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Found 5 results

  1. I will preface this with the fact that I know full well that I'm not that good of a tanker, 1776 overall, so take this review/guide with a grain of salt. To all the Purple Poasters please feel free to tear me apart, I'm sure I fucked something up or am suggesting something wrong Constructive criticism is also welcome Good afternoon ladies and mentlegen! (or morning, or evening, or greetings from the future/past what have you) After a few PMs and poking from friends, I've decided to throw together a guide on one of my favorite tanks in the game: The tier 6 British medium, the Cromwell. There's two tanks in this game that I feel I've mastered, the tier 5 T14 and the tier 6 Cromwell. I've done a review for the T14 heavy (here's the link to that review: http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/398524-how-to-t14-its-review-time-a-tick-old-but-she-hasnt-changed-since/ ) and now I'm doing one for the Cromwell. Being I have reliable and stable internet again, I'm going to start uploading more videos and how-to guides as well as some of my more epic games. Now, about the Cromwell, just what is it? Well, it's one of the best balanced mediums in the game in terms of the armor triangle. It balances an acceptable level of armor with a fast firing gun and a very mobile platform. Now, that's not to say the armor on this tank is any good, it's acceptable against low tiers and will bounce the occasional shell, but don't rely on it to block incoming shots, it probably won't. It's a very mobile platform which serves as your greatest offensive and defensive asset. The ability to disengage from a fight or force a fight on your terms seems makes this one of the most flexible mid tier mediums you can have. The Cromwell's Strengths: It's fast. It accelerates quickly, it turns quickly, it cruises along at 64km/h on most terrain and in the mid 50s on swampy terrain. The mobility of the Crommie helps it establish very solid map control. It's speed allows you to leave a winning a fight to help a another fight win, you can take part in every skirmish in a match, putting your gun to use all across the map That same speed can help you carry a fight, keeping distance between you and the enemy and outrunning the enemy as you fall back. High DPM gun, with roughly a 3 second reload, you can bang out the shots rapidly, raking up the damage quickly and efficiently, using the previous strengths to keep yourself out of reach of enemy guns Hull and turret traverse, combined with the speed, you can use these two in concert to go full tilt boogie and run circles around your opponents, staying ahead of their guns while you murderize their HP. Almost every tank you encounter you can knife fight to death with a circling, juking maneuver. Oddly enough, one of the slowest tanks, the TOG, will have no trouble keeping it's gun on you while you circle it as it's traverse is rather insane A comfortable stock grind, using the 2nd 6 pounder gun with Enhanced Christie suspension to focus the grind on the guns and engines doing tracks last Great wolf pack capability, a triple platoon of Cromwells is a force to be reckoned with, even in tier 8 games 13 degrees of gun depression with the second 6 pounder and -8 degrees with the top 75 HV cannon (these are the two guns you want to use, the first during the grind) Drawbacks of the Cromwell: Your armor. It's not really going to stop most equal tier tanks or tanks of higher tier, against tier 4s and 5s, you'll have acceptable protection. The first 75mm gun you gain access to is misleading with terrible pen, stick with the second 6 pounder and use gold shells as needed (trust me, it's expensive, but easier to grind it this way) Prone to module damage, the radio man and gunner tend to be dead. A lot. The ammo rack tends to be damaged often (but not destroyed, in my 3,300 battles I've been ammoracked twice that I can remember) HE is scary, avoid at all costs unless you want your crew turned into a meaty soup scattered about the inside of your tank Cannot mount ungraded turret on stock tacks without enhanced suspension Cromwell Equipment: Gun Laying Drive: Why? The Cromwell is terrible at one-the-move shooting, when you're in knife fight range (sub 100 meter engagements) you can shoot on the move with ease, otherwise you want to stop, aim, shoot then reposition and repeat. With a 2.3 second aim time, the GLD helps make that more bearable OPTIONAL During grind: Enhanced Christie Suspension Why? This allows you to skip the tracks research early on and focus on getting the best gun and the extra HP the top turret provides. Once you've mounted the top turret and gun, getting exp for the rest of the modules shouldn't take long Medium Caliber Gun Rammer: Why? It cuts down on the reload, allowing a quicker reload and more damage. Why not? OPTIONAL: Vents. Why? It's a bonus to the crew all around. If you're crew has BIA, this can be dropped for Optics or used until your crew gets BIA OPTIONAL: Coated Optics: Why? You don't want to sit still long enough for binocs to kick in, you only want to sit still long enough to pop off a shot or two and then reposition for a better shot 2, 4, and 5 are all optional and vary based on player need and crew skills. The Optics versus Binocs debate is really up to player preference, I don't recommend binocs as you really shouldn't be sitting still in a Crommie for extended