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Found 13 results

  1. UPDATE #1 These tanks are only for CN servers, according to Wargaming RU.
  2. I have previously made a post HERE about Chinese TD leaks almost a year ago, but despite the leaks coming from KZW's official account (the company running WoT in China) not much information was provided afterwards. WoT Express Brought a neat piece of information to my attention today. (Link to Wot Express VK account: https://vk.com/wotclue) All credits goes to them. The following was mentioned during a KZW livestream: " 坦克世界 军临天下午夜谈 现在直播的是C系TD线的内容,关于这件事情有了详细的说明,坦克世界的更新是需要根据全球玩家的市场需求而定,C系车在世界市场中并不是很受重视。KZW曾经向WG提供四版C系TD车的设计方案,要做足够详细的设计方案和数据分析才有可能让WG设计全新的C系车。顺便说一句,C系车大部分都是KZW提供的资料和数据支持哦扎心不老铁们。 " Which in roughly translates to:" "World of Tanks (stream name), now livestreaming details about Chinese TD line. There has been detailed explanation about this. WoT patches need to be based on the demand of the global playerbase, and the Chinese tree isn't viewed as important on the global market. KZW (the company running WoT in China) previously provided 4 versions of Chinese TD Techtree layout/detailed design plans, the design plans needed to be detailed enough with accurate data analysis in order for it to be possible for WG to design brand new Chinese tanks (in this case, the TDs). Also, the majority of Chinese tech tree tanks are based on data and numbers provided by KZW itself." The following Screenshots were also provided: Now, while this seems to be just another leak, the link to the livestream said "C系坦歼卫星终落地!全球首发先睹为快!", which translates to "Chinese link TD satellite finally landed!" "Global initial release sneak peek!" (Chinese WoT Players refer to Wargaming's promises as satellites, as they are always around you but you can never touch them. In this case "satellite finally landed" could be interpreted as "promise finally fulfilled" Also, in the comments, someone asked if the line will be released this year and KZW replied "Should be this year" Source: Link of the Stream: (Already ended) http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/s2gZpPPPw-2_hbPA2No7qg a 440-490dmg gun on a WZ120 chasis? Tier 10 SU122-44? SoonTM? Who knows! *Update* WoT Express provided me with two additional articles, I don't know how trustworthy they are but they speculate the release of the line to be around China's National Day (Oct.1st) "Chinese TDs in the final stages of being made. Models might be finished in April and will be available to Supertesters, in that case the soonest we can see the entire line would be around Chinese National Day (Oct. 1st, would be a really good day to release this line actually." From: http://wot.duowan.com/1703/352588295124.html#p4 Second article repeats parts of the first one, but claims it was from "inside sources. They also added speculations that the two released models are very likely to be premiums for players to grind crews prior to the release of the full line. From: https://www.myzaker.com/article/58baa8e31bc8e0455e000028/ More Screenshots: And the other tank:
  3. (funny that it shows the 85mm gun that no one uses) I'm still at the T-34-1, and i'm almost about to get the 2nd skill to 100% before I move them up to the T-34-2. So what's to expect? How does it compare and rank with the other tier 8 mediums (i'm assuming not highly)
  4. Celebrating the 70th anniversary end of WWII, China has showcased hundreds of its newest military hardware in a remarkable parade which saw some 12,000 troops marching across Tiananmen Square in front of dozens of world leaders. Some 30 foreign leaders attended the memorial event, representing countries from Russia and Belarus, to Egypt, South Korea and Venezuela. Over 200 Chinese aircraft, including fighter jets, bombers and dozens of helicopters, zoomed above the fascinated crowd.China has rolled out seven types of missiles on to Tiananmen Square, including four ballistic nuclear missiles. Among them was the Dong Feng-21D anti-aircraft-carrier medium-range nuclear missile (‘Carrier-Killer’), which currently is the world’s only ballistic missile capable of engaging a moving target out at sea. The PLA also presented its newest intercontinental strategic ballistic missiles, the DF-5 with a range of 12,000 kilometers and the DF-31A - range 8,000 kilometers. Additionally, for the first time in the history of Chinese parades, female soldiers marched on Tiananmen Square. The might of the People's Liberation Army.
