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Found 1 result

  1. How does this tank not have its own appreciation thread yet? The E75 was my first tier 9, and at the time I didn't realize just how amazing it was. However, I bought it back recently and I cannot tell you how much I love this tank. The thread title is intentionally inflammatory, but I honestly believe that the E75 is, if not the greatest, at least in the top 3 tier 9 tanks. So what's so great about the E75?? Pros: I will break the pros into 3 categories: armor, armament, and miscellaneous. Armor: - ~250mm turret face is impenetrable except by gold or T10 TD guns - Upper plate is essentially impenetrable - Lower plate is immune to anything below 225 penetration without angling and immune to most everything else if angled properly - No frontal viewport weak spot - Cupola is small, but certainly not impossible to hit, making it the E75's greatest frontal weakness - 120mm of side armor coupled with the strong turret make this tank one of the best sidescrapers in the game Armament: 128mm Kw.K. 44 L/55 - 246mm of standard AP penetration makes firing gold unnecessary for all but a few tanks/situations - 128mm caliber overmatches 40mm armor (T30 turret roof, Foch sides) - 490 alpha puts it on par with some of the hardest hitting T10 heavy guns - 311mm of APCR penetration make its gold round extremely deadly - 0.38 accuracy and 2.9s aimtime allow the E75 to capitalize on its sidescrape/peek-a-boom strengths, as well as making an already great brawler a decent sniper to boot Miscellaneous: - 400m of view range put it on equal footing with all but a few tanks in the vision game - The E75 is a big girl, weighing in at JUST OVER 90 TONS. Nobody rams the E75. Nobody. However, you can ram other tanks for massive damage (if you can build up the speed) - HP pool is large at 1920, making effective trading a breeze combined with your high-alpha gun and amazing armor - Hull traverse speed is very fast for a T9 heavy at 30 deg/s, beaten out in that category only by the AMX 50-120 at 32 deg/s *** Cons: The cons I will divide up into a single category: speed - Turret traverse is painfully slow at 18 deg/s - The tank is slow overall, with poor acceleration and a top speed of just 40km/h - Horsepower/ton ratio is somewhat low at 12.89 (vs the M103’s 14.8hp/t or the IS8’s 14.74) - Did I mention the tank is slow? One other con that is good to mention is the fact that the E75 does not have the best DPM at tier 9, with the 128mm having a reload just over 13s (maybe slightly below with BIA and Vents?). However, it is good to point out that this is about 2s of a longer reload than the IS7’s gun which has the same alpha and worse dispersion and aimtime. The DPM on the M013 is 1.122x greater than the E75. The DPM on the IS8 is 1.11x greater than the E75. So the E75 is lacking in DPM, but not greatly, and some would argue that the other excellent attributes of the 128mm make up for slightly lower damage output over time. *** And so I ask again, what makes the E75 so great? Imo, it is the fact that all of its pros work together so well. The armor, gun, and soft stats complement each other extremely well, making the E75 a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, even for T10s. Other T9s have their good attributes, but it seems that there is always some very large con to go along with them that detracts from their potential effectiveness in a way that just isn’t there with the E75. Yes, the tank is slow. But it really doesn't feel that slow when driving it, and honestly if it were any faster it would be disturbingly OP. In my experience the E75 destroys all other T9s in the majority of situations, and is capable of going toe-to-toe with T10s in a way other T9s cannot. These are the attributes that make the E75 one of the greatest tanks in the game, and this is die Macht der Deutsch Stahl! GERMAN HEAVY DRIVERS UNITE!
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