periods of time Suggestions on how to play Rule #1: Stay alive. This means don't take excessive risks early on and lose your HP to bad positioning and bad trades. With optics and a 100% crew, you should have north of 400 meters of view range, meaning you should see what's coming before it sees you. Spot things if you can and take up a spot where you can deal a shot or three of damage and pull back before incoming fire. After the initial contact and first few damaging shots, you can spend the mid game helping or flexing where needed, or hanging back (in tier 8 games, usually) and taking shots of opportunity until you have a clear avenue to flank, attack, or fall back. This takes map awareness to be good at. Late game, use your speed and maneuvering capability to hunt down the last few guys if you're winning. If you're in a losing game and have to carry to win, use vision and terrain to fall back and keep the enemy walking into your guns. Use your speed and mobility to outrun the enemy advance and set up ambush positions. A more passive early game in higher tier games is encouraged, whereas in games where it's mostly tier 6 with a tier 7 or two on each side you can be fairly aggressive, establishing a dominant position early. Against tier 8s, this is not encouraged, instead waiting for moments to sneak in shots and jumping on isolated targets. Late game aggression is encouraged in games where you have the advantage. Late game passive defensive play is encouraged where you're not in an advantageous position, relying instead on your view range and ability to rapidly reposition to work down your opponents in a fighting retreat. CREW SKILLS Commander: 6th-BIA-whatever you want Gunner: Snap shot- BIA-whatever you want Driver: Smooth Ride- BIA- Whatever you want Radio man: Situational awareness- BIA- Whatever you want Loader: Safe Stowage (or any of his three specialty skills)- BIA- Whatever you want As a 3rd skill, you can go for camo for sneakiness or go my route and focus on tank comfort and focus on the tanks ability to be more accurate, turn quicker, rotate quicker, and so forth at the expense of camo bonuses. Ammo loadout and consumables loadout: AP shells: 40- most of what you'll see you'll have no problem penetrating with your standard AP shells APCR: 20- KV 4/5, IS-6, and a few other really thick tanks will need this ammo unless you want to sit still up close and aim for a weak sp- *shot and dead*, nevermind, load gold and click HE: 4 - Crit the tracks and get that reset or shoot a Nashorn in the butt for lulz Small Repair, Small medkit, and Auto fire kit (it's worth the credits, seriously) Review video (Best in 1080 C: ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsyuHWb4wqk GAMEPLAY: With commentary on how and why I make the choices I do Match 1: (Defeat) To be added Match 2: (victory and clean up damage) To be added Match 3: (victory and mega carry) To be added Match 4: (victory) To be added BONUS Pool's match: ***NOTE*** I am waiting on my videos to convert one-by-one and be uploaded to youtube and I'll add the 4 battles I played after the review video as they're ready If there's any questions, opinions, or suggestions on how I can make tank reviews and how-tos any easier, let me know! Thanks, _Tsavo_
  2. http://wotreplays.com/site/1547742#el_halluf-zapyoug-cromwell Seeing that I was up against two tier 7 heavy tanks, I decided to try and go for a draw here, resetting from multiple directions Any suggestions on how to better do that/ideas on how I could have won safely? In case you didnt get it, the battle lasts 15 min, so I would recommend some fast forwarding Im also far too chatty in my pub matches so my apologies if it grinds on your nerves (this is the first game I played in the cromwell after buying it back btw)
  3. I tried to submit this review to RBS two weeks ago, but no response so far so I decided to just put it up here. Enjoy Cromwell review by WaterWar The Cromwell is an iconic British medium/cruiser tank with great mobility for its time. It saw active combat during the later stages of WWII and the following years (1944-1955) with about 1000 tanks produced. In World of Tanks the Cromwell is a tier VI tank on the British medium line leading up to the (soon to be replaced) FV4202. It comes after the Crusader tank and leads to the Comet tank, which is quite fitting with development and abilities of these tanks during WWII. In this review I will go through different aspects of the Cromwell as it is portrayed in World of Tanks, including; characteristics of the gun and tank, recommended equipment/consumables, skills to consider and finally the play style of this tank. I will try to keep it as concise as possible, feel free to skip the sections that you have no interest in or already know. Characteristics In the following section all the numbers and characteristics are given with 100% crew taken into account and are taken from the “Tank Inspector” software. Mobility: This is the main strength of the Cromwell. It has an excellent top speed of 64 km/h (20 km/h reverse) on flat ground and going downhill you can even surpass this. This is significantly faster than other tier 6 mediums. Combine this with a power to weight ratio of 23.19 hp/t, hull traverse speed of 36 d/s and terrain resistance values of 0.86/0.96/1.73 on soft/medium/hard terrain respectively and the Cromwell becomes nimble and manoeuvrable tank. This allows the tank to easily relocate into