  5. Do you hate love your T-34-3? Do you want to publicly express your hatred love for this Beautiful Machine? Are you looking for other crazy tasteful pilots to field this cheap knockoff coffin Sexy Beast with? Then you're fucking nuts you've come to the right place! Feel free to bitch comment about the vehicle or ask for advice in its operation. or request that your name be added to the List of Active Pilots with a deathwish, which shall exist to facilitate the creation of T-34-3 wolfpacks!
  6. I have just short of 100 battles in the thing, rocking a 49% winrate. I held a (admittedly quite) mediocre 53% w/r in the 131, with 136 battles played. In it I run optics/rammer/vstab, with food and I have a crew that's halfway through their full skill, with Sixth Sense/camo for the first. Second skills are Camo, Snapshot , Smooth Ride, and Situational Awareness. Third I'm working on, and it's all BiA. I use the t9 100mm. I'm going to post a few replays of my average games. Malinovka My rationale here was to spot from C5, keeping them out of the forest and off that little hill in F7, while providing fire support for my platoonmates on the hill. I then rotated back to base to help them get rid of the guys in it, and hopefully try to push to eliminate the E3 that was there. I failed miserably, and followed it up with plenty of sperging. Should I have gone back to base? What should I have done earlier on to help affect the game more? Airfield Individually it would appear I had a mediocre game. 1.5k damage done with 2k spotting. In reality, all I did was leech damage, and I lit two squishy, high health tanks for like, 4 shots from something big. I really feel like I didn't do much this match. Where could I have gone, and who could I have supported to be more beneficial to the team? Steppes (encounter) I really don't like encounter, but Canteen had suggested we turn it on for some missions or something like that. This is yet another game where I get the shit carried out of me. My plan was to try to spot tanks coming across out of spawn, which I ended up doing a little bit of. Again, I felt useless this match, and only doing 1k damage with no spotting compounded that. Should I have moved towards the heavies earlier, or did I make the right decision by putting fire on the Foch and IS, staying where I was? I can normally pick out when I play shittily, and when I should have moved, but in the replays above I am having a seriously rough time picking out exactly where I should have gone.
  7. Now that I have your attention, I was planning to make this little comparison a little more detailed with the usual comparison of income etc, but since the mission is over soon and I don't quite have the time to do all of that now, I'll write out my ideas right now. These are two very interesting vehicles, I'm curious to your opinions and what you think the WZ is capable of. First of all, I must of course prove I'm not a baddie Load out is obvious, optics could make sense. Same equipment as my IS-6. Why is it so bad? Lfp is utter trash. When tier 6 mediums have no problem penning it at 45°, you know enough. IS-6, well IS-6... Two big fat cupolas. I've had things penning my roof too, so unless you're able to write off your keyboard on short term, it's not stronger than the IS-6 in a hulldown position. The weak spots on IS-6 are much harder to hit. But sir, but sir, overmatch! Well, in your next pub battle, ask around if anyone knows what overmatch is. Ammo rack. If you've played the Centurion I you get the idea. Pls gib russian RNG Haven't calculated yet, but the income seems a lot lower than my other premiums. Definitely worse than IS-6 I suspect. Rather big engine deck, if people get slightly above you, there's an easy overmatch with a quite a chance of torching you. Why it actually isn't bad HEAT is obviously better than the 217? the russian 122mm's get. Even most of my side shots go through, unless I'm going up against spaced armor that isn't tracks. Weak lfp is compensated by a huge increase of top speed. Which adds a lot of flexing/carry options. Impressive view range (380) for a heavy, especially considering prefMM. Since it runs on charcoal instead of fuel, you don't need an extinguisher. Which comes in handy because your ammo will get trashed. Food certainly is a good alternative if you can afford it and have a decent crew (mine has shitty repairs). Stronk upper front hull, combine with wiggles and you can pull off bounces against BL-10s. Extremely good side armor which I underestimated in my first battles. Didn't check the actual stats, but it feels like it has more gun depression than the IS-6. Will it get me into BULBA? Looks like a nope. To be fair, I don't think many people will break even 2.2k damage. If we compare it with my other prems, it's not hard to draw conclusions. Whilst playing it I didn't quite enjoy it, I missed the high paced action of the front line and the sub 10s reload of my IS-6. So it seems like it's a piece of trash then. Oh wait, I just calculated some things of the solo games I tracked (17)... ​Winrate 76,47% DPG 2.632 Turns out the carry possibilities are indeed, quite