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Found 1 result

  1. So, I finally broke through my two-month long potato run, fueled by grinding Brit med/Brit heavy/Brit TD/French TD until I was beating my face against the keyboard, and have learned (basically) How To Emil, based on some advice that showed me what I was doing wrong. (plenty.) The problem I'm running into is one that has plagued me forever with slow TDs: Where to go on certain maps. Ideally for the Emil you find spots that don't take 5 minutes to get to, where you can abuse your view range while peeking over a hill or bump. Thanks to WG chopping up the long lines of sight on many maps. that's hard to pull off. Some maps that I don't perform well on are Fjords is one I'm unsure on. F8-E6 from the east, or hook around and work the field from the north when spawning west. Himmelsdorf: Too small to abuse view range. Usually try to cover the 2/3 line from either end Northwest: I'm so slow, I end up at C8 from the north, or G2 hoping to move up later on the south. Ruinberg southwest ends up too close to the action to survive in an "Easy Kill" Emil, so I end up near J5 or J7, which limits my contribution. Serene Coast: I go either B3-B4 or G2-G3, which again seems to limit my contribution, but anything closer gets you a free lead lunch because your camo = nil South Coast: I end up either on the beach or trying to overwatch the middle. Tundra: no clue. Westfield: A3-B4 from the NE spawn, again, doesn't seem an optimal position, but the hard cover is vital. Can't brawl the city in an Emil, so end up in D1-D2 Windstorm: from the north, I"ll cover the A line or the C line. From the south, I end up milling aroung F4-G4, hoping to get lucky. Sightlines are too short to push north, and city fighting is never a good idea with the Emil. My technical skill is enough to perform decently, but my ignorance of the subtleties of the maps is what's holding me back. HInts are greatly welcome!
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