth I just assume throughout the entire battle that I am spotted. When I am spotted I'm more inclined to instinctively use hard cover, abuse terrain, shoot and scoot, etc. Whereas if I'm relying on 6th sense I may be more inclined to linger in one location too long or hide in the back and snipe. At lower tiers you can usually get away with being spotted and then trying to get unspotted or find cover. When you are facing Tier 10 tanks, especially high alpha TDs and arty you really can't afford to be spotted and resting on your laurels for 2 seconds until your 6th sense icon flashes on your screen. 2 seconds is long enough for a pre-aimed arty or 183 to one shot you. 2 seconds is more than enough time for a Waffen E-100 to track you and clip you out. 2 seconds is more than enough time for a pack of mediums who happened to be aimed in your general direction to focus fire you down to being utterly crippled if not dead. On the other hand, it seems to me, that if you just assume you are lit all the time and position yourself and act accordingly you'll survive much longer and have a more pronounced influence on the game. Now, I'm certainly not saying that it's a bad idea to have 6th sense on your tanks. Nothing could be further from the truth. 6th sense is absolutely critical for those instances where you can't get any hard cover or take a position with great terrain that is advantageous to your tank. 6th sense is also critical for determining where unspotted enemies may be located. You can do this by finding a piece of hard cover where you think a tank might be. You then poke out of cover very quickly and then immediately withdraw back into cover and wait 3 seconds to see if your 6th sense went off. Through experience and map knowledge you can generally use this technique to narrow down the possibilities of where remaining enemy tanks may be hiding. What I'm trying to say and open for discussion is the concept that many people who play OK at Tier 8 and below yet struggle in Tier 10 may be leaning on their 6th sense crutch too much, myself included. For shits and giggles here's a replay of me playing my E-50 without 6th sense in a battle tier 9 game where I don't sit in the back and hide, but rather take a forward position and contribute to the win despite realizing that I'm probably lit for majority of the game: So I guess TL;DR the question is, how much do you rely on 6th sense in the top tiers of play?
  4. I've seen constant threads come up recently about what perks and skills people prefer on their tanks. Anything ranging from the benefits of BiA to the usefulness of Intuition (lol jk, Intuition sucks - only get it if you're on your 20th skill or something). Anyhow, this isn't about any of those skills. In fact, it's not even why one skill is better than the other. This thread is about WHY Sixth Sense has such high utility and the myriad uses it has. There's so much to understand about the utility of 6th Sense. Much more than what the simple tool-tip describes for you: The Sixth Sense Perk enables the Commander to know if the vehicle has been detected by the enemy. Three seconds after being detected by the enemy, a visual indicator in the form of a light bulb appears in the upper center screen portion of your battle interface. The indicator turns off after a few seconds whether you are still detected or not. There is no indicator to show whether or not you have become hidden again. Now we all know the basic usage of this tool: It pings me whenever someone sees me. Yay, good for scouts and arty! Yay! Well, it's more than that. Much much more. I'll start off with the simple first: Enemy Location: In battles, both teams start opposite each other and generally you have a scout or two roaming around trying to locate them to gain vision control for their respective teams, cause vision control = victory majority of the time. Now, there comes a time when you'll only discover a handful of your enemy, and you need to know where the rest are in order to formulate an effective strategy to counter. When your team only counts 12 enemy tanks, that leaves 3 somewhere else that need to be found. When you're plodding down a ravine, or the Magic Forest, or some other area with a limited/obstructed view range and your 6th sense goes off, guess what: They're close by. And generally closer than the 440m max view range, given the landscape and vision obstacles surrounding you. What this means is you found at least one, and maybe all three of them. So now you can generally be assured that your flanks are covered, even if you can't see them, you know they see you and that alone will oftentimes prevent a push. Suppression Through Vision-Control: Now, this idea actually plays into the above outlined. Once you get lit up, you know the enemy sees you. So generally, what do you do? You go and find cover. Now here's where the psychological warfare comes into play. You know they see you. And chances are they know you know they see you if you're ducking behind cover already. People with 6th Sense tend to know when others have 6th Sense based on their reactions. Go figure, right? Even if you can't see them, your 6th Sense can still gain you and your team the upper advantage. Not knowing where they are isn't a concern. It's knowing that they're actively looking at you that gives you the edge. The reason is because as long as they're concentrating on you, they're not on your flank. I have had multiple games where I've held off a handful of tanks by myself simply because I kept poking out behind cover and ducking back quickly and repeatedly gotten my 6th Sense to go off. That notified me that they were still there, even if I couldn't see them. The shots on the rock in front of me also told me they were actively trying to engage me without giving up their cover, which tells me they're NOT shooting at my other teammates. Continuously poking every few seconds (to let 6th Sense reset) also allowed me to keep an eye on if they were pushing or not. 1 tank keeping 2-3+ tanks occupied is a good trade, as long as you're not being dumb and dying. And pubs LOVE being distracted by 1 solo tank. Trust me, threads are all around the WoTNA forums talking in disgust about how 5 tanks were too scared to engage that 1 tank 200 meters ahead of them, even though they had the numbers advantage. Now, it's when you peek out and duck back and your 6th Sense doesn't go off that lets you know you they've moved. Where? No idea, but they've moved to a point where they can no longer see you. And this is when you have to decide if you're going to push (hopefully you have a battle buddy to split their focus) to see where they went. Peek-A-Boom Alpha Striking: We've all been there, hiding behind rocks or the corner of a building, poking out to get a shot off then diving quickly back behind cover to avoid retaliation shots. This is where I LOVE utilizing 6th Sense. When I'm peeking around cover, after I shoot, my 6th sense goes off. Now, I know they saw me after I shot, and obviously I KNOW they know where I am. But after a few seconds, I'll drop off their mini-map/vision-marker and I'll be able to get a first-shot off again and back up before they can react, and my 6th Sense goes off again 3 seconds later, after I'm in cover. Gee, that's kinda useless, right? Wrong. Now here's where 6th Sense is vital in this action: If the tank I'm shooting at has constant visual (my name-tag) of where I am and the movements I'm making, he can pre-aim to where I'll peek out, cause he can see me doing it. How many times has that happened to you? You peek out to se- BAM! tracked, and 600 health vaporized. If that happens, or if I shoot, and my 6th Sense NEVER goes off, that means I've been lit the entire time and he can see everything I do. What this means is someone else, from somewhere else, is seeing me and transmitting my info to them. So I use THIS information that I just now gathered to try and reposition or get somewhere else in an effort to hide myself from the other person who's spotting me for that tank. After I've repositioned, I wait a few seconds and peek out and in REAL fast. If I'm not shot in the first second of peeking out (fingers crossedl0l), or if my 6th Sense all of a sudden goes off again, I know I've managed to move to a better location and can continue alpha-striking that tank without much chance of getting hit in return. These are some of the benefits of utilizing 6th sense beyond what the simple tool-tip describes to you. 6th Sense helps you stay alive. It also helps you effect the ebb and flow of battle. And these allow you to have a better chance of winning the game. Hope this helped some of you guys to better understand the utility you can get out of this simple-tool-that's-not-so-simple.
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