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Found 5 results

  1. Forgive me if I didn't spell the map's name correctly, but here goes... What should I do on Prokhorovka standard, if I'm a: Heavy Tank Medium Tank What should I do on Prokhorovka Encounter (ew), if I'm a: Heavy Tank Medium Tank TD How I see this map: West: good place to go as TD - lots of bushes for camo + pubbies to snipe East: Hills = good-meh sniping spot + shoot people in city Center (west of the railroad): Suicide (although you can shoot city, east, AND west, it still gets me killed) City: Slow suicide
  2. Just look at this. Saw this for the first time a moment ago. Don't even know what to think. Judging from our spawns, there doesn't appear to be any pattern for which vehicles spawn where, a la Westfield. We've got mediums, lights, a heavy and a TD in the west, and mediums, lights, and arty in the east. I was in my 3002 M and tried to round the corner and make it to my favored semi-secret spot near the bridge and shoot people south, but apparently the red team spawns farther north than the 2 diamond suggests, I got tracked and had my engine removed very quickly despite the relative quickness of the 3002 M, by a T34 no less. Unless you're exceptionally fast I would not expect to be able to make it to the bridge from the north west spawn without having to fight the southern enemies. Edit: Here's the layout of the cap circle. Yes, being on the bridge counts. INB4: Turn off encounter.
  3. I enabled encounter mode after months. Its not bad, some maps are imbalanced but overall dynamic gameplay allows for damage farming in amx 50120. Problem is something else. If i recall correctly, it was 50% random, 25% encounter, 25% assault. So why do i play encounter like 70% of time in my 30 games sample? Is it small sample bias or does lack of players means higher probability of getting encounter. Also noticed MM is nicer for tier 9s with encounter enabled by being top tier more. Anyone with similar experience?
  4. If you play medium tier battles (tier 5 for example), there' s something I was told by a platoon mate. Disabling encounter and assault improves your matchmaking by increasing the pool of low tier tanks. Encounter is only unlocked for players with at least tier 4 tanks in their garage. Assault mod is only unlocked for players with at least tier 6 tanks in their garage. This statement has two consequences : If you disable encounter/assault : 1. These mods are acting as noob filters, in normal mod you can see total noobs playing tier 3 (encounter), or even tier 4 or 5 (assault). So if you are playing @tier5, you will fight more total noobs in normal mod than on encounter and even more on assault mod. 2. Second consequence, linked to the first is that as these mods are acting as filters and as these filters apply to lower tier tanks, matchmaking is also affected. You have a better chance to play as top tier in a normal battle where the pool of lower tier tanks is higher than on encounter or assault. Exemple : If you play assault in a tier 5 battle, and if we say there are 10% of players who haven't unlocked this mod yet because their higher tier tank is tier 5, they won't be abble to play this mod, and the pool of tier 5 or less available for MM will decrease accordingly. What do you think about this statement ?
  5. What do you guys do when the window licking mouth breathers your teammates abandon the hill on Himmelsdorf? Usually I soldier on up the hill alone or with the one or two other souls brave enough to mount a defense, get rofl stomped and then load another battle. Occasionally I carry the hill despite overwhelming odds. See my w/r for how often that might happen (sarcasm intended). Today I decided 'fuck it' and told my team to abandon hill and defend the lower city from north spawn. I had a decent defending position in that wrecked building @ A4, and held off the hill rush as they came down. They just drove straight into my LOS and I pounded them until the last KV1S got smart and backed up to go another route. We still lost the battle because the force that went to cap forgot to do important things like kill the tanks in front them, and take cover. I had to go hunt the KV1S and potatoed into the LOS of a sniping hellkitty. But is it viable map tactic? (ie not just situational) Keep in mind the hill force was basically unmolested when they came down the roads, I wasn't just cleaning up kills. I'll put up a replay when I get a chance to convert something to youtube.
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