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Found 4 results

  1. I don't see a lot of people talking about the tier 7 premium Warcrimes Panther but from what I can tell the general consensus is that it's pretty terrible. I picked it up over the weekend thanks to a 30% discount and some tournament gold and I've got to say that it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Here's a list of pros and cons for the tank: + Sheltered matchmaking has you only seeing tier 8s. + High rate of fire sometimes lets you get two shots in during an opponent's reload. + Mantlet and turret have enough armor to use your DPM effectively if you stay hulldown. + Side armor is flat and meaty enough to be somewhat workable in sidescraping situations. + 1300 HP will help keep you alive in mid-to-late game when you're crossing a lot of open ground. + Reload time allows you to quickly swap between AP and APCR rounds to make a decent profit. ~ Mobility is so-so. Fast enough to flex but not fast enough to flank in many situations. ~ 8 degrees of gun depression is enough to abuse the turret but not to the same extent as the Comet's 12 degrees. - 350m base view range and terrible camo values won't win you many vision battles. - Alpha damage is very low; you're not going to be sneaking a lot of peekaboo shots or scaring anyone away with its gun. - Penetration of APCR is not substantially better than the AP round, making frontal fights with heavies difficult. - Can't mount a VStab, which makes snapshots and shooting on the move ineffective. - Front hull armor is weak and will be penned a lot if exposed. So what do you all think about the Panther/M10? What equipment and crew skills do you use? I'm running a new crew with 50% camo and GLD/rammer/optics but am considering swapping the GLD for vents to get a little more DPM and view range. I'm sure Smooth Ride and Snap Shot will help keep that aim time usable. Edit: Removed "best-in-class" DPM per Rexxie. It's actually average or below depending on whether or not you're including first shot aim time.
  2. No mods since in 9.9 http://wotreplays.com/site/2124241#siegfried_line-adeadman1-comet I thought I was being aggressive. Trying to push up but trying to engage only a few targets at once. I did that early on. Has I moved into the city, I basicly tried to put in a few shots, wait for the enemy to turn to face me, and promptly change flanks to get a new firing angle. I was not has focused on the minimap has I should have so I took to many shots out of my mistakes. I flipped between flanks has we pushed between the flag, I tried to get an angle but the IS-2 was constantly putting shots into me. The last 2 minutes are boring since the FV just hid for the last bit of game. http://wotreplays.com/site/2124250#stats I wasn't feeling aggressive this match, I never want to go to town when in light armor/low alpha/ non autoloader tank so I figured I'd try and kill the scouts along the mountain road before making my next move. Seeing nobody went middle, I drove over and planned to counter any flankers that would try and go down this flank. I looked at my map and notice that we appeared to be winning in both town and valley so I pushed up. Killed the AMX 75 with some help, pushed up until I spotted the 100Y. At this point the course of the game has changed in the opposing team's favor I think so I stop and try to slow the city flank down. Within seconds, most my team is dead. Seeing the E25 yoloing upward, I think "Screw it" and charge forward with the E25. We try and cap but then decide just to try to survive. http://wotreplays.com/site/2124270#malinovka-adeadman1-comet This one doesn't have the battle report since I was so feed up with the string of losses this morning.
  3. Hi again. Lately, I've been frustrated by this map. I rebought the Comet in order to raise a crew for my brand-new FV4202. I've been playing the tank a lot and enjoying it much more than during the original grind. However, I swear I'm getting that goddamn bloody Kharkov every other game. Tier VII matches are fine, VIIIs ok, but in tier IX matches, I really struggle. I think my problems mostly come from bad positioning. The truth is that I don't have a clue where to go. Generally, I avoid the middle at the beginning, try to support, punish enemies who aren't paying attention and find gaps in enemy lines so as to get behind them. Even if I succeed in this, it doesn't mean I will do well. I've been vaporized by artillery, killed by stray tanks and basecampers (especially TDs, which also seem a bit superfluous on this map) and more. What is your thought process when you're in a tank such as the Comet and get Kharkov as bottom tier? Any help would be appreciated. (I mean specifics in terms of this map, not the general stuff one should do everywhere and every time.)
  4. Okay, now that I have played my IS-4 to 200 battles I have decided to try and grind up the British Medium tree. In general Mediums are not my strong suit, but I love the way that the FV4202 looks and I want to succeed at this. For this grind I am starting at the Comet. I have everything unlocked (thank you Free exp). What equipment should I use for the Comet? I am thinking Vstab, Rammer, and Optics? What I want to know before playing is how to do well in this tank. Please provide replays if possible of good play, and I will definitely post some for critique. I also plan to continue to use this thread on my way up the tree, and will hopefully learn how to play these tanks well.
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