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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Next 15 days T28proto, T30 and E4 will be on discount, i alrdy have an T30, and i sure as hell dont want a Proto, but im not so sure about E4.... The way i see it, E4 is just an inferior E100, so not really worth it, but is this true? Pros E4 (over E100): - superior penetration, 295 AP =/> 340 HEAT let alone 375 APCR - (way) better shell speed - better accuracy - equal aim time / bloom? (or bloom worse?) Cons: - slighly worse turret front armor - worse hull front armor - way, way worse side armor - just as slow - terrible turret weakspot - 700 hp less So you trade tons of armor and stopping power for a clearly better gun, which is also cheaper to use, but you do trade a lot of armor and hps... So Is it worth buying E4 if you have an E100? ps: credits are no problem (at all) but crew is, so thats why i am not sure if i should buy E4... edit: I have read btw the ranking: http://rocketbrainsurgeon.com/best-tier-10-tanks/ but that doesnt answer my question if E4 is worth it (i guess E100 is better, but is it so much better that playing E4 is pointless?)
  2. Thanks everyone for participating. Remember I dont think the E4 is ultra weak, just that it needs a true home in what it is and needs some buffs to bring it to that point, these wouldnt change it much from a enemy tanks perspective but from a drivers that extra 350 HP would be huge, no more losing 50% of health from 1 arty splash etc. Survivability on a soft tank with no camo means HP... So IMO the E4 is a tank that was nerfed into the ground as was the M48. Seems like when US tanks are blatantly OP they get dealt with harshly as Im sure the T57 will be. IMO it also needs to be revisited badly as this tank doesnt know what it is and suffers from its "Class" but gains nothing from it. When it came out it was an absolute terror and really there was little reason not to use it. It has 850 Alpha back when only 1 Heavy had near that and only a few TD`s did. No 183 or jpz. It also had a turret that was much harder than now with a Reload closer to 15 secs when all said and done. It was OP as hell, more DPM than any heavy with almost 2x alpha+Pen of a TD and turret, and armor. But after nerf it was ruined and power creeped even more. Because its a "Td" it gets 300-400 less HP than if it was a heavy, it gets much softer armor and just as bad gun handling. It would compete with IS4+Is7 on light end and E100 on heavier end, all with DPM more in the same area with all 3 better armor. E100 has same alpha but better DPM nght and day armor and 650 more HP. IS7 has much better speed and armor and vs arty or flanking meds is night and day better. And all for a whopping 100 DPM. Then vs TD`s its massively UP in DPM with 2250ish vs similiar with a 3 clip magazine of a Foch. yes it has a turret but its soft as hell and has no Camo...Or 3.5% while moving which is LOL. Look at 268 which is now med of the road. 268 is faster has double the camo and more while firing, it has 400ish DPM more with 4.5 sec reload diff, more Pen much better accuracy and really its armor is as good easily. So, IM othe main reason it was ok was the Meta of the game favoring Camping etc where it was much worse than a E3 or 268 or Foch. Now Meta is becoming Brawl and its second rate with this to a solid Heavy or even a med. They need to either make it a TD and give it same Camo as a 268 [they are same size INRL well E4 was E5 inspired so yeah] and then it still has shitty armor, gun handling and DPM fo its turret, or it needs its HP and Armor buffed, id say 2350 HP with Turret cheeks from 250 to 270 vs AP and 50/50 vs heat`s 330mm at wekspot. Also tumor goes to just below a E3. Ether way is balanced IMO. Even with OP turret part, it still would have a E5`s Upper/lower. So for a super heavy it would be Meh Armor and Meh HP for a big gun that pens well. And for a TD it would have bad DPM, ad gun stats and either way its bad track resist hurts it. What do you guys think? E4 is such a fun concept and its ok in Pubs but only because 750 alpha is easy to use/abuse. But in reality how much better than a T30 is it? IMO my ultimate would be making E4 a true heavy and T57 a TD. I think T57 could play better and be more balanced as a 1900 HP tank and gets slowed turret traverse and loss of a shell for some other things. So the other route would be making the E4 like the old T30 where it was soft as hell but had great gun handling etc...So maybe 2250 HP 2.5 Sec Aim+ .35 accuracy and increase depression to -8. TL;DR E4 needs to be updated and in my perfect world it goes.... T57 moves to 2nd unarmored TD, and goes to 1900 HP making it perfectly balanced if it loses 1 shell but retains DPM. It fits much better anyways. E4 moves to 2nd heavy and either becomes true super heavy with 2400ish HP and Turret reinforcement including cheeks and hatch or E4 becomes old T30 style with shit in class Armor but 2.5 Aimtime .35 accuracy and-8 [+2 depression buff] Also a bit of dispersion etc. This gives guys a choice and moves tanks to where they should be. if 57/58 was made it would not have been Hvy but a TD.
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