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Found 45 results

  1. Why The RELIC Community? • RELIC is a long standing clan within World of Tanks. We have built a quality community that has survived and thrived through the good times and bad times that Wargaming has given us. • We aim to develop potential, have fun, and excel at the game in both individual combat & in Clan Wars. We also strive to maintain high standards, respect, and competence in all battles that we are engaged in. • The RELIC Community values team-play and strongly encourages our members to platoon together, preferably in our TS, in order to co-ordinate and communicate effectively. • We, as a community, are interested in quality players over quantity. You can have the best stats in the game but if you can’t follow calls or strive to bring drama into the clan then we are not the clan for you. We want our tankers to get to know our each other as friends and comrades. Relic Community Shenanigans Who remembers when that map was in CW? Spawn…Insta lit Highway against SIMP with some pretty bad karaoke Abby Arty Party, blowing off steam and having a good time What Relic expects from you: • As a member, you will understand the Relic Community rules, attempt to actively participate in (or at least lurk on) our community website, uphold our standards in ability, competence and conduct. • You will need to be available for training (some divisions), clan wars, and strongholds on a regular basis (real life allowing). • Members should be able to follow commands, perform to their potential, respect teammates and enjoy winning. Members should also be thick skinned and be willing to take criticism. • You will need to install and use Teamspeak 3. TS is a must for Clan Wars and preferred at all other times, you must have TS for all clan events, even if you can only hear and cannot speak, our TS is also open to the public. What you can expect from Relic: Access to our forums, Teamspeak server and our community. A group of like minded players to platoon with, grind XP and credits for next tier tanks, share tips/advice on tanks and gameplay, or just sit around on TS chatting about your latest pub battle. Clan War battles and plenty of them. We don’t like to sit around just farming gold. Map exhibitions - Main has won 5 and have been top 3 in every one they have played in and 2nd has done well in these with 2nd finishing in the Semi's in the last few. CTA (clan) tournaments - Main usually finishes 1st or 2nd in Abso's while 2nd has been finishing 1st or 2nd in Champions. Stronghold battles and skirmishes aplenty, with frequent credit bonuses in most divisions. Sound leadership, with proven records and a drama free environment. The chance to become an officer or to call battles as we're always looking for our members to step up. Requirements to join the Relic Community Remember these are just our guidelines and nothing is set in stone. Even if you meet the requirements for stats and tanks, you still have to go through an evaluation process and be approved by our members as well. REL MAIN 1. Minimum 2000 Overall WN8 2. Minimum 3000 Recent WN8 3. Minimum of 5 Tier 10 tanks 4. Must not have %$@& stats in said T10 tanks 5. Participation in clan events is expected (your frequency can vary but is expected) If interested contact one of the following: wh1skybarrel _Carry Chewy_Sammich _Llama_ REL2 Unless you are purple or just have awesome stats and show a lot of promise we require: 1. Recent Wn8 of 2100 over 60 Days 2. Minimum 1600 overall Wn8 3. Minimum 53% win rate 4. Minimum 4 tier 10 CW VIABLE Tanks with good stats (Teal or higher) in them 5. Attendance requirements of at least 3 days a week. If interested contact one of the following: __Prophet__ Silvers_ Steils Jolly33 REL-A is now a T8 CW/SH We require: 1. Recent 1400 WN8 /52% W/R 2. 1 Tier 6 SH viable tank (Cromwell/b, Type 64 etc) 3. Attendance requirements of 3 days a week. 4. 1 Tier 8 SH/CW viable tank (IS-3, Defender, T32, Trumpwagon, 41 90GF, WZ132, etc) If interested contact one of the following: Flayologist Cynbad Rel-Aux will be on the T8 CW/SH map while you work on the necessary T10's/Stats needed for Second and Main. You can climb the ladder and move through the ranks as many before you have done. Relic is a great community where you can learn team play and move up the "ladder" into more competitive clans within the community. While you may apply to a specific division, there is a chance you will be accepted into a different division. This is based upon what we feel you would be better suited for at the time of your application. Relic Gaming is a tiered community where we aim to train people for clan wars in Aux and then move them up through 2nd, and onward into Main. We aim to have our most active and capable players in Relic Main. There is a ladder. You can climb it. Check out the Rel-2 Stream) (Kinda dead ATM) I'm starting to stream so if you want to watch an old man play give me a look..... https://www.twitch.tv/silvers__ And if you are interested in the Relic Community log into our TeamSpeak server at ts.relicgaming.com and speak to a recruiter today. Password = relic1 For main contact one of their recruiters. For Rel-2 and Rel-Aux use the following google doc.... And if you need a modpack check out the Relhax modpack put together by Relic players and former OMC modders......
