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Found 2 results

  1. Was looking for a game to play during holiday and stumbled on this gem when browsing discovery queue on steam and seeing it have 67% off at the moment with the premises are real time strategy game where you control 4 character each with their own specialty, with stealth gameplay, set in a futuristic cyberpunk world, and hey, been craving for a cyberpunk-esque game for some time so why not. Played it to the end in 3 days and thoroughly enjoyed every bits of the game, except some AI related thing when it comes to heavy combat. The story is basically a corporate takedown, where you control a crew made of a soldier that handles the heavy weaponry and being the tank, the support which allows for higher energy pool, healing, and debuffing enemy, hacker to hack into people and control or putting them into your clone pool and able to have a drone to make up for its lack of firepower selection and allowing for better shields for the team, an infiltrator that can deal high melee damage or long range sniper action. Weaponry are comprised of 3 type of damage, ballistic, laser, and plasma. Ballistic for general purpose damage, laser for shields and robots, plasma for armor melting. The game is played much like Commando/Cold Zero with an open world environment, where you can approach objectives with either a stealth approach or going guns blazing, albeit the game is heavily leaning towards stealth and brute force will only get you so far and not really an option at early game. The stealth approach however, is very satisfyingly made, there are some things that irks me such as being spotted and being chased despite throwing them off with cloaking and taking cover, yet the enemy AI still able to track me down. You can equip your infiltrator with detpack and sound dampening grenade for silent sabotage on an enemy generator or gates, making sure the power is down and the gate kept open, equipping your crew with cloaking generator and infiltrate an enemy compound for a quick, careful, break-in. The selection of body augmentations and gear for the crew makes it a very fun game to play with the versatility offered, and progression is rewarded greatly. During heavy combat however, the AI of your crew often doesn't fire back unless prompted to do so, which can be annoying when you're having a hard time micromanaging the whole situation and often can feel like being overwhelmed. TL;DR Overall its a great game and a must have for the strategy enthusiast, its fun and challenging, there are room for improvements in the game but it really deserve the rating and praises it gets. Especially with its discounted price, its more than worth it.
  2. Roku

    Blade & Soul

    Anyone else looking forward to this being released in the EU/US? Has anyone bothered to go through the steps for playing it in the Chinese/Korean version from outside those regions, perhaps with the fan-made English patch? NCSoft is taking its sweet time localizing it, so I was thinking about doing this. If you've tried it out, let us know what you think! I was a huge fan of TERA, so I'm really looking forward to this title. Sometimes you just wanna play something crazy and flashy even if the actual content (dat grind, etc) is poop on a stick, lol. Various links; http://us.bladeandsoul.com/en/ http://www.bladeandsouldojo.com/topic/14869-english-patch/ http://www.gameskinny.com/3nzea/blade-soul-china-guide-to-downloading-and-registering Bonus fanarts;
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