strong positions and to counter enemy pushes around the battlefield. Circling isolated heavy tanks is also a joy. Armour: The Cromwell has next to no armour when compared to its counterparts. The hull has a thickness of 64/32/32mm and with no angle at all and prone to triple overmatching on the sides and rear from guns with a calibre greater than 122mm. The turret is slightly better armoured at 76/63/57mm but this is still not much good – on the plus side, at least it can’t get triple overmatched by any gun the Cromwell faces! The only way you are going to not take damage when you are hit is by some ‘freak’ angle on the turret or if the tracks absorb the shell. This means that the health pool of 750 HP will be used up quickly if under fire. Life is simple in the Cromwell: Don’t get hit or you die. Gun: The Cromwell uses a standard 75 mm gun. It does 135 hp of damage (175 hp with HE) with a penetration of 145/202/38 mm (AP/APCR/HE respectively). The premium round on the Cromwell allows it to remain competitive in higher tier games. The rate of fire is 16 rounds per minute which equates to a damage-per-minute figure of 2165.9 - with a shot dispersion value of 0.345m at 100m. The gun depression is -8 degrees allowing you to fight on hills and ridges with good effect (still not to the level of some American tanks). Be aware that over the back of the tank, the Cromwell has +2 degree of gun depression. This means the Cromwell CAN NOT aim at target on level ground over the rear of the tank. All of above (minus the rear depression) makes the gun looks to be good, on paper. Sadly this is not the whole truth as the Cromwell has some bad hidden stats that result in poor gun handling. First off, the shell velocity is quite low (785 m/s) so it is hard to lead targets at range without significant practice. Secondly the bad accuracy bloom values after firing and on turret and hull movement (see image below) means that whenever this tank is moving the aiming reticule expands to a stupidly large size requiring you to aim for a long time when you stop moving. This leads to poor snapshotting - even at close range your shots will fly off into weird directions. You will want to do whatever you can do improve the gun handling (more on that later). Visibility: Camouflage is 14.6/11.1/4% (stationary/moving/firing) with a 100% crew. With a 100% camo crew the values are 26.43/20.09/5.5%, adding the Improved Ventilation equipment (vents), Brothers in Arms crew perk (BIA) and the Pudding and Tea (food) consumable on top and you get a great camouflage value of 28.2/21.44/7.73%. This helps the survivability of the tank and allows it to perform in a pseudo-scout role. The view range is a 360m which is standard for tier 6 mediums. Equipment and consumable Equipment: The only equipment that should really be considered for the Cromwell is Improved Ventilation, Gun Rammer, Gun-Laying Drive, Coated Optics and Binocular Telescope. Sadly the Cromwell cannot mount a vertical stabiliser (unlike the Sherman ‘Easy-8’ also at tier 6). Since the Cromwell is so mobile and has a decent view range you will want to mount Coated Optics as this gives it even more flexibility as a pseudo-scout (more on that later). Next you want to optimise the gun handling as much as possible so a gun-laying drive will help with the aim time and snapshotting ability of the gun. The third slot is up to personal preference and play style. Some people (such as Quickybaby) mount the Binocular Telescopes if you like to be a passive scout. I personally think that is wasting the biggest strength of the tank; mobility. The Cromwell should not be sitting still at any point if you are trying to scout. You can also go with a rammer for increased DPM or you can go with Improved Ventilation for a slight overall improvement on everything - including gun handling, view range and camouflage – of which the latter two help with the scouting role. I personally choose to mount vents, as I want to improve the gun handling as much as possible. I found that I am more often in a situation where I would need or want better gun handling compared to one where I can use the DPM of the tank to the fullest. A gun rammer only decreases your reload with 0.374 seconds so it’s not that big of a difference in my opinion. Consumables: For consumables there is nothing that special about the tank. If you feel like it you can drop the fire extinguisher for food or Improved Octane Fuel depending on how many credits you want to spend. Food helps more with the overall gun handling and stack with the bonuses from vents and any potential BIA perk. You don't get set on fire very often (engine is 20% fire chance), but it does happen from time to time and always in critical games where you need to carry hard. Such is RNGesus. Skills For crew skills, you will want to try and improve the gun handling as much as possible (smooth ride and snap) together with overall survivability perks (6th sense and safe storage), followed by camouflage and view range skills to help with the scouting abilities. You could consider training BIA when you are working on your 3rd skill, especially if you run with food and vents as they all stack together and help with the bad gun handling (it’s all about the gun handling). This is more of a personal preference as some people prefer to focus on other skills like driver skill and repairs. However: don't bother with repairs until 3rd or 4th skill as you have so little