  2. Hello prospective tankers. [G-M-U] Is now recruiting players which like to EXCEL on the global map and clan related battles. What kind of players is [G-M-U] looking for? : A recent WN8 of 1500+ We look for improving players so if you have a good recent on your last 1k + battles your in! The will to play and compete on a high level & a burning desire to improve. Active at least 3 times a week Participate in clan activities! We have no use for pub-stars. Players which own and USE their mic on TEAMSPEAK when logged into the game. Must own meta tier 6 & 8 tanks for stronks 2+ meta tier 10 tanks with 2k+ average damage per game. Capable of taking "Coaching", and have a mindset to grow as an individual and a team-player What does [G-M-U] have to offer? : Highly motivated leadership striving for success Stronghold bonuses (credits/XP) whenever we wish to Participation on the Global map and in Strongholds Fair share of the gold we earn (based on amount of battles played, making use of Clan Tools) The freedom to rage during the NORMAL games (While we laugh about it) Sense of humor And last but not least, fun, good platoon mates and decent human beings. [G-M-U] Is always looking for experienced Battle Callers which are up for a challenge, and Recruiters which want to help build an even stronger clan. For any questions, or if you would like to join, please come to TS: gottmituns.teamspeak3.com:8238 and hop into the recruitment channel. If you somehow do not MEET our requirements, refer to [GMU-2] What kind of players is [GMU-2] looking for? : A recent number of 1000+ WN8 We look for improving players so if you have a good recent on your last 1k + battles your in! The will to play and compete on a high level Active at least 3 times a week Players which own and USE their mic on TEAMSPEAK Must own meta tier 6 & 8 tanks Capable of taking criticism, and a mindset to grow as an individual and a team-player What does [GMU-2] have to offer? : Highly motivated leadership which hunts for success Stronghold bonuses (credits/missions) whenever we wish to Regular training Participation on the Global map and in Strongholds Able to hold land, good in diplomacy and several other CW related things Fair share of the gold we earn (based on amount of battles played, making use of Clan Tools) The freedom to rage during the NORMAL games (While we laugh about it) Sense of humor And last but not least, fun and good platoon mates For any questions, or to join, please come to TS: gottmituns.teamspeak3.com:8238 If you somehow do not MEET our requirements, but you do wanna be part of GMU-2 you can show us your commitment to improve, or just contact one of our recruiters if you have some nice recent stats. [GMU-2] Is always looking for experienced Battle Callers which are up for an challenge, and Recruiters which want to help become a even stronger clan. Thanks for reading, Kind regards [G-M-U] / [GMU-2].
  3. Retired Grandma Torment a.k.a. Retarded Grandma Torture Origin Created by Retarded Grandma Torture ESL team players, turned into some kind-of-serious klenu, ready to rumble and rule on Global Map/Strongholds. What do we offer - skilled and experienced leadership - skirmishes (all tiers) - no drama - possibility to improve and play with great players - focus on maximising SH bonuses and benefits: - 50% credit bonus everyday/urgent order (mission for 1k gold, 7 days premium, premium consumables, etc.) almost everyday (depends on amount of boxes made) - clan wars Who are we looking for We don't care what's your overall, we don't care how many games you have. We care about your recent (2.9k recent WN8 on WotLabs/3.4k for rerolls), we care about your ability to play in team. We also want you to speak proper English and have at least some useful T8 tanks and one T10. High activity on Strongholds is highly recommended. Contact Future recruits should contact sergu Diplomacy: Brkomir or moflyplayed
  4. ROHAN WoT page SHIRE WoT page GONDR WoT page Middle Earth Tankers is a newly-formed group of clans arising from ROHAN with the goal of providing competitive play at tiers 6 and 8, as well as a casual/training outlet. Although we don't currently have short-term tier 10 plans, we will in the future. Come join the group of tankers that grabbed and dominantly held onto first place in tier 6 for CW season 3. We need experienced tankers like you to achieve the same success in tier 8! TS: vs23.tserverhq.com:7078 ; forum: middle-earth-tankers.boards.net Contact _Mik_, Kamzilla89, or any officer in our absence! Gondor (Tier 8 ) Requirements 30+ team battles, tier 8 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 1100+ recent WN8; 50% recent winrate (rounding up OK) 3 viable tier 8 tanks (to be reviewed by officers) Middle Earth Code of Conduct Rohan (Tier 6) Requirements 30+ team battles, tier 6 strongholds, or CW in a 28-day period. 1000+ recent WN8; 49% recent winrate (rounding up OK) 2 viable tier 6 tanks (to be reviewed by officers) Middle Earth Code of Conduct Shire (Training/Casual) Requirements At least 1 tier 5 tank A great attitude Less than 10k battles Middle Earth Code of Conduct Middle Earth Code of Conduct All penalties are per the executive staff's decision and are subject to leniency or intensity changes are necessary. Intentional team killing is forbidden. Penalty: banishment Harassment is forbidden. Penalty (single): reprimand or banishment ; Penalty (multiple): banishment