high. I know it's a low sample size, but again, if you can bring up the patience, many possibilities... DPG? Higher than I expected. Some battles were steamroll wins with sub 2k damage, seems like I got enough 3k and 4k games to get it back up. I honestly don't think I can get it much higher than this. Speed probably allows for more late-game damage than one can get in the IS-6. Conclusion? There's not enough data (as in battles tracked) that can give definitive answers, at least not for me. I think it comes down to, despite all the similarities, different play styles. IS-6 is meant for close combat DPM abuse. You get up front, kill stuff faster than they kill your team and hope your team on the other side of the map is dead, but not dead enough to get out capped. Allowing for some extra damage if you get there in time. You know what can pen you, and which tanks you can drive straight into without worrying. Your weak spots are very hard to hit if you're going up against cheapskates who don't want to spam gold at your front. WZ-111 is a more flexible tank. It can do the same things as the IS-6 up front, as long as your opponents never heard of a lower front plate or if you have some meat with you. Once I considered all the pro's (view range, HEAT) I realized it's better off at long range engagements. It's easier to defend bases or help out flanks you need. Personally I think the WZ is definitely worth as much gold/money/whatever as one would pay for the IS-6. It just requires a lot of patience to make that armor work. The IS-6 is just more of a rambo machine and awakens the inner child, I play tanks to pewpew stuff, not shoot from the second line or drive around to support flanks. It's more noob-friendly, so maybe I'm just a baddie after all...
  8. Due to the recent popularity of this tank, I am going to start a platooning/mentoring/replay review, etc thread here. Requirements: Be willing to put up with me, I am not entirely confident in my abilities as a teacher, some people learn a lot, others not so much. NA Server for platooning. I could probably go over replays for SEA but i don't know much about the style on that server (campy/aggressive/vision-oriented etc) So best i could give you would be mechanical advice on positioning and such. Other then that there are really no requirements (well have a 34-3 considering that's what you want to learn I guess). This is all free of course. Anyway to the tank: Mobility: The tank handles pretty smoothly, Ok acceleration, a decent top speed of 50 and a good traverse rate (hull traverse: 46, turret traverse: 46) gives you enough mobility to move around to where you need to be. Protection: The hull is nothing special, and it being low to the ground is a detriment since most tanks will be shooting down at you negating your frontal slope. The camouflage is good, allowing you to play vision games and use bushes in engagements. The Turret is where this thing shines, a very strong turret that will bounce enemy shells more often then not. Firepower: This is where the tank stands out, it mounts the 122mm D-25T cannon with 390 alpha, along with the common 175mm AP penetration. However unlike its Russian counterparts it trades the 217 APCR shell for an outstanding 250mm HEAT option. The 175mm AP pen is still very workable as most of your shots will be against enemy mediums/ sides of heavies, with HEAT being reliable enough against tank you will face frontally. The High alpha allows you to lower your exposure time while still doing a large amount of damage. The Low rate of fire actually comes in handy, as you are able to fire, move behind cover, and are unlit by the time you are ready to take your next shot. The Downsides to the gun are its bad gun depression (-3 is very hard to work with for the majority), long aim time, and high (but better now) bloom. However even with these detriments the gun is semi reliable at snapshotting. Tips: 1: if you don’t have time to aim, snapshot anyways, the tank has a very large ammo capacity (40 shells) and if you miss you miss, if you hit you will take a chunk of their health away (and you can laugh because you hit them). 2: Gun depression can be simulated by abusing terrain (Ill post replays when I have time to play), otherwise try not fight over hills as it takes to long to get your gun on target and you have to expose the entire tank. 3: Your ammo rack is in the direct center of your tank (on both sides) so try not to give enemies your broadside; your fuel tank is in the front right (from your PoV). 4: Don’t be afraid to fire on the move. 5: HE is good for taking out artillery/ very low HP targets without aiming for weak points. Recommended skills: First: Gunnery skills, Safe stowage, Sixth Second skills: camouflage or BIA Third skill: Whichever you did not chose for skill 2 All in order to maximize the tanks fire power. Equipment is more preference oriented, Personally I run Vstab/GLD/Rammer. And to top it all off, this tank is FUN!! it is satisfying to do well in it and carry a team. If you want a replay reviewed you can just PM me or put it here and ill get to it ASAP. Same for platooning/mentoring!
