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Found 4 results

  1. Let's all have a thread for the most fun tier 8 premium. Stronk camo ammo, stronk speed, stronk gun, stronk view range. More agile than the Type 59, much less painful to drive than the JT8.8, all the ammo you could possibly fire in one round, and all the passive camo and view range abuse you could ask for. While not as good an active scout (lol) as the Type 59, or as good passive scout (LOL) as the JT8.8 with binocs, it's much more flexible than either. Even though I only have 62% camo training, my FCM is stealthy as hell in a bush. Most enemies can't spot me until around 280m, and it hides surprisingly well despite being so large. The gun performs great, other than the terrible turret rotation dispersion. The armor... nothing you can rely on, even when top tier versus bottom tiers. But that's the FCM teaching you a lesson: armor is only a bonus, you should be abusing distance, camo, and cover instead of armor. If you try to rely on the FCM's armor, she will treat you as rough as you treat her. The armor is enough for an occasional bounce if an enemy tries a snapshot on you at a bad angle, mainly at your sides. It sides are surprisingly well protected versus arty hits, too. Splash is rarely an issue. The mobility is EXCELLENT. With high-end medium tank acceleration and an excellent top speed, this tank can go wherever it wants. The track and turret traverse speeds are quite good as well. It can quickly change direction and retreat without trouble. The gun is top notch, easily the best out of all tier 8 premiums with preferential matchmaking. You have 212mm of penetration, compared to 175mm on the IS-6, 112 and T-34-3, 167mm on the KV-5, 201mm on the JT8.8, and last and least a painful 170mm of pen on the Super Pershing. You have 1000m/s shell velocity with AP, compared to 830m/s on the KV-5, 975m/s on the Super Pershing, 900m/s on the Type 59, 800m/s on the T-34-3 and 112, and 790m/s on the IS-6. Only the JT8.8 equals it at 1000m/s as well. The accuracy is great, only beaten by the JT8.8, whereas almost every other tier 8 pref mm prem has horrible accuracy combined with bad penetration. The rate of fire is also beaten by the JT8.8 but no other prem comes close to it. With a ~6.7s reload, you can lay down a fair amount of shots per minute. Though, to be fair, considering it is a sniper and not a brawler, it should have a higher rate of fire. 9.5/m would be great, but that is a different story. The alpha... however, is lacking. It is the worst out of all tier 8 prems, equaled with the Super Pershing and JT8.8, but has a better reload than the former. The view range? Unmatched. You can spot blind soviet tanks and begin firing at them far before they can even get close enough to shoot you. With my swagged out commander and radio operator plus optics, I have a whooping 463m view range on this tank. Which means I can spot most heavies at near maximum spotting range, at which range most tanks need to come quite a bit closer to spot me back, while some tanks need to get almost 100 meters closer just to spot me in return. That is, of course, assuming I'm not in a bush, in which case they'll need to get somewhere between 200 and 300 meters closer. Great credit making capabilities, albeit not as good as a Type 59 (because Chinese bias.) An average match earns me 50-60k credits. Ammo is cheap and plentiful and you reload fast, so don't be scared to blind shot an enemy. You can also earn a bunch of creds by passive scouting, which works excellent in this tank, believe it or not. Also, unlike most other prems, you do not need to fire gold on a regular basis. 212mm penetration is plenty to get through the front weak spots of almost every tank you will encounter. I only load APCR for T-54s and some low-health targets I need to make sure get killed in one shot. Oh, and one thing it can do that only one other tier 8 prem can do? Ram. Ram like no tomorrow. Weighing fiddy five tons with decent base frontal armor, it will put a SEVERE beating on any medium or "light" heavy tank. 50km/h + 55 tonnes = 105% PAIN Only the KV-5 beats it in ramming potential, weighing almost TWICE as much but lacking a lot in the mobility and top speed departments. The FCM won't work up as powerful rams, but it will do much more "fun" rams than the KV-5 (see OP image.) To summarize: Do you like playing a game of Where's Waldo with the enemy? Do you want a tank that forces you to play good? Do you want to be a medium tank but mom won't let you? Look no further than the FCM 50t. Best tier 8 premium, period. Besides, the Type 59's crew can't even ride the big machines at an amusement park because they're 2short.
  2. Hey all. I still have over 10k gold left in my garage from the March Mapness tourney a few months back, and I want to buy a prem tank with it, but I'm not sure what. Thoughts? Currently looking into a Type 64 because I hear nothing but good things about it. Its fun, great for strongholds, and I'm starting down the Chinese light line. Also looking at the CDC or waiting for the FCM 50t to go on sale. I'm working on both the medium and heavy lines for the French tree, so both are fine as trainers. The question is, is pref MM on the FCM worth the slightly worse stats and considerably higher purchase price? Or the SU-122-44 because it seems like fun. I like fast-ish tanks, and definitely want to have fun with the thing, so other suggestions in that vein are cool too. Thanks!
  3. So I bought the fcm 50 t to grind credits to buy the obj 140 and a few of my other tanks back because everyone said its the best credit grinder ever but i'm only averaging 20k a game which is sub par in this tank because I know it can put in work but i'm apparently doing something seriously wrong .
  4. The FCM 50t is generally regarded as it's squishy and can't hold a flank alone. I'll openly admit that I'm pretty bad at solopubbing the thing, myself. Well, I've got some credits to make, some free and convertible XP to generate, and some learnin' to do so without further ado I present my "Pork Learns to Love the Pubbies Solopub Challenge". You might ask, "What is the point of this solopub challenge?" I'm glad you asked! Here are my goals: Stop trying to farm damage. I've been guilty of playing the FCM as a pure support sniper in the past in the hopes of boosting WN8 and my credit earning. That's bad. I've uninstalled session stats to get out of the stats-chasing mentality and into the win-at-all-costs mindset. Damage is not always king; local advantages are often better for winning than sniping at a tank that's positioned himself effectively out of play. Trust my teammates more. My current mindset while playing involves me conserving my HP at all costs. No more! I'm going to start using my HP as an expendable resource that I can use to keep my teammates alive. If there's an autoloader that's about to get rekt while he's reloading, I'm going to jump in and save him if the opportunity looks favorable. Basically, I'm going to try to be the best team player I can be so that our team gets and maintains a numerical advantage, even if it might involve a bit of self sacrifice. Even though pubs be pubs, I need to trust that they're going to continue to shoot at enemy tanks if I can keep them alive to do so. Do what it takes to win. If my team forms a lemming train, the best play might be to secure a defensive position near our cap or the other flank to stall or defend against a capfast. If my team is pulling slightly ahead in endgame with 5 tanks left to their 4, it might make sense to go ahead and cap instead of trying to kill every tank. I'm going to try to make the best play that would tilt a questionable game into a winning one, even if it's not optimal for purpledom. I'm going to post replays and session stats in small batches whenever I work on this challenge. The goal is to solopub the FCM 50t and E-25 for something like 100-150 games so I can improve on all of the above points. I feel like the E-25 fits in the same sort of niche that the FCM does: great for getting damage and platooning but not so great for winning without a good team or platoonmates. I'm not going to be doing this challenge exclusively, but I am going to focus on it until I feel satisfied with the results. Wish me luck, gents! Solopub Challenge Overall (Incomplete): Won 48 of 77 games for a 62.3% winrate. Session 1 (won 10 of 16 games, 62.5% winrate). [ Session 2 (won 2 of 3