  5. BUNEH- Best Unit Nobody Ever Heard of Guess who’s back…. Back again…. Guess who’s back…Tell a friend…. Buneh is back and recruiting for T10 end game CW’s. Buneh has been around the competitive scene for a few years. We were BUNEH back in the early days of Petco, then we changed to BUNNY when we grew up and made our presence known on the CW (1.0 map). As BUNNY we placed top 15 in the IS5 campaign and got everyone who participated in the event the tank with 15 of us receiving the special edition version. BUNNY then closed shop and merged with portions of PBKAC prior to the start of the 4th campaign and once again did fairly well and placed high enough (top 15 once again) to get everyone involved in fighting their choice of T10 reward tank. Now its time to rebuild BUNNY as some of us never quite forgot the friends that we bade in BUNNY and how things were done. Therefore, a few of us have gotten together to bring that experience and comradery back. Unfortunately, we were not able to get the BUNNY tag back and instead are bringing back the old school BUNEH tag. So without further ado…… What We Want: - 1600+ WN8 Overall - 2100 WN8 30/60 Day - 500+ Battles last 30/60 Days - 4 Clan Wars Preferred Tier 10's - Be mature enough to know when it's OK to be completely immature - Be available for Clan Wars 4+ nights a week - Have a working mic and have the ability to use it - Have a fully working TS3 client - 18+ Come into our ts if you have any questions. NewportReb Silvers_ MarkyMarkThePrincess Georgetheprincess ts.petcogaming.com What You Get: We have good Buneh's We have bad Buneh's We have Emo Buneh's Anime buneh's Killer buneh's We even have the normal cute and fluffy buneh's We have every Buneh you could want. So if you are interested in joining Buneh and meet the requirements or are close, contact one of our officers via PM or hop on over to the Petco TS: (ts.petcogaming.com)
  6. Well We tried to make BUNEH a thing again but it just never took traction and people started burning out. I've been in a PETCO themed clam for 3 years and seeing as I have about as much of a chance as an ice cube surviving long in H3LL of getting into Otter, looks like my PETCO time is done. I know there isn't many "teal" level clans around anymore and my stats are too low for all of the "top clans" but they are what they are. Slow and steady improvement but with 30K+ battles overall isn't going to go up fast. So I'm looking at fairly competitive clans. No training clans or T6 CW clans please. I would prefer T10 but can deal with 8 if needed. Gold's not my primary motivation for a clan. I've got a good job and can buy my own if needed. Stats are in the signature below. What I can offer.....Command experience, I've done pretty much everything there is for a clan except Quartermaster. I can recruit, XO, chips etc. I've got most of the required T10's for CW (to include the 53/55) and can buy the E100 if needed. As far as T8's go I've got the most used ones for SH/CW and have the fastboi 6's for SH's. Just send me a PM and I'll sort through the offers. I dropped tags today so would be a few days before I could get into any clan. Looking for a reason to keep playing to be honest.
  7. Forums: F15.ovh TS: F15.ovh Youtube: The Furious Fifteen Facebook: The Furious Fifteen The Furious Fifteen is a Kung Fu Panda clan focused on Bamboo with a laid back attitude and highly skilled players. When we are not sleeping we do platoons, clan wars and strongholds. Pandas on global map The Vision: We are to be a top clan with dedicated players eager to improve. Our player base shall lead by example and show a non-elitist, helpful, attitude in all aspects of this game. We will keep the calm and relaxed atmosphere Only by fulfilling the following demands will you be worthy of trying to earn your spot among The Furious Fifteen At least 10k games played. In your garage there are at least 5 useful tier10's with average damages above 2500. You will have to be carrying an overall win rate above 60% and an overall WN8 above 2200. We are not looking for falling stars. Your recent WN8 has to be above 3000. After applying and fulfilling these demands you will be put to the test by our recruiters. Impress them and you may just get to put the panda on your tank. This isn't enough, though. You will have to earn your right to be part of The Furious Fifteen. As a recruit for two weeks you will have to convince us that you have what it takes. Some of our videos from our youtube Skirmish F15 vs FAME F15 platoon: Tanks are fun! We are BSOPS "You can run away as quick you wantBut you wouldn't go too fast or farBecause as you ran from my ninjatic hauntI'd peg you with a ninja star" ( Cpt_Shakesbeard-"We make nightcrawler squad of epic shitz, ninjas, fking katana mothetrzukers proper. We are called Blacked Spack Ops!) We play for victory, kill for laughs, die for the team, that's who we are! The Furious Fifteen
  8. Bla bla bla, we won A lot of T95/chieftain during the "i dont remember the name" Campaing! (i am lazy to type this) [Y0L0] You Only Live Once CURRENTLY WORKING ON THIS THREAD, IT IS NOT FINISHED YET, BUT MEANWHILE: Requirements: We are looking for good, active players that match these requirements: WN8: 2100+ Overall & 2700+ Recent -or- Recent WN8 3100+ with any overall and Active At least 3 T10s for Events and CW MUST have Teamspeak 3 And USE IT. (Exceptions can be made by our officers) Contact: If you meet (or Exceed) the requirements and are interested in Y0L0: Reply to this thread Contact any officer/recruiter Pm O_P_hacker or me, Chuny77, Ingame or in forums Stop by our TS! yolo.teamspeak3.com (Move to Recruitment Waiting Room) Good luck on your search for the perfect clan!
