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Found 4 results

  1. I've dabbled in calling for the last year or so. Mainly T6 (fastbois/turtle breaks easy stuff) and T8 SH's. I'm wanting to break into t10 calling and calling for CW's in general. I've been a flank caller and typically call targets when in SH or CW's for that matter. Decent map awareness as well. One of my major areas of weakness though for T10's is tank compositions. I know the main meta tanks and which to bring for the most part but still struggle with that. Part I think is I don't have some of the tanks used so don't know their play styles as well as I could. I'm looking for help in calling from decent callers. Or platooning for that matter. If interested send me a PM and we can talk. Thanks.
  2. So I have been learning to call for the past few months, mostly SH, with a few tourneys and a few matches during the campaign. The few games I called during the campaign highlighted that I often err by pushing too early, or not early enough. The matter of practice and experience aside, a few callers I talk with have mentioned that they have mods that show additional info such as team HP, and showing tank HP on the minimap; and that these can be helpful in larger formats such as 15v15 for deciding when to push. However, I have always run either vanilla or with just XVM, and I am somewhat reluctant to clutter up my screen with more UI mods. So, my questions are- 1. How much do mods help with the situational awareness needed for calling, and 2. Which mods are beneficial for this?
  3. Hello tankers! SNRK (Sonork) is recruiting and looking for callers in particular, if you would like to join and practice calling please state what experience you have(some required). - You will be calling for : — Strongholds — Clan Wars — Other potential map events During the evaluation process/practicing stuff you will be able to call stronghold battles as a legionnaire(must not be in a clan). To get back to us reply to this thread, or PM me either in-game or on the forums
  4. My guide to calling tier 6 Strongholds Strongholds Strongholds are very important battles. They help you earn industrial resources. Bigger clans often do tier 10 and tier 8 strongholds, but that is not the purpose of this guide. Lets get started! Restrictions: Only Tier 6 and below Up to 7 tanks. For the purpose of this guide, I will only be disscussing tactics when you have 7 players. When you have 6 players your tactics can be quite different. If you want another guide for 6 players, just post a reply. Right now I will talk about the best strategy for clans that are green and blue, and purple unicorns. The strategy consists of light tanks and heavy tanks. An ideal setup for me would be 3 T37s, 1 Cromwell, and 2 M6s, and 1 AMX12t . This works because this strategy can flex amazingly well. If you push one side and no one is there, you can use a T37 to scout because of its amazing view range. All the tanks are mobile and can fall back when needed. The guns on the tanks all have very good damage per minute and that means winning brawls with other medium groups. Also with the camo rating of the light tanks you can destroy enemy heavy tanks. General tactics are to keep your tanks together in one area. If you split up, the enemy team can kill 3 of your tanks, and then it is 7 v 4. Maybe 6 v 4. Then the other team wins. The other straight forward tactic is that if you find a flank empty, always fall back. If you push up, its a race to see who can cap. If you fall back, they will come to you and you can get the first shots off. As this tactic is all about out playing, you first need to learn how to out play certain tactics. Heavies: Many new clans bring lots of heavies to have a big brawl in a city of some sort. The best way to defeat this type of team is to encircle them. If you can find the positions they are all in, you can force them into a brawl you can win. An example of this is ruinberg. You can scout the ridge. If you find no one, you can all zerg into the city from different angles and force them into a dynamic brawl. One which you can easily win through focusing fire. Lights: Some other clans will try to play with lots of lights. Out playing these guys is very easy. All you have to do is force them into a long range engagement. This can be done by splitting your forces up in positions where they can support each other. If the enemy team attacks one group, the other can snipe the people and its a win for you. Same strategy: If the other team uses the same strategy, the game will be a very hard fought one. The most simple way is to just force a huge brawl of all the tanks. Use all of your tanks to hopefully win the brawl. At this point, all you need to know is how to focus fire. I hope this helps you and your clan play strongholds. If you have any questions or comments, post them! I will try to answer them in the best fashion that I can.
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