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Found 2 results

  1. Replay: http://wotreplays.eu/site/1284975?secret=489e18bcf4de09d686e4fa4f70b0f279 I had this match on Abbey yesterday that made me feel completely useless. I'd appreciate some advice on what you guys would have done in the situation. The lineup. Three tier 9s aside, 1 arty each, and the rest are mostly tier 8 and 7 heavies. Looking at the lineup I'm thinking that I'm going to have trouble because on Abbey, most of these tanks are going to be coming head on unless I can get a good flanking position in the middle... Right now my thought process is: East (0 line) is a bad idea. There'll probably be big, heavily armoured stuff slowly moving there, the Obj 704, T30, KV-5 etc. I won't be able to pen them, and I don't trust any of my teammates to get in position AND pen them. 6/7 line between Abbey and river road: Everyone expects someone YOLO'ing through here, so me running through isa bad idea. The odds of going there to spot an enemy coming through are too low when I could be elsewhere on the map. Abbey center (5 line): I wouldn't go Abbey with our team line up. Even with two other LTs, in a tier 9 match like this we'd need more than LTs, and I wouldn't expect our Lorr40t to go 3/4 line (low Abbey road): I usually never go here myself but I've seen people going here so... West (1 line): No point in my rushing here, we know they're going to send the bulk of their forces to brawl here, and so are (should) we As I expected, the T-54 being their top tier medium goes middle. I expected only the LTs to go with him, but he has an IS-6 and Tiger I up there as well. T30 as expected shows up East. We only have 3 tanks going West, which is worrying. Our T34 is going 6/7 line, I have no idea what he intends to do there. Our A-44s actually push middle, which I don't expect. I go 3/4 line and try to get side shots into the enemy tanks heading into the Abbey, but being unfamiliar with the area don't manage to get any. In hindsight I should probably have pushed up a bit more to the next intersection, but I was worried about being lit and hit by enemy tanks camping their base. Now I really don't know what to do. I go mill around the North of the Abbey just under the archways hoping I'm lighting up the tanks in the Abbey (probably not) so that our ISU-152 and T25 AT in base can hit them. I sit around here doing nothing for a while. Watching the replay I see our Type 62 got to a nice spot and managed to stay alive there. I sit around here humping the ledge, until eventually... Enemy IS, KV-4, Tiger I and RU 251 push through 3/4 line. I was expecting them to come through 1 line. Anyhow, I get free side shots on the IS, who tries to hide behind the KV-4 in vain. The KV-4 doesn't pay attention until RNG blesses me and I set him on fire twice in a row. The RU251 rushes past ignoring me and gets smacked by the ISU-152 just as I'm about to shoot him. The Tiger I knows I'm there and tries to take a pointless shot and misses. He's a one hit, so I pop out and kill him. The enemy KV-5 has finally gotten through 6 line, and I'm hoping he ignores me so I can shoot his R2D2. The T-54 finally shows up and kills me. I was wondering what took him so long, I was expecting this to happen much earlier. So, thanks to RNG I racked up 1465 damage (mostly due to double fire on KV-4) and a paltry 594 spotting damage. I felt like I contribute nothing to the match except farming some damage after 4 minutes of sitting with my thumb in my arse. Advice?
  2. Wasn't entirely sure where to ask this but settled for here. I have begun FCing for my clan for 7/42, companies etc. For our skill we're pretty darn good at 7's but there is one map which I get stomped on every time we face a mobile, skilled team. Abbey. We usually run 3 regular heavies (IS3, T32, T29), a max of two auto loaders (50,100 and T69 mostly) and two scouts (T1's or BT2's, hence the T29's). We have only 2 AMX 1390 drivers in the clan and their not always on. Of/c the autoloader number vary, with the regular heavies taking their place. We never run TD's. Static teams we can beat but those who rush the base while proxy spotting our usual position on the cliff overlooking the base are a tough challenge. I have tried mixing it up with various tanks in base or abbey to slow them down and spot but little works effectively. What are your favourite tactics on this map and what would you recommend trying?
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