  9. Hey WOT community! being at a different stage with my gaming I decided to take the plunge and created a Clan. I know it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but hey. T-T-B (Nights Watch) is a new clan focused on making the most of WOT. A place to grow & develop, refine current skills and learn new ones and to hopefully prep you for a jump to the next level. You are able to participate in CW's, SH's, Tourney's, and Campaigns as you wish- involvement will be encouraged as that's how you grow. However, drama queens and immature paste eaters need not apply. so if any of that sounds remotely interesting to you I would love your help. My goal is somewhere between a pure training clan and the top 15, with a focus on producing callers, flank callers and quality CW players for the next level of play. With that in mind I am thinking of limiting the members to 45. With high activity being the norm. This will help everyone progress and in turn, leave the clan to go to greener pastures (if wanted) General Requirements: 1600 wn8 overall, 1800 recent 2 CW usable Tier 8 Tanks TS: NightsWatch.teamspeak3.com:9915 Those with calling & admin experience are encouraged to apply. This is a chance for those not finding what they want in other clans to find a home, a place for players to get better, enjoy what the game has to offer minus the drama. If you think this may be a fit for you- drop me a PM here or in game, or come by our TS. go raibh maith agat
  10. Hi everyone, the question i would like to ask isn't so much on the mechanics of the game and such but is a question directed more to combat officers/callers/strategist. Now knowing that this is the purple poaster section you all are very skilled so the question might seem simple or even mundane to you but for the average/below joe the answer might not be so simple. Here's some background before the question. My clan would like to pick up skirmishes (t6 and t8) again and our setups are generally the try hard setups (pure gold, favor given only to specific tanks etc) which is ok since we have to compensate for our lack of teamwork/skill but it becomes frustrating and a chore when you play those games and make a huge loss on credits on a loss and a minor loss on a ... well... win. I'd like to move away from the try-hard setups and rather move to the tank setups that will allow people to play their prems to make creds or their tanks they would like to grind past without pubbing themselves to a coma, however as stated previously our skills/teamwork/tank selection/calling/insert all of the above make it that we rarely win even with a try hard setup. With this background the question is: How do you prepare/train to go about winning/grinding/credit making in skirmishes without the try hard setups? Or does it come down to the individual skills of the teams to gel and cover the weaknesses and up to the individual players to gather the skills needed for this to work? What are your opinions? If something doesn't come across clearly enough just ask and i will try clarify what i mean. i want the skirmishes to work for our clan but i want it to be fun and not some chore that we are dragged into because we don't have enough members some of the times. I want help to see if there is anything i could do to help them/myself Thank you
  11. Not Bending It is a semi-new clan currently recruiting new players that are looking to step up their game or find a competitive bunch of buddies to play tanks. The clan has been formed very recently, however its core has been playing together for up to a year in the previous clan that has been a part of a bigger assortment of clans affiliated with a certain website where the narwhal bacons at midnight, Kappa. Due to recent internal issues with the community a new clan has been created that is supposed stand for the original values while retaining a higher degree of control due to its independence. WHO ARE WE? KNEE is a group of players that strive to get as much out of this game while still maintaining reasonable levels of sanity. Our main focus are and always were strongholds, but we have achieved significant success on the T6 global map during the first clan wars season. Our clan has also fielded profitable tournament teams, mainly in the Super Six series. The clan core of roughly 30 players at the moment is very active so there is someone to talk to on TS at almost any time of the day. As mentioned before, we use TS3 and Slack for communication. We are a tightly-knit community and many of us became good friends outside WoT as well. Our current activities are mostly tier 6 and 8 strongholds (and stronghold attacks) + we are planning raids on the CW map as well. There is always the possibility of transitioning back to CW. WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? An ideal applicant is someone who likes to be competitive, but also have a lot of fun while playing the game. Even though most of our activities are fairly relaxed it is still necessary to be able to listen and obey our callers' commands when required. After all, most of the fun in this game comes from winning. A will to improve your game is a great plus and we are definitely looking for rising players to which we can offer a platform to develop themselves. There have been a great deal of people who came to use our clan as a stepping stone to join some better clan in the future, but ended up staying or eventually returned from those clans because they missed all the banter with the lads that happens every night. HOW TO APPLY: Did we make an impression? You can message Dj945 or apply through the official Wargaming tools. http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500071821/
