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Found 16 results

  1. Its time to stop... every tank is born equal, no more discrimination. http://wotreplays.com/site/3113859#el_halluf-frenzier-amx_40
  2. 11k combined damage, Crucial Contribution, 2x Defenders and assorted other medals http://wotreplays.com/site/2395423#himmelsdorf-kirino_desu-m46_patton http://wotreplays.com/site/2395429#himmelsdorf-utaha_desu-koda_t_50
  3. So I had a battle that made me realize that I'm clueless when it comes to making decisions when I'm the last one left, I thought about putting this in tape study but this is more of a general question rather than asking to review my replay.. Several things that I know are: Indecisiveness leads to losses Look for a place to overwatch a important part of the map Look for isolated targets Kill as fast as possible so that you don't have to deal with multiple tanks Be unpredictable But one thing I cannot figure out is whether to wait for them to come or not. I know that if I stay in a defensive spot for too long the I'll end up being swarmed by multiple tanks and if I get too aggressive I risk getting capped out. Here's some screenshots of the battle that made me come to this realization. Link to replay http://wotreplays.com/site/2313605#mountain_pass-meows_externally-t54e1 Lights are in our base and I know that I can only kill one of them so I wait for a friend to help me. I tell my centurion friend to eat the shot as there is a 140 at f2 and could come around at anytime so at the time I thought we had to kill the foch asap as he is isolated and has one shot left I set up an ambush with the help of my cent friend spotting for me I clip them out and my cent friend kills the T49. But unfortunately since I bounced the cent 7/1 my cent had to dive down to kill the 49 and ends up getting clicked. My cent spots these tier 8 heavies though so I wait until they are near the cap circle so I can catch them out. The plan works and I kill the tiger and the carn dies 45 seconds later. Note that the waffle said "don't make me come over there" that leads me to believe he is base camping because he should be here by now if e was moving down the 1/2 line and I assume that arty is in the back clicking because most artillery players are not very intelligent (our arty) Because the waffle said something that would lead me to believe that he is camping and the arty I assumed is somewhere in a bush at their cap I decide to go to their cap But I have 4 possible paths to take with the bridge being the quickest one. If go 1/2 I'll most likely run into the waffle and arty, if I go in the river bed I can get caught out from bridge or the perch, and if I go bridge the waffle could be waiting there for me so I decide to go ice road. Unfortunately they cap and I'm not able to get back in time. So my question is how do you determine if you should wait for them to come to you or play offensively and look for fights? And what factors help in making this decision?
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to recive some advice on what I did wrong or what should I´ve done instead. http://wotreplays.com/site/2135599?secret=31b0c4332953736eb13d9c9e7a11d64a Thanks in advance, DexFreak
  5. I recently got the T-34-3 and WZ-111 and need some people to carry me play with me in pref 8s. Feel free to add me to your spam list. I am down to platoon anytime Looking for players with 2500< recent Wn8 I play on West mainly cause Internets and try to avoid the East. Baddie lyfe on West #MustKeepPadding
  6. http://wotreplays.com/site/1768455#fisherman_s_bay-zapyoug-object_430 It was a skrim 13 battle in the playoffs, the scores were tied 2-2 and was pretty happy with how that game turned out
  7. Replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/1691602 Text Summary of Situation: I have a 175% crew (All 70-75% Camo + Snap Shot on Gunner) on my half-stock T-34-85, and have been bush sniping all game on Ruinberg as my team collapses around me. My sit-aware was not the best, but I managed to level the playing field and get into a 1v1 at the end vs Jagdpanther. I managed to land only 1 shot onto him so he is on nearly full HP. I can't simply take a hit and circle him/perma-track him during the reload for an easy circle of death because I'm down to being a 1-hit for him. Instead I plunged into the city and tried to get behind him by circling the city blocks a couple times. After that failed I located him near his cap circle and attempted to track him during a game a of ring-around-the-ruin which I ultimately lose. I'm a green tomato trying to cross the line into blue-world, and would really appreciate some tactical advice for this kind of situation. Was this just un-winnable? Should I of tried to ambush-and-run the JP on corners as he pursued me? Or had I already lost from earlier mistakes?
