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Found 5 results

  1. jodgi


  2. The Mother of all Derps, the SturmTiger. For years WG has been talking / testing about the sturmtiger, but now it seems it wont come, because `it cant be balanced`. While this would be true if WG is using the `normal` scaling for dmg and penetration, it doesnt mean those rules cant be bend. The sturmtiger is one of the more iconic tanks ever built, who cares for Pershing or IS3 if there is a sturmtiger? Most tanks are kinda boring or just an evolution of something, very few are ``special`` Just like the Maus is an absolute 100% must have in any ww2 tank game with prototypes, the sturmtiger is also a must have. The biggest most powerfull gun ever mounted on a `tank`!! There are 3 ``problems`` tieh Sturmtiger, according to many, including WG, but none is really problematic.... Too much alpha dmg! Historical, yes, in-game, why should it? It was a rocket, not a shell, which is enough reason to justify much lower dmg, with 2000/2800 dmg it should be ok... Penetration mechanics, overmatch etc etc Its a rocket and HE so: - no overmatch, HE doesnt overmatch in wot, stop with this bs myth, HE = never overmatch - Give it low penetration (50-90 or so), just to pen some paper tanks and thats it - Dont give it ANY shell with (high) penetration, only 1 type of shell and no gold ammo (Sturer Emil also has no gold shells, T49 has no AP, only derp shells so an exception can be made...) This means that it will almost never penetrate its targets, which means an effective 1000-1400 dmg, equal to a Jp-E100, it does have massive splash, so it can hit multiple targets. But big HE derps dont work / are no fun to use or fight against They do work in wot, and very well, look at SU-152 900 HE dmg on tier 7, 0,5 acc and 3,4 aim time, that is not much different as 2000 at tier 10, especially since the platform is worse (slower and less camo) and if SU-152 had no gold shells would people complain about it? Is KV2 a problem? NO!! But HE derps are OP!! No, the only reason they are ``OP`` are gold shells By NOT giving Sturmtiger gold shells and bad HE pen, on a slow, big, bulky, no camo vehicle it is no problem at all... The vehicle would simply play as a mix of SU-152 and Jp-E100. It has: - The size of a King- or JagdTiger, so bad camo - Same weight as a King Tiger, except more frontal loaded weight, at best JagdTiger mobility - Tall, so easy to hit - Shitty armor, its worse as KT armor, but on tier 10... So its a slow, big, relative weak armored TD with bad camo. It needs a good gun to compensate and luckily it has.... To balance give it a shell with 2500 dmg (due to HE mechanics, this will be cut in half, so 2500 alpha means 1250 in practice!!!) and 50-90 pen (or even lower, penetration should be so low, that it NEVER penetrates!!), enough to 1 shot anything from behind but to weak for frontal / side penetrations, which means splash dmg is all it deals... - Alpha dmg: 1000-1300 (depending on target, if it deals more on stuff like JT front, nerf alpha to 2400 or 2300, just as long that non-pen hits deal 1300 as ``max`` (random troll shots excluded) - pen: 0-50-90, some paper tanks might suffer, but for the rest its always too little (so it never penetrates its target!) - Reload: slightly longer reload as Fv-183 (35-40 sec) - Accuracy : 0,5-6, Su-152 has 0,5, KV-2 0,6, but it has turret, Fv-183 has 0,4, but is supposed to hit weakspots, so 0,5 should do for sturmtiger - Terrible shell speed - Aim time: 4 sec, a little more as Fv-183 or other big derps - MASSIVE bloom to frontal moving, on the move shooting should be impossible - normal bloom to turning / moving gun It would turn out to be a Jp-E100, in terms of mobility, camo and alpha dmg, except it uses a derp gun and no AP, HE has the advantage of always big dmg, but the con of bad accuracy and aim time (and shell speed). When compared to Fv-183, it is slower, worse accuracy / bloom and no turret. When compared to SU-152, more dmg, but way slower and worse camo Yes, suchs `fast` reload is not historical, Yes, suchs low dmg is bs, Yes, giving only 1 ammo type is `strange` but so are many other tanks, reload and dmg are pure balance parameters... 1 This tank would be balanced and playable to play 2 This tank wont be anything more annoying to fight as a T57, Jp-100 or E3, its a Jp-E100 who deals always dmg, but has almost no armor, it cant snipe and has worse reload as even the Fv-183 3 It has almost no gun depression, limiting it in many ways 4 SU-152 aim time / accuracy with worse shell speed is not really game-breaking... 5 Due to massive splash, it will offer unique playstyle, its capable of hitting multiple targets at once (while not beiing OP...) while having the worse accuracy of the game (if shell speed is taken into account) 6 It is one the most ``wtf is that oO?`` vehicles ever made, its an icon, its like the Maus or the Jagdtiger, a game full of prototypes without Sturmtiger is just fail 7 The game is full of unbalanced OP / lame bs vehicles some beiing outright fake (WTF-E100) Sturmtiger was actual built, it fought and its less unbalanced as fantasy bs like WTF... TL:DR Sturmtiger is historical and can be implemented in a balanced way, only some arbitrary game-rules have to be bend (like dmg / calibar ratio), and since Sturmtiger is trully a one-of-a-kind vehicle, it can trully stay the only exception... (its NOT a slippery scale like smooth bore guns since nobody else ever built a tank which could shoot rocket-assisted shells...) I can understand that WG wants more `historical accuracy` but NOT adding an iconic vehicle as the Sturmtiger pure for `balance` reason is a perfetic joke... especially if fake bs tanks like WTF-E100 are no problem, it will most likely turn out as a Maus, different as anything else, fun to play for people who like the tank but not really game-breaking (and only good in specific situations) ps: and it is a good hardcounter against stuff like E3 / E100, tanks which are close to OP, it will also be good vs dug in enemys like hull down IS7 or big cluster f**k on Himmelsdorf death alley GIEF STURMTIGER NOAW
  3. So uh... looks just like World of Tanks except modern... and mixed with BF3 feels? Music:
  4. So i found a thread sort of along these lines but its almost a year old and not exactly the same thing i want to discuss. So throughout my progression as a orange to now blue player I was always under the impression that high alpha "derpish" tanks (see russian TDs) were better for the red-yellow player base due to the fact that it generally means longer reloads thus less exposure time and that tanks with fast reloading but low alpha guns (see russian meds) were better in the hands of a Blue-Purple player due to the fact that they generally know how to flex and maneuver well enough to be constantly firing. I remember Garbad once saying something along the lines of "If im not constantly reloading im doing something wrong." To get to the point of all this, my topic of discussion is: For lower level players is Alpha>Reload and vice versa for higher level players? And if so, at what point should a player try and transition to the faster reloading play style? (Tried to make the least shit-poasty post possible) Discuss
  5. Hi there! Like the title says I have just unlocked the E50 but havent bought it yet. Im looking for any word of advice about this vehicle before doing any classical mistake there is to be made. Any info and feelings torward this tank (and the next one 'E50M') will be more than welcome. Cheers!
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