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Found 13 results

  1. Played a couple matches on the test server and this might actually be worth the 261k xp cost. Maybe it's just test server pubbies, but I did almost 3k dmg in my first game in it. Pros: -Good gun depression -Decent camo -415m base VR means that you can hit 460+ with a halfway decent crew -Feels like a small Batchat -27s base clip reload is comfortable -Can mount a Vert. Stab (IIRC the French tiers 8 and 9 can too, not sure about the AMX 12t or the 13 75) -Aimtime is less than interclip and I got mine down to around 2.16s -Small size Cons: -Somewhat sluggish (high hp/ton but I'm guessing it's murdered by soft stats) -Turns slowly (like many French high tiers) -Limited clip potential -High bloom even with a Vert stab. I might be grinding this out on my account when it gets released, especially since the 13 90 at tier 9 got a nice pen buff at the expense of clip potential. I can see the French LT's becoming good hit-and-run assassins, and this thing was really fun to play. Besides, LT missions won't do themselves!
  2. I skimmed the first three pages of the French forum on WoTlabs and was surprised to not find a dedicated appreciation thread singing the praises of the AMX 301er. I probably missed it, but in the event that one has not been created, here you go. This tank is fantastic. It is a tank that makes me feel like a unicum. It's fast, it begs you to flex and find new ways to use the gun depression, it hits hard (especially for a French tank), and it looks good doing it. It also has higher pen than the French tier 9 TD (because WG balance). I only have 100 games in the AMX 301er but it's a keeper tank for me. Once I get more girls in it (yes, that's my ghetto crew on the left) it will be even better. Share your thoughts on this masterpiece of French engineering, bathed in sexy French blue. Or yell at me for missing the actual appreciation thread.
  3. As the title suggests, how do you play them? They are small maps, especially Mines, with very limited flanking/sniping options. Also one of the problems I have with AMX heavies on Mines, is that you will never, ever reload on time to shoot mediums going to hill.
  4. Hello WoTlabs, While staring at the 9.7 Test Server Launcher as it updated my test client, I noticed that it actually had a French tank on it (note that the login screen for WoT almost never has a French tank on it, only the Renault FT IIRC). It looks a lot like an AMX M4 45, but could it be an AMX M4 1949? I can't paste the screenshot I took, and from past experience (probably just me) pasting anything on these forums just doesn't work (such as links to imgur)... Halp?
  5. I was going through the stats on my tanks the other day, and I soon realized something weird My win rate on heavily armored tanks are around 60%, on lightly armored (but very mobile) tanks is also around 60%, but on tanks that are lightly armored and have rather limited mobility (and is large), the WR is not great and in this case I want to specifically mention the AMX 50 120 From what I read, this tank is supposed to be a great tank that can carry, and I fully see its potential --> its an autoloader, its mobile, it has respectable burst damage, period. and I actually felt its potential, too in many of my games, where I snipe/support for the first half and then clean up for second half with my saved up hp pool (kinda like how batchat works) But somehow I am getting into tier 9 games a lot, and when u read this u might say:" oh! Isn't that a great thing?" There are a few problems, and disadvantages, I say, in being one of the few top tiers on your team (that is not particularly great) If I snipe like I do in tier 10 games, on many maps this tank will have a hard time achieving much due to its not great gun handling, 3 second aim time (I even used V stab and GLD together to minimize that problem so its slightly better), 3.33 inter-clip time, and a rather long 34~ seconds reload. But most importantly, in tier 10 games if I do not achieve much at the beginning its still fine because tier 10 players are generally better and tier 10 tanks have a lot more hp so they can duke it out for a little while when I try to sneak a shot or two and monitor the whole situation before finding a gap for me to flank on. In tier 9 game and being a top tier "heavy," the team (as previously mentioned, not particularly good) will just collapse after enemy having 2-3 more tanks pushing on one flank. So sniping in this situation is not super effective in helping the team in early game of tier 9 matches, where a 3 tank lead on one flank will very likely to lead to a 5-7 tank lead on that specific flank. Also, since this tank does not have super good mobility (even takes a while to get up to 40 on hard surface flat ground), it is hard to get out of trouble like a lorr 40t or batchat or any other mobile tanks. And its large size leading to people just want to shoot this thing, including the infamous SPGs makes things worse. So after all that trouble, I came to wotlabs' glorious Ask a Purple Poster and hope for an answer to how to manage to make influence in a TIER 9 BATTLE in the AMX 50 120 for its one with potential but getting pulled back by its huge size, mediocre mobility, and lack of armor.