  8. http://wotreplays.com/site/1621728#steppes-yung_lean-t-62a So, um, I carried a game hard, but the end game is still nagging me a bit. Should I have saved the JT? I wanted to keep the Waffentrager at a distance so I could hull down and peekaboo him out but an extra gun on the team never hurts either. Was I too sloppy? Because in hindsight I wasn't very aware of arty at all. Should I have yolo'ed and decapped the ST-I instead of the waffen, despite probably making me take a lot of damage? I know it all turned out for the better, but what if it didn't. I need to learn how to consistently make the decisions that make things turn out like this, but without the RNG of it all. (PS two full HP waffentragers dead to my 62A, revenge felt good <3)
  9. My god the Obj. 704 is just an epic tank. http://wotreplays.com/site/1581631#winterberg-constructon-object_704 Carried hard an won, even if i had almost a heartbreak at the end. Toonies ftw GG
  10. http://wotreplays.com/site/1360476#el_halluf-mrchameleon-e-50 Here is the replay for y'all. Fast forward to about 13:30. The E 50 is one of the best tanks I have ever played. Easiest grind by far. P.S As an excuse for my shitty miss that could have cost me the game at the end, I was shaking and sweating pretty hard at this point.
  11. Just a good game in the great E50M. This shows some of the strengths of the E50M. Also, ignore my rage at pubbies. http://wotreplays.com/site/1344008
  12. Hello Everyone, I haven't played much since 9.0 and just recently decided to get back into things. I generally like to just focus on one tank and play it all the time. (I like leveling up a crew.) In the past I've used mainly the T49, ELC AMX, and I was just getting back into the VK 2801. I love all these tanks because they've been able to carry a lot of team. (I mainly solo pub). Recent updates have taken away a lot of the advantages of these tanks though. It seems like every updated map takes away the great scouting spots. And the TD firing bonus hurt my play-style too. (though with a 4 skill crew, high octain fuel, and vents; the T49 also plays very scout like). I'm wondering what's the best tank to carry in now days? Should I be trying out some Mediums? I never liked playing Heavies or slow TD's, but is that the direction to look in terms of carrying? Very interested in hearing all your experiences! Cheers,
  13. Looking for mentor/platooning buddy, grinding t44 right now, russian medium line will be first tier ten. Im pretty terribad orange but I am improving So yea I'd like to get to know you guys
  14. Going to be uploading games I find interesting or simple wtf worthy. Feel free to critique away at all my mistakes and stupid decisions, oh and of course the glorious gold spam! Mr. Lucky/Rigged/YOLORush IS3. Pretty much imagine rushing into an E75, T34, and IS4 and somehow surviving with 9HP. Can only be hacks right? Notice how after I killed that JP2 its corpse fell off the bridge? Guess it was telling the pubbie that being up their was no place for it in the first place. Pulling out a match 3v6or 7 and winning it with ~10s left. Just watch tier 10s potato in and drowning their pretty much guaranteed win. Shoutout to their T92 for being such a great and point 'n clicker. On a more serious note, shoutout to my E4 for actually being a smart pubbie. (Please don't ask why I'm stupid enough not to have an auto fire ext) Question for viewers: Would you have blocked that GWE from backing up, as I was seriously considering doing? His corpse was the major reason for pulling out that game. More to come eventually.........
  15. Had a game with Fishlyne and Moshker this evening. started out pretty good. Fish wen up to spot east in his T-54 while I stood cover and supported him. the 7/1 is great for that. but then it all started going to pot. Town fell, and the enemy charged fish. we thought since Moshker was on full HP in his IS-8 he could save town. but no. he was clicked on from full HP by the GW tiger P. this effectively left me, The ISU 152, and the Arty alone... watch the replay to check out this victory from the clutches of defeat that I thought was pretty epic. http://wotreplays.eu/site/337251#team
  16. I'm trying to decide whether or not my actions were directly helpful to the western flank on this replay. We manage to hold off about 5-6 tanks with me acting as a scout, we go on to win it, which is comforting. I think if the west had actually decided to push against us we would've been toast. However, the eastern flank did quite well too. Would we have won if the eastern flank had collapsed? I think the most impressive bit of the entire replay is after I'm dead and I'm watching a Tiger, finish off our ST-I and our KV-4. He either knows where to shoot, or is loading gold, not that I'm judging. Thoughts? http://wotreplays.com/site/247311#prokhorovka-nalyk-t-54 Oh my reasons for posting this, I've been stuck at 53% for-freaking-ever. Just looking to improve my game. Comments are always welcome.
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