  12. Novus Ordo Seclorum - GLORIA ET VICTORIA - We an INTERNATIONAL CLAN. We are looking for skilled, active and reliable players, which are highly interested in playing ClanWars, Stronghold and Platoons. 1st Place- Operation "Safari" Event Requirements: >>> BRAIN <<<>>> 2450+ WN8 overall (2900+ WN8 recent) <<< >>> CW-Experience/Teamplay <<<>>> 5 Tier X tanks (CW tanks) <<<>>> activity 4+ days per week <<< TS3: Recruitment Staff: MadYOLOPotato, ThunderStruckSRB
  13. XMR http://forum.digitares.de Hello all, we in XMR, are a bunch of mad rabbits and as some people know rabbits can get pretty dangerous if provoked. So what we are: A close knit community that wants to excel in performance but approach things casually at the same time. We are active in WOT/AW/Elite Dangerous/WOWS and other games. We have also spots available for those that don't want/can't play CW/SH on a hardcore basis, but who would like to be able to participate in campaigns. Similarly, players interested in ESL and other competitions are very welcome to our ranks. All in all our most important goal is to promote teamplay and a sense of community, be that in CW,SH,ESL or platoons.What we look for in new members:- Be active in at least one of the games we play, obviously World of Tanks is most likely here- Stats should be around the clan average, both in overall and in recent (check here: http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/XMR)- Be able to withstand some trolling and dish some out if needed- Raging is understood, but please keep it classy - Be able to communicate in english- And lastly!: If you are unable to look at an array of enemy tanks and decide for yourself which one has lowest health and can't focus fire with your team you are not what we are looking for.What we offer:- Active forums and TS- High skill level players to platoon with- A possibility to play campaigns and earn reward tanks- Internal competitions for gold- CW/SHHow to join? Go to our forums http://forum.digitares.de and reply to the recruitment post for someone to contact you in game, you can also join directly on TS (digitares.de) but it's best if you just post there. Copy pasta from our recruitment tread on the official forums. If you have any questions, you can ask me on here, ingame or in a pm where ever you feel like it!
  14. Right, as I am in an active CW clan now, I need to pull my weight and start grinding out some extra tanks for CW use. I know the usual tanks such as the IS-3, Cromwell/Bromwell, T-54 Ltw; E-100 etc. I have most of these or are easy enough to grind to, but I'm having difficulty choosing a tier 10 Russian med - to be more precise, which one to go for first. I have researched the main differences between them (apart from the Object 907) and my FC's don't mind which one I choose as long as I have one. In this regard, my only real question is which one should I go for that is a match to my medium experience so far? My current medium grinds are the Panther II, Comet, Leopard PTA, STA-1. I know it's not much to go on, but which medium would fit with the experiences I've had with these tanks?
  15. How you want win, noobs? [-MM] MadMen is a fast growing clan of very capable players that is founded on the principle that skilled players can compete with low drama. It is possible to play4funtm and still be good at winning games, carrying randoms, and winning tanks. We have built up a solid group of players very quickly that are active and able to win games. We would like to continue doing so. In that vain, for the time being we are not recruiting any more platooning members and are now recruiting players that would be focused on competitive play. We are recruiting players that are close to or exceed our clan averages which currently stand at Blunicum semi-goldspamming neckbeards. In effect what this ensures is that the requirements for joining the clan will increase over time in line with rising clan averages. http://www.noobmeter.com/clan/eu/-MM/500039439 http://wotlabs.net/eu/clan/-mm Current Clan averages (updated semi-regularly): Wn8: 1936 - Blunicum Winrate: 57% - Blunicum Rerolls must exceed our averages by some way to even be considered. Tanks that we require from you: Tier VI: Literally doesn't matter. Tier VI strongholds is easymode with good players. Tier VIII: IS-3, AMX 50 100, T69, Wz-132, AMX 13 90, T32, Pershing, the rest. Tier X: Clan Wars capable tanks. You all know what they are. You will need to have about four due to tank locking. Additional Requirements: You must speak relatively good English. We use English to communicate because English people like me are generally too stupid to learn other languages. We appreciate your sacrifice. Obviously, this means that you should install Teamspeak. You must be 18 years or older or you must be able to fool us into thinking that you are by behaving in such a way. I don't care which. Clan Behaviour. I'm not your dad, act how you want to in randoms. If you get banned it's your own fault and you probably deserve it, you trolls. However, don't cause unavoidable drama within the clan or on TS. Contact Details: Clan Commander: Evil_Mungo Clan Deputy: paulcoo Recruiter: jodgi Recruiter: lads If you are interested in joining please feel free to message any of the above in-game. We may not be able to get back to you right away, but if we can, we will. Alternatively, you can post in this thread.
