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Found 1 result

  1. My profile page Winrate I've been digging around better players' profiles as well as examined my own stats, and I've come to the conclusion that: 1.5 - 2 kills/game gets you 50-55% range 2.1+ kills/game gets you 60% 2.5 - 3 kills/game seems to net around 70% winrate Winrate seems closely related to how many bomb fairies you have on your team, or how many of your teammates try to prevent their bombers. Which is a bigger waste of time: going after meaningless targets or trying to STOP someone from going after a meaningless target with a more useful plane? Platooning seems more powerful here than in WoT. In WoT, putting three 50%'ers didn't mean a whole lot. In WoWP, it means you have less people doing meaningless things like bombing or attacking bombers, and that's very important. I've seen quite a few profiles of people with around 1 Kill/game having 55%+ winrates across the board, while I can't break 55% and have been averaging 2+ kills/game in the past couple hundred games. OverPowered planes I-16 (late mod) - Better firepower than anything in tier, including the Heavy Fighter and Attack Aircraft. A close second in turn rate, and an insane roll rate means you can change directions stupidly fast. Why this gets a 90 DPS 20mm cannon while every other 20mm cannon in tier is 74 DPS or lower, I'll never know. BF 109 Z - This plane was so OP in the last patch, that they moved it DOWN from tier 7 to tier 6. Wait... what? Yeah, they did that. With a climb rate that's triple what your average tier 5 has and a cruising speed that's double, lower tiers pose exactly zero threat to you. The 30mm cannons have maximum ranges of over 1Km, and are effective from 800m. They could remove the top engine and outboard 30mm cannons and it would still be the best tier 6 by a good margin. Comically OP. Machine Guns vs Cannons MG's are so much worse than cannons it's not funny: 1/2 to 1/3 the range 1/2 the accuracy 1/2 the penetration far less alpha Something has to change before release, because right now it's crippling. At least make them accurate within their tiny range? Tier 5 Premiums I've flown 4 of them, and have flown the equivalent to the other one. Me 210 - 10/10 - great firepower, HP, speed, climb, and boost. Able to punch above its' weight better than the rest, which gives it the #1 slot. The only real difference between the Me 210 and the Bf 110 E is that the Me has 2 less MG's, which are useless anyway to a Boom and Zoom plane. The plane also bullies lower tiers exceptionally well, having a 13mm tailgunner and huge HP pool and monstrously better speed and climb than tier 4's. XFL-1 - 8/10 - Boasting a 37mm cannon, this plane has the best alpha damage in tier. The 37mm does heat up quickly, which is why it isn't higher and I don't recommend too much sniping with it. You will know when the 37 has connected. More sluggish than its' stats suggest, which makes it hard to take on higher tiers. You're completely impotent when the 37 is cooling down. XP-77 - 6/10 - BF 109 E "lite" version. Great maneuverability, but less firepower than you'd like. Has a harder time killing higher tiers or high HP enemies. Dive speed could be better; caps out at ~500. P40 - 4/10 - Good armor and straight-line speed. No cannons doom this plane. He 100 - 1/10 - Best speed / climb / maneuverability in tier, but you can't kill a metal plane within 30 minutes due to the atrocious firepower. Attacking a heavy fighter or AA is completely out of the question, and higher tiers are nearly immune to your guns. The US premiums are just better than their counterparts, which isn't a great feeling.
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