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Found 1 result

  1. E 100: The steel brick This is a short guide on how to get more out of your E 100 gameplay. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion on how to get more from your E 100 Equipment, Consumables, Ammo, and Crew Skills Equipment: For your equipment you have 2 necessary pieces of equipment and 1 optional piece that you can switch out to your own liking. Large-Caliber Gun Rammer - Necessary Vertical Stabalizer mk 2 - Necessary Improved Ventalation Class 3 - Optional SuperHeavy Spall Liner - Optional Enhanced Gun Laying Drive - Optional Coated Optics - Optional Toolbox - Optional I run with a Rammer, Vert stabs, and Vents. I like to upgrade my reload as much as possible so when I need to face off against another E 100 if we fire at the same time I can most of the time reload before him and put 1 more shot into him before angling myself effectively trading two shots for one if all shots pen. Consumables: Repairs (Large or Small) - Necessary Medkit (Large or Small) - Optional Chocolate - Optional Fire Extinguisher (Manual or Auto) - Optional I personally run a Small rep kit, small medkit, and Chocolate. I typically run a large rep kit , large med kit, and Chocolate. I run Chocolate Because as I stated in the Equipment section I like to reload faster than enemy E100s. You can absolutely run any combo that you are comfortable with though. Ammo: 20 shells of AP 20 shells of HEAT 10 shells of HE 20 Shells of HEAT and AP are more than enough to either shoot all AP or all HEAT every game. 10 HE is just to make it look nice and shoot waffles in their stupid waffle faces. Or to shoot pesky hull down IS-7s. Crew skills: Hopefully you have at least a 3 skill crew by the time you reach the E 100 First Skill - Sixth Sense, Repairs Second Skill - Repairs, Snap Shot, Smooth Ride, Safe Stowage, Situational Awareness, Adrenaline Rush Third Skill: BIA Fourth Skill: Armorer, Jack of all Trades, Clutch Braking, Fire Fighting, Fire Fighting, Fire Fighting Fifth Skill: Whatever you have left. This is what I would run if I had a new crew to train. Since I pulled my E100 crew from my Jpe100 my first 3 skills are left over from that (as my current crew skills). You can switch things around or get skills in a different order if you like. This is really just a suggestion of useful things. Angling, weakpoints, defeating an angle, what ammo to use This tank is a monster when it comes to corner fights. You bait a shot into an autobounce angle then fire back at whatever shot you and instantly return to autobounce angles. You can either pre aim your shot with right click or just pure snap after you bounce a shot. The reasoning for rocking back and forth is to bait a shot and protect your turret ring weakpoint. You move back, someone sees your cheeks and fires but you move forward and the shot bounces off your side. You have two weakpoints that are lesser known which I will show here. Those weak points are your turret ring and police bar on your turret roof. You don't really see a lot of people trying to hit either of those weakpoints. There's also an extreme weakpoint on your turret ring that will defeat any sidescrape you have that is a bit too far out. You can also defeat an angled E100 using those same weakpoints I showed before. You also need to know when to switch from AP to HEAT and from HEAT to AP. Save HE for shooting at waffles, hulldown tanks that you can't dig out, and low HP targets that you don't wait to waste time aiming at. Switch to heat if you come up on an enemy E100, E3, or IS-7 Just to get them out quicker and more reliably. Switch to AP if you are flanking and will come up on the side/rear of tanks But be careful not to shoot spaced side armor on tanks such as the E 100 or IS-7 because they can just absorb your shot wasting your ambush on their flank. Is the last tank alive a Waffle E 100? Load up that HE and pray for some 1k+ damage rolls, just make sure to aim at the weak gun shield and not the gun itself. Part 2 of this guide will focus more on the gameplay of glorious tank.
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