  16. Hello Ladies and Gentelmen, I'd like to anounce that PIXEL community is recruiting new players. What's the pixel community? PIXEL community It's a spanish national community created by some expirienced ESL silver league players in order to achieve a stronk national clan that can compete in ESL tournaments and also in the global map. We focuse on competitive gameplay to improve both individual and cooperative gameplay with teammates. We play daily SH and CW as well as ESL when people have a tournament. Our community consist on (so far) 3 different clans. They have different requirements but we demand a few things in common for all of them, aswell as what we can offer. What we can offer: A competitive but yet fun enviroment in which improve (both your skills and your spanish). A highly active community in CW as well as ESL. Skilled players to play with. Gold rewards for participation in both CW and SH. 75%of the total gold is distribuited fow CW players. 20% for SH and 5% remaing is for clan's expenses. What we ask for: Activity: At least 10 CW battles in a month. Is a small number so shouldn't be a problem. If you are on vacation just tell one of the officers and will be fine. Nice forum and in-game behavior, we don't want to be hated as a clan and want to have a nice image. Must have TS3 and have a good level of spanish (crucial). Be at least 18+ or show mature behavior. Contact: For any questions contact Sartox1 or znasserdna. Also you are welcomed to out TS: Now the specific requirements for each clan: PIXEL P1X3L PIX3L
  17. We are an international clan that play SH and platoons on a regular basis. We are relaxed and fun, but perform on a more than decent level. REQUIREMENTS: -Current 2000wn8 , last 1000games 2600+WN8 -Know how to play your tier10's -Be a nice person. (we have and want to keep nice laid back atmosphere here) -Experienced team-player who knows what teamplayer means -Active cw/stronkhold player (but we dont obligate you to be X times per week online) -UNDERSTAND and can speak "WoT broken english" (+also looking for experienced field commanders) what we offer: - Rage free environment, no drama - Platoons + stronkhold - Fun If you're interested, ome to our teamspeak to talk to a recruiter. TS adress:
  18. Hello wotlabs-dwellers and -lurkers! We're looking for good enough players and lots of them to join our SH, CW, TB, tournament ambitions. This ghey community aims to combine serious competitive play shrouded in one value. Don't be a [derogatory term of your choice to denote cretin like and antisocial tendencies]. We expect you are - Aged 18 or more. - English speaking... and somehow there's many brits in the clan. - Capable of accepting filth laiden banter. Least and last, stats requirements: 1500 recent wn8. 51+ overall WR. Not end all be all. We need to know you're trying to play WoT. Submitting an application - http://eu.wargaming.net/clans/500044745/ - Contact: BadGene616, Skudakoi, daddlar (in-game, WoTEU-forum). - In this wotlabs-thread. - Enter http://www.scrubtanks.co.uk and make an introduction-post which allows us to communicate our true colours. At this moment we have a small core of very active members. Of which many have very strange personalities. Want to help us grow or rant freely at everything? Welcome. ta
  19. The recently founded German speaking clan WORKS is a project to establish a clan of top level players who can compete in the top 10 of EU clanwars. What do we offer? the most ambitious clan project of the German speaking community for long timehigh activity in strongholds and CW 2.0a community of unicum level players with experience in many different international clansgreat atmosphere for playing and having an awesome time togetherGerman alternative to international clansWhat do we require? +15k games+2500 WN8 overall+3000 WN8 recent 1k games+58% WR overallat least eight T10 + not less than four T8 tonks which are of use for competitive gameplayContact Contactpersons: mUUgel, DiscoStuGer, AchneeTeamspeak: works.sehales.net Forum: Klick mich für Bewerbung!Goldincome on 17.09.2015
  20. If anybody could help I would appreciate it. Link below is to our yesterday's CW tier 8 battle. As title says I would love to know what I did wrong / my teammates / or if strategy was just bad. http://wotreplays.eu/site/2138056?secret=250d7e49b622eac0a55be385cc400090 Thanks in advance.