  6. Hi all. I'm having trouble with Light tanks in general. I started my WoT career on the American TD line, went into the Russian heavies. I currently have the ELC, the AMX 12t (working towards Batchat eventually). I have the Chaffee, Luchs. I know French lights are a little different than regular lights. But aside from the occasional pretty good game. I can't seem to be consistently good in any of these tanks. I know that not having 6th sense is a major setback. So maybe that's all it is. Maybe that one skill breaks light tanks for me and I just have to suffer through bad games (and yea.. I kinda care about stats. Not enough to stay away from tank lines I don't know.. but enough that when I do bad, I get a little upset). I need some help though. I can't seem to find the groove. I'll provide stuff as necessary.
  7. Good day tankers ! I hope you all are having a wonderful time! Grab a drink,and watch Daffy as he reveals his secrets (stronk) ! EMERGENCY ! We have one trollish duck here I hope you enjoy this episode ! DISCLAIMER: This is a parody and should be treated as such ! WOT REVIEWS PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/1BqnuPu FUNNY CHAT LOGS PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/1lN0Ms2 SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/1l5BJFX WHAT TANK SHOULD I REVIEW NEXT? VOTE HERE: http://strawpoll.me/3391414 ​
  8. So we all know this tank gets a lot of flak for being one of the worst heavies tier for tier, mainly because it has no workable armour, mediocre view range and poor fire control. Basically people call it a shitty Tiger I. So far, I've played only around 20 games in this machine. Here is my take on how to work this tank, and I'll be delighted to here your opinions on it. So first of all, we have the gun choice (DCA 45 vs 105). I strongly believe that using the 105 is the way to go. Why? DPM of the DCA 45 is utter trash. It has a base DPM of 1675 while the 105 has like 200 damage more. Enough said. Penetration on the 105 with judicious gold usage is workable. 223 gold pen is tier 8 heavy pen which will generally be enough for 66% of the matches you face. AP pen of 165 is also very workable for tier 7 enemies and below. Of course, expect to make a credit loss for most games (without a premium account). APCR has 330 alpha, which is 30 more than the normal round (increasing the base DPM to a respectable 2062) Aim time is equal for both guns. Now on to the playstyle of this tank. I've seen many advocate a snipey playstyle similar to the Tiger I, using the DCA 45 with extreme pen. I disagree with staying at ranges above 350m. Unlike the Tiger I, your fire control is way inferior and your alpha of 240 and shit DPM only tickles the enemy (assuming you hit). If you want to play a sniper heavy, that's where the Tiger I fills the role. Your AMX M4 is rightfully deserving of the title of a shitty Tiger if you play it like this. I strongly believe that using the 105 is the right way to go. With an alpha of 300 or 330, you have a good degree of stopping power. Don't be the idiot that tries to sidescrape. Let the actual heavies with armour tank most incoming hits while you are in a position to pump a 330 damage shell in any opponent's face. The 105 has a lot poorer accuracy at 0.41 compared to the DCA's 0.36, but this shortcoming can be mitigated by playing at close to mid-range as a support brawler role. So, I play this tank by providing presence in a corner brawl (e.g. supporting IS and T29s) but I stay behind them since my armour has little hope of bouncing anything. Once I'm sure there is going to be no return fire, I expose point blank and blast them in their faces. Don't underestimate 330 alpha at tier 7. Of course, when I'm not in a corner brawl, I'll be finding spots to abuse the 10 degrees of gun depression to function as a mid-range second line heavy. The turret is cheese though so don't expect any bounces. Since the gun handling is not stellar, I find that playing around within 150 to 250m is effective. Any further than that and the aim time as well as poor accuracy will really troll you. So in conclusion: This tank is not meant to be sniper like the Tiger I. In fact, it is terrible as a sniper, with shit DPM and terrible gun handling. Don't snipe from 350m and above if you can help it. I play this tank either as a second-line brawler or a second-line sniper support. You want to be within 300m to make the gun work. Also, the map meta change has made sniping with a big fat heavy all the more difficult. The tank teaches you how to conserve your health and only poke out to shoot when there's no return fire, all of which are essential skills that carry over to playing the AMX 50 100. If there's anyone that can make a case for using the DCA 45 which I've so condemned, I would love to hear your opinions. Also, I'd like to hear whether you agree with my somewhat counter-intuitive playstyle. P.S. Hooray for VIRGIN POST.
