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Found 9 results

  1. AMX 13 90 - Karelia - Ace Draw A pretty spectacular battle for me that unfortunately ended in a draw. Battle rundown: I was trying to help my platoon mate trying to get do his LT-14 mission done (5k spotting damage between us). It's Karelia, so he goes to the hill with the few medium tanks we had while I head NW. We lose the hill, and it becomes a battle of attrition down there, and my platoon mate doesn't survive for long. Meanwhile, I see an opportunity to secure the NW, unloading a clip on the Leo PTA and 140 alongside two HT allies. It's around then when the SE threatens to collapse. I get back in time to help deal with the enemies trying to outflank the SW team, then turn my attention to the T30 that was locked in a stalemate with the E50. I tease the T30 before coming up behind him for anal, but the E50 gets taken out. Enemy AMX 13 90 sneaks into the SPG park and i'm too far to save the scumbag, but I do get back in time to deal with the AMX 13 90 (thank god for vert stabs). Predictably, the enemy T92 HMC manages to hit me with a splash despite my swerving attempts, making me a potential one-shot for anyone. Things quiet down for a bit, as I set myself up on overwatch on the base before the SE team finally finds their balls and rolls forward, taking the hill. I move ahead through the north and spot the full HP T-10 behind me. I nearly panic but manage to keep my cool, driving forward and duck down to the swamp area. I come up behind the T-10 (who decided to go down to the swamp) and catch him between me and the E100. Base capture alarm goes off as the allies push into the enemy base moves in snail pace. Time was running out, and my heart was pounding as I hurried back, approaching via the southern approach and get the drop on the WZ-111 1-4. The 1-4 misses, and I take him down with ease. Unfortunately, my remaining allies took their sweet time breaking through and did not manage to kill the last remaining GW Tiger before the time ran out. Thus a draw. Was there anything I could've/should've done differently?
  2. So, continuing my theme of shit-tank gifting via Wargaming, the first tank I noticed in my garage was the KV-122. And, despite me knowing its shit I've committed myself to playing the KV-122, Krupp Steyr (review/updates here) and the Fury for 25 battles each at least. So, what can I tell you about the KV-122? Well, 1st: Its another needless, pointless, unworthy clone yet again for the Russian Heavy tank Premiums. This gives them, and its not limited to: IS2B Church III IS6 IS6B KV4K KV-5 Obj260 KV-220 IS3A IS-5 And meanwhile, the US TDs continue to have nothing worthwhile. But, I digress. So, wtf do I have going for me in this tank right now? 5 battles, 4 wins, 2587 DPG What? Current equipment Vents, Rammer... Optics? Yes, optics. Why? Cause I didnt want to spend 500k credits on a GLD. Current Consumables Small Med/Rep, Auto Ext The Good: Its another freaking 122mm bias freaking gun. Mobility: I frequently get up to 40kph (Which is like, twice the speed of the fucking Krupp Steyr) The Average Gun handling is what you expect and know by now for a Rasha 122mm Turret Face can troll DPM doesnt feel terrible The Bad You're an up-tired tier 6 with your hull armor, so dont expect bounces from the front of your tank at all Repair times felt underwhelming, even with a nearly 5 skill crew So, knowing what I could see about the tank, I decided to play it differently than all my other Rusha HTs: Bully MTs. Thats my ONLY goal in life, is to bully MTs while playing this. And, its making this tank really work for me. The armor will not allow it to heads up other HTs in a 1v1, but its just fast enough to get into a good enough position to start bullying MTs. Heres two replays featuring a lot of just that mentality
  3. This was a game from patch 9.15, where i finally Aced my Conqueror, as well as complete HT-8 (T-55A) Enjoy!
  4. https://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=118326 Any tips would be appreciated for the 13 90. cause I just brought this thing today. Fuck I didnt expect to even live that long. So any tips?
  5. Alllllllllll righty, heute I finally got around making ze video. It is of explainings how Airfield must be blitzkrieged played in ze german panzer. All of that in perfect engrish. Brought to you by pubs with the W glued on their keyboard.
  6. Do you adore broken english? Do you like nearly unedited video's? Are you one of those crazy folks that love british mediums? Then this might just be for you! Brought to you by keyboard-less opponents.
  7. http://wotreplays.com/site/1186272#self In terms of positioning, could I have done something different?
  8. http://wotreplays.com/site/1093243#team
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