  21. RIP forum....reposting this, I expect everyone to plus-rep me that did before so my E-ego can remain stroked. Many people believe (correctly, in my opinion) that a team of team-oriented blues can beat a team of pubstar purples, team-oriented greens beat pubstar blues, and so on, but rarely is there much discussion on how to become a good team-oriented purple/blue/whatever. Similarly, calling is a frequent topic of discussion, but a good call fails utterly without good execution. Learning to execute a call properly is a skill unto itself, and one that I feel has been somewhat neglected by the forum zeitgeist. Let's start with the obvious. Focus Fire - Dead tanks don't shoot back. Therefore CW teams shoot something till it's dead before shooting something else. This is fairly self-explanatory for a grunt: shoot the called target only, unless you can't and can shoot something else without impacting your ability to shoot the focus target ASAP.Follow the Call - Be where the caller tells you to be. There's nothing worse for a caller than taking your eyes off the minimap to dump a clip, then looking back 15s later to see someone 400 meters out of position with no explanation.Those two are so blindly obvious as not to merit further discussion. Most greens and up have already mastered those, however, so if you want to set yourself apart you need to read on. The Always Communicate With Your Caller - Probably the single most important thing. If you don't understand exactly where your caller wants you or what he wants you doing there, ask. Callers will almost never bite your head off for asking questions (unless it's just been answered twice), so as long as you're not talking over an active call, it's never bad to ask. For example, a caller sends you to a corner. Asking "Should I peek it, push around it, sidescrape it, or stay hidden behind it?" can save a ton of angst and HP later on. Clarity is understanding, understanding is good, therefore clarifications are good.The Pre-Battle Pay Attention to the MapTactic - Actually load it up and pay attention to the positions and especially explanations for everyone, not just yourself. It seems obvious but it's disgustingly routine for someone to either ignore the MT entirely and be asking where to go during countdown, or to not know what they're doing once they get to the little heavy marker that was put on the MapTactic.Know WHY Tanks Are Going Where They Are - Knowing the caller's general intentions will help you think along with them later on, which is very important. It's very important to know your role and not just your position on the MapTactic. For instance, are you a flanking sniper force or a group waiting to launch a delayed capfast that absolutely must stay hidden, and thus you cannot fire?Take a Proper Load-out - The specifics of each tank's ammo, crew, equipment, and consumable kit are beyond the scope of this guide. In general, though, make sure your caller knows if you're running non-standard kit (gas, extra rep/med kit, binocs over vents/optics, etc.). Personally I also like to know if anyone's not running AFE. I rarely demand anything except AFE on Germans and Soviet hovermeds, but an unexpected burn-down can throw me off. As for ammo, know your tank and the map, and know what the enemy are likely to bring. More APCR is always good if it's your gold shell. HEAT users must be more discerning, particularly in E-100 environs, as the HEAT is necessary to get good pens from the front, but also can vanish into skirts at the drop of a hat.The Battle Commincate, Don't Chat - I did mention above that communication is key, but that doesn't mean you should be monologuing in TS. Saying something like "there they are" when the main enemy group is spotted is not helpful and wastes very key seconds as the caller is trying to get his reaction in place to what's been seen. Good: Bad: 2. Think Along With The Caller - There's a common misconception that players should blindly follow orders, or that the caller is there to do strategic thinking for them. That's stupid and wrong. Good players are smarter than that; a caller's job is to make sure everyone is reacting the same, not to be the sole source of strategic ideas. A player who's engaged in the minimap and the strat will react faster and better to the next order than a blind automaton will. This can be as simple as starting to turn your tank towards the next fight in the final seconds of a fight you've won or re-clipping to HEAT for an upcoming E-100 frontal fight. 3. Don't Be Afraid To Make Things Happen Locally - If you find yourself in a local 4v2 or something like that, don't be afraid to take it without orders. The caller can't see everything, or even if he sees it, he may have to micro something elsewhere and can't find time to call it. The only exception is if taking that overmatch will suck you out of position for something more important later on. Taking a 4v2 is a bad idea if it opens up a 7v5 on the next corner over, because that resolves to 3-4 versus 5-7. 4. Rotate Damage As Much As Possible - Know your HP and watch the enemy focus. If you're low and/or getting focused, fade back into the pack while your full-HP allies move to the fore. Similarly, if you're full HP, get your ass to the front of the group before someone pays with their tank's life for your cowardice. 5. Adjust The With The Caller If Needed - Sometimes callers will ask for something suicidal. Usually this is a mistake born of being on the far side of the map, but sometimes it's purposeful. If you see a non-suicidal way to achieve the same ends, or even no way to achieve it, say so. If they still want it, then do it as instructed because it's intentional/for a purpose, but don't suicide if you can see something they can't. Again, communicate. 