  9. Hey everyone So yesterday i bought the AMX AC 48, and my first impression is "I Love it!", BUT i got a problem with taking good positions on maps, Also would be nice if you can recommend some equipment on this TD. So basically i want to know best play styles and best positions for it, so your opinions are welcome.
  10. FTR has reported that "new French heavy line will definitely not come in 2014 or 2015" As a self-diagnosed Francophile, I am extremely disappointed that the 2nd French heavy line (modeled back in 7.5(?)) will be delayed again. Ugh. /Begin rant Anyone else pissed that the French are getting shorted again? I know they got knocked out of WWII early but I find it infuriating that Germany gets the completely BS WTF E100 while the French tree stagnantly rots away, cursed by crap low tiers that WG has conveniently forgotten (I am looking at you, SAu S40, AMX 40, and B1) about and a lack of new content (that they could implement at any time, barring HD remodel). Speaking of which, anyone notice that none of the tanks getting HD remodels are French? Is it just me in my blue-white-red haze that thinks the French tree deserves some love? /rant over Your thoughts?
  11. Hello Wotlabs community, Time for some E-peen waving (is that the correct usage of the term?) I just bought my first tier 10 tank today, the AMX 50B. Things I like: 1) It has gun depression/elevation! (50 120 has +/-6, this has -8/+11) 2) Hull is bouncy! (People see French tank and shoot center mass but 170mm + weird slope = troll armor) 3) Dang it's fast! (actually feels French. 50 120 for me was sluggish until it got up to speed) 4) 2.5 sec aim time/2.5 sec inter-clip reload (down from 3/3.33 respectively) 5) It's my first tier X (has been over a year/6k battles in coming, thanks to grinding multiple French lines at once) 6) It is not the 50 120 (couldn't come to grips with the poor gun handling/gun elevation and depression combo) 7) Full clip Reload speed is about 5 secs faster than the 50 120 (had it down to around 32.78 secs on the 50 120, hear it can get to about 27.? once crew is 110-121%(BIA+ Vents+Commander bonus) 8 ) I have a 100% WR in it (won 1 CW battle on the test map(that should be tier 8 ), thanks for 100% tax WG) Things I don't like: 1) Its expensive to run and I don't have a tier 8 prem (Welcome to tier X! Here is your repair bill!) 2) I suck@tonks, but that's why I am here at WoTlabs. Biggest drawback is my own skill level. Any advanced tips or replays? It seems like a souped-up 50 120 but is there anything different about its playstyle? Thank you for your help.
  12. So, Im supposed to be terrible in my AMX 50B. I am looking for some unicums who are great at the tank to give me some reviews of my replays in it, and maybe later on play with me in it and give me some tips on positioning. my main problem with it is not knowing where to go, and were to play it. general map positioning is where im worst at, when I get into a good place I can generally hold out, but getting into the right position is where I stumble. games: note, I have just played a set of games in the 50B, and have uploaded them. no sweet picking, a set of games all played in a row. http://www.wotreplays.com/site/980487#self (Northwest, 5797 damage, win) http://www.wotreplays.com/site/980485#self (Cliff, 3700 damage, win) http://www.wotreplays.com/site/987403#team (South coast, 3701 damage, loss) http://www.wotreplays.com/site/987438#hidden_village-asassian7-amx_50b (South coast, 1607 damage, win) http://www.wotreplays.com/site/987442#airfield-asassian7-amx_50b (Airfield, 4263 damage, win) the Hidden village game is a perfect example of what im doing wrong, I had far far too much indecision at the start, and the rest of the match failed as a result. this is literally a string of games I had in a row in my 50B. feedback on my gameplay would be nice. if you want some games where I did worse (in honestly, looking at this set of games they actually look like im doing fine in it... lol) then I can find some where I know I did crap.or play some more and maybe do crap.
  13. Hi - In the esteemed opinion of the purple people, is it worth it to train your commander on Jack of All Trades so you can ditch your first aid kit and run High Octane gas on your French Surrender Tank Autoloader? The reason for jack of all trades is to mitigate driver death. I figure if you lose the gunner or commander you can get by. If not, please suggest your / an auto-loader consumable load out. I currently run small first aid, small repair, coffee. Thanks! -j.
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