health you can't allow yourself to sit and wait for your tracks to get back on. If you are tracked you need to use your repair kit - if you are then tracked again you are dead anyway. Even with a full repair crew it takes 6-7 seconds to put the tracks back up which is a long time at this tier, so I wouldn’t bother with it (talking from experience here). Also I would argue clutch breaking is not needed on this tank because the traverse is already great, but again, this is an issue of personal taste. I would recommend the following set-up for a full three-skilled crew: Commander: BIA/6th sense/camo Driver: BIA/Smooth ride/camo Gunner: BIA/snap shot/camo Radio: BIA/situational awareness/camo Loader: BIA/Safe storage/camo For now let’s assume you have done everything you can to improve the gun handling (mounted vents and gun-laying drive; snap shot and smooth ride perks; added food as consumable). What improvement has this provided? Comparing the two images below and we can see that there is a significant difference of between 8% (hull blooms) and 17% (turret blooms). So if you want to go all in on improving gun handling it is also worth noting that by doing this you also improve the tank performance overall (with BIA, vents and food). Tactics The Cromwell is a flexible tank that can perform a set of different roles depending on map and team composition. It performs quite differently depending on whether you are top-tier or bottom-tier because of the combination of HP difference and bigger guns. Overall, I tend to follow the same general strategy when driving the Cromwell. Due to the excellent mobility and top speed of the Cromwell it performs well as a pseudo-scout or as a support for the friendly scouts in the early fights for key positions such as the central hill on Mines, the ‘doughnut’ on Cliff or Karelia etc. The scout-support role works no matter the tier but your aggression should differ depending on the tier. When you are bottom-tier it most likely that they have a scout the same tier as you or even a tier higher, in which case you would need to be more careful (emphasising the supportive nature). When top tier you can be more aggressive on the early positions. The pseudo-scout nature of the Cromwell works no matter the tier. Whenever I play my Cromwell I always go for an initial scouting run (assuming the map allows me to do it) as this gives both you and the team valuable information about enemy deployment. Based on this information I can move to the best position to help the team. When the battle has developed a bit you can start to flex around the map allowing you to support different flanks and exploit enemy defensive weaknesses to cause a lot of damage and kill key targets; remember that the Cromwell is a decent scout so keep using this to your advantage. End-game you can start ‘mopping up’ by killing isolated enemies and/or give on feeding your team with information (enemy positions, remaining health) whilst being a pain in the arse by driving around and being unpredictable. Now if you are top-tier you can be more aggressive and be more active in the fights, whereas if you are bottom tier, you are more a scout than a medium and have to play accordingly. Don’t forget that you have a small total of hit-points (by comparison) and can be killed in two shots by Russian 122mm guns, three shots by almost anything else when bottom tier. When top tier you can take a few more shots, but you still need to be opportunistic. Since the recent changes to maps have been more brawl-focused I want to add a small paragraph on how to handle that. When top tier you need to use your situational awareness to shoot at enemies when they are distracted by someone else and then pulling back before they can return fire. You can afford to take a hit from anything but 122mm guns and still be able to fight on. Avoid facing 122mm guns like the plague if you can, as they shave off 2/3 of your HP if they roll high. If you are bottom tier you need to be even more cautious and opportunistic as even more guns can kill you and you have a hard time penning most targets, even with APCR shells. I can't really add more than that as it’s primarily dependant on each individual battle/map/composition as how to move and where to find the holes. It eventually comes with practice and your situational awareness definitely helps with this. Summary Just to summarise this review in a few pros and cons: ++Excellent mobility +Good camouflage value (with camo crew) +Good penetration (with gold round) +8 degrees of gun depression -Slow shell travel time -Very thin armour -Can’t mount vertical stabiliser --Horrible gun handling characteristics I hope you enjoyed this review and learned something new. If you have any feedback and/or questions I will be more than happy to respond to them as best I can.
  4. Hi Everyone, I would like to share with you a game i had on the Cromwell. It is in the abbey. I get 9 kills earning me a Radley Walters medal. If you are thinking of getting a Cromwell this would be a handy vid to watch. It is followed by a review of the Cromwell. A typical game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySuu1Hiz7Wg Please like and subscribe if you enjoy. Have a great day Havoc
  5. Just noticed how similar these two tanks are. Similar weight class, gun selections etc... If you were going to choose a scout, which one would be preferable?
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