  9. Just how well do the Chinese heavies perform? If I liked the T110E5, and don't mind lacking gun depression, will I like the Chinese tanks?
  10. This is a brief review on the 113, the tier 10 Chinese heavy tank. What was going to be the WZ-111 5A as the tier 10 Chinese heavy, it was found to be overpowered during the brief time it was on the test server. In exchange for losing what would be an IS-7 superior in every way that mattered, we get something much more balanced... Starting things off: it's a heavy tank, surely it has heavy armor, right? Nope. The upper frontal plate of the 113 is 120mm thick, angled at 68 degrees. It's got around 270mm worth of effective armor versus AP, and 320mm versus HEAT. Gee, that doesn't sound too bad, does it? It is. The 113 is the smallest (but also the third LONGEST) out of all tier 10 heavy tanks. This means every tank will be shooting down at you, thus making your effective armor much worse than promised. Tanks as tall as the E-100, Maus, even T57 will shoot down on you and penetrate with ease. While the upper plate doesn't make it the worst armored tier 10, it is all thrown away for 2 pretty important, massive weak spots: its sides and lower frontal plate. The lower frontal plate is 100mm angled at what looks like 60 degrees, for a mere 200mm effective armor versus HEAT, and 175mm versus AP. Okay, the lower frontal plate is a weak spot, but you can just angle to hide it, right? Nope. As I mentioned earlier, you are the third longest tier 10 tank. Only the Maus beats it, and the 50B is just barely longer. You have 80mm of side armor. Only when extremely well angled will it bounce anything. You cannot hide both your lower frontal plate AND show your autobounce side to the enemy at the same time. Also, you are very weak to arty. Since your front relies more on slope than pure armor, and your sides are paper as it is, just splash from an SPG will deal between 700-1,000 damage. What about the turret armor? Random. While it seems tough on paper, with 240mm at the front, no weak spots other than the hatches (which are small) and what looks like a great slope, what can go wrong? Weeeelllll, the turret "face" is almost flat. Tier 10 heavies will occasionally shoot here and go right through because there's not much angle to stop them. On the bright side however, if they don't hit the turret face, they're guaranteed to bounce, the angle can't be overdone by anything. However, versus tier 10 TDs and HEAT-slingers, don't even try your luck with hull down. Your mantlet will still bounce shots pretty well, though. Okay... armor out of the way, surely it has some other redeeming feature? I mean, the 50B isn't well armored, but that doesn't make it bad, does it? Since it's not heavily armored, let's look at its mobility. Is it fast? So-so. While having the second best top speed out of all tier 10 heavies, beaten by the IS-7 and 50B which are 15 km/h faster, it certainly does not feel "fast." Though it has good hp/t for a heavy, its soft stats entirely ruin it. It accelerates slowly, and will struggle to keep its top speed. Its agility then? Also mediocre. Though by now you're surely hoping that it'll play better as a medium tank then a heavy, you're about to be disappointed again. While having the second best track traverse out of all tier 10 heavies, tied with the 50B and only beaten by the FV215b, it doesn't come CLOSE to the mobility of a medium tank. Even the most sluggish tier 10 medium will have the 113 biting the dust. 113 loses more speed and turns worse than anything that resembles a "medium" at this tier. Its turret traverse, which one could at least expect to be fast? It's pretty much on par with other tier 10 heavies. You won't be doing any snapshots with how slow it turns. Camouflage? It's a heavy tank. I don't need to emphasize here. Well, that brings us to its last thing then, its gun performance. Being a tier 10 medium-heavy hybrid without any good armor or speed to boast about, now it's your time to shine, 113! Drumroll please. The 113's gun iiiiisssss...! Underperforming. Who would have thought that, huh? Using the same gun as a tier 9 medium with slightly buffed stats, you just thought the 113 was about to stop joking and start showing up with something to save it from being nothing else but a hipster tank. You're terribly wrong. Penetration: Bad. Only the E-100 has worse penetration with AP shells. 