6. Don't. Fucking. Peek. - The bane of every caller is watching their players peek into multiple guns. You can sometimes get away with that in pubs because pubs are terrible and you can outplay them. CW players will punish you for it. And no, that E-100 isn't alone. He has friends, even if you can't see them, so don't eat 1500 damage to your E5 just to get a 400 hit on him. You're smarter than that. The Pooooossshhhhh (The Push) Sooner or later, most CW battles between decent adversaries come down to one side finding an overmatch and trying to jam as many tanks as they can onto it. The winner of that brawl usually has a commanding lead if not an outright win. Doing it right will get you gold, doing it wrong will get you 15 tanks locked for a week. Don't Bitch Out - If you're part of a group ordered to push, just do it. And if you're full HP, you better be the one in front. You'll die sometimes; the other team aren't retards. But bailing on a push while the rest of your team goes only means you die last.Make Sure To Corner/Crest Together - When pushing a corner or a ridge, you want as many tanks as possible to arrive at the same time over as wide a front as possible. Arriving a too early to a push gets you vaporized without giving your team the chance to shoot reloading tanks; arriving too late is basically the same as bitching out Coming over ridges is simple - just line up abreast and go. Coming around corners is a bit harder, as it requires your outside tanks to be moving faster than the inside ones as your line pivots around the corner, particularly if it's a wide area that you're trying to push 6-7 abreast.Push All The Way In - Once a push is starting, don't stop moving forward until you (or most of your allies) are shooting sides and rears. Be mindful of enemy support fire angles while doing so, but you never want a push to be shooting at frontal armor. Get yourself in and around the enemy. It disrupts their focus fire, removes their armor, and makes room for anyone behind you to get into the push as well.Never Face-Hug - Even in your IS-7, king of the face-hug, all you're doing is blocking your allies behind you from vaporizing him.The After-Battle Calmly Discuss What Happened - Shouting matches are just stupid. If a caller thinks you made a mistake, explain what you saw, what you were thinking, and what you heard at the time rather than shouting about it. That said:Own Your Mistakes - If you did fuck up, admit it and figure out why and how to do better. Smugly denying error is infuriating to callers and teammates alike and is a good way to end up tagless. This includes in wins, losses that were your fault, and also losses that aren't your fault. No one but you is watching your tank all the time, so you have more opportunity than anyone to find and fix errors. This is good for both clan harmony and improving yourself as a CW player.Case Studies Obj 140, BUNNY vs HAVOK on Prok, called by Hey_Every_ - Knowing how the strat fits together, seizing a local overmatch/pushing, and damage rotation http://wotreplays.com/site/2005325?secret=7083ec21a9be278c5bd291c665903c39 IS-3, BUNNY vs REL_0 on South Coast, called by georgietheprincess - damage rotation, adjusting the call http://wotreplays.com/site/2005341?secret=7083ec21a9be278c5bd291c665903c39 -G- vs scrubs on Cliffs, video credit to Garbad and RocketBrainSurgeon God that got long....
  22. CW player looking for CW clan, preferably stable - had far too much clan drama recently. Happy to play tournaments, strongholds, platooning. Got most of the tier 10s I'll ever need and enough $$$s to buy the rest so flexible and willing to help others grind. Solid player, used to CW and large scale battles after years playing EVE (and working for CCP), can even focus fire! Listener, follower, no calling experience but interested to learn. Age: 40 (not for much longer) Clan History: GOAT_, GSA, SHDWC, PUPPY, BURDY. CW Tonks: Heavies: E5, T57 Heavy, IS7, E100, AMX 50B, Meds: BatChat, Obj 140. TDs: 7x Tier 10s. SPG: T92, BatChat 155 58, Obj 261. Brit living in Guatemala, ping is around 60, it's generally CST but we don't do daylight savings because the one year they tried it, it caused chaos. Availability: Most nights.
  23. EAB2 is recruiting new players: minimum 1500 WN8 and 3000 battles 52+% win rate at least 1 tier 10 What we can offer: friendly community liberal leadership: there will be little requirements imposed on you own TS server daily platoons, strongholds, CWs last CW campaign we won 12 reward tanks + 5 camos average above 1600 WN8, 53% win rate, almost 70% in strongholds Contact me, smedley27 or leave us a message right here.
  24. RUS need stronk tankers for vodka drinking and cw fun Background: RUS was started in 2011 as the first Russian Speaking clan on the NA server. Since then RUS has evolved into a very diverse international clan with members from all around the world. You can still enjoy the accent, but all battles are called in English as the large majority of members all speak and understand English vary vary guud. We are a casual clan that likes to battle in Clan Wars. If battles do not find us, we will find battles. Gold Distribution: Gold is distributed proportionally to Clan Wars participation. The more you fight, the more gold you will earn. Requirements: 60 day WN8 2500+ & 55%+ win rate desired but not critical if you are close to these values. These are guidelines. We do require you to have 4 Clan Wars relevant tanks and know how to use said tanks. You must also be active 3-4 days a week. Failing to meet these requirements does not preclude you from joining the RUS community as we have a subclan [RUS-2] Heavyweight with which you may mature and eventually join [RUS] when ready. Those interested should pm , Wril(commander), jccoveys(recruiter), or other executive officers. Also please stop by our teamspeak 3 server at atl.clanwarz.com:1128.
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