248mm in a tier where there are guns that have over 300mm. And this tank could *desperately* use some penetration. Accuracy: Subpar. It is not a brawling tank, nor a sniping tank. But every tank can snipe, not all can brawl. And the last thing this need is more reasons to engage in fist-fights with E-100s. Aim time: Bad, but not the worst. 2.7s base aim time. A lot of heavies at this tier have worse than that... though they generally have alpha to make up for it. The 113 doesn't. Having only 40 alpha more than the T110E5 but 0.7s longer aim time for it is not okay. Being a medium tank wannabe, you'd expect something more around 2.5s or 2.3s if we wanna really give it a handout, considering this tank has so little else going for it. Damage: Sadly, the ONLY feature where this tank could really use some of its "heavy tank privileges" it doesn't get any luck. At 440 alpha, it is as much as the IS-4, and it's only 40 more than the 50B, T57, 215b and T110E5. If this tank were to work with the performance it currently has, and the gun stats it already has been given, it would need around 530 alpha just to not head straight into the trashbin. Even then, that would only be 40 more than the IS-7 and the E-100's 128mm. Compared to medium tanks? It only has 50 more alpha than tanks that use 105mm guns, and they are much more accurate, have faster reloads, have faster aim times, and have more penetration. In every case, they also have better gun depression. Rate of fire: This time around it could use some of its medium tank privilege... does it get any? Of course not. With a rate of fire of 5.5, it's only "decent" for a heavy with this much alpha. With a reload clocking at 9.4 seconds with a 100% crew and a rammer, it simply isn't enough to give targets the fear of being dee pee emm'd to death. Gun depression: At 4 degrees downwards, you have THE WORST gun depression out of any tier 10 heavy. American and French heavies have twice as much as you. As if your turret, mobility, and armor wasn't situational or bad as it is, you don't have any gun depression to rely on. You'll be forced to fight on flat ground 80% of the time, and you will have a shitty time while doing it. The 113 is a role-confused hybrid that brings the worst of both worlds combined into one package. It has a mixed opinion on what's most important, armor or speed, and can't put enough into either one to make it worthwhile. It is not a good flank holder, nor a good flanker. It's not that much faster than most heavies, nor is it that much more armored than most mediums. Its gun is anemic to put it lightly. It will not save it when in trouble, nor will it work in its favor while trying to either trying to get behind the enemy or keep the flank in check. The 113 is a tank without direction. It's not sure what it wants to do, what it wants to be, or how it will manage itself. Kind of like a teen entering puberty. Overall, I'd rate the 113 a 3/10. While it CAN do well on its own, it just doesn't work on any particular type of map, nor does it pull consistently good performance versus any type of tank, team, or player. Also, due to its extreme lack of direction or particular role it exceeds at, it is very hard to get kills in this tank. As shown above, I have not even got a top gun in this tank.
  11. It's been said by our lord and savior SerB that the T-44-122 will not be available as a regular premium; data mining the icons has only further confirmed this. The icon has a big T plastered on it, which WG likes to use for Beta Test rewards (please remember the RU server gets the M4A2E4 as a normal tank). Now let's take a look at the T-44-122: WG has a number of projects in beta right now or will be in beta soon™. To be specific, WoWP, WoT xbawks, and WoT Blitz(?). However, this could be something that is given as a reward to people in ST. We shall now speculate...
  12. StranaMechty


    I picked this up this past weekend during the 15% off sale, after the 110 and WZ-111 model 1-4, I honestly wasn't expecting much. I'm not going to call it the new T57, but I was pleasantly surprised by a number of factors. Good 1) It's quite quick. The IS-7 has 15.4 HP/ton, but due to garbage terrain resistance (1.3/1.8/3.1), is far more sluggish than one would think. The 113 not only has 16.67 HP/ton, it also gets 1.3/1.4/2.7 terrain values. You can hit your top speed of 50kph and cruise there on a lot of terrain, unlike the IS-7 which bogs down to ~35kph on Malinvoka field. 2) The gun is a virtual copy of the IS-4's, but it has several small improvements. It fires 10% faster, is 0.02 more accurate, and aims in 2.7 seconds instead of 2.9. It does lose 11mm of AP penetration, but I'm not finding that to be a real issue. 3) The depression isn't nearly as crippling as I'd though it would be. Yes, at -4° it is the worst of the tier 10 heavies, but it's also only 1° worse than the T-62A, T-54, or IS-3, so if you know how to work with those vehicles you should be set. There will be sections of maps closed to you, but workarounds usually exist. 4) It's still so uncommon nobody has the slightest idea what to do with you. Your armor is 120mm at at least 65°, I think it's more like 68°, so with only a little wrangling autobounce can be achieved, unless you're at close range where the height of other vehicles gives them an angle advantage. Your line of sight thickness is something like 2.7x nominal, or ~320mm. 5) Spaced armor covers much of the side sponsons, and those parts that aren't are sloped to a good degree. Reverse angling works pretty well. Bad 1) The depression is -4°. 2) Armor has poor nominal thickness, anyone who can get an advantageous angle on you, or HE splash, is going to hurt. A lot. 3) Longer than an articulated bus, but without the segmentation to help you go around corners. Okay, so that's some exaggeration, but I'm pretty sure it's only a little bit shorter lengthwise than an E-100. 4) Being tiny makes it easy to hide, but can make it difficult to fire over things other tanks take for granted. Things I found amusing 1) It's about three feet tall. 2) It looks like a Type 59 had a baby with a stretch limo. Now, I don't think it'll have much place in organized fights, but I have enjoyed the 10 matches I've played thus far. It plays wildly differently from its predecessors, though, so beware. TL;DR: Zippy, quirky, fun if you're into that kind of thing, but definitely not for everyone or CW.
  13. I have a 2.95 skill Chinese medium crew, a Type 59, and am currently researching the Type 58. I intend to do a light-duty grind towards the 121, but I may decide to stop the grind due to future patches affecting the line. I am perfectly fine with using gold to reset my secondary skills. I also have access to gamesmodels3d, in case anyone tells me how to accurately value the figures listed there. Commander: 6th, Camo, BIA (95%) Gunner: Camo, Repairs, BIA (95%) Driver: Camo, Repairs, BIA (95%) Loader: SS, Camo, BIA (95%) Radioman: Camo (69%) [only relevant for the Type T-34 and the Type 58] I want to reset the third skill into some useful non-perk, before resetting the completed third skill into BIA. I'm pretty set on Commander/Loader Repairs and Snap Shot for the Gunner. I don't know about the Driver. Smooth Ride, for half the bonus of Snap Shot, but even more bloom management? Clutch Braking, for faster hiding/dodging/circling? Off Road Driving, to exploit the good Chinese track friction for #gottagofast? I play the Type 59 as a camo/hard cover brawler. tl;dr Chinese mediums, especially the Type 59: After Camo/Repairs, do I go Smooth Ride, Clutch Braking, or Off Road Driving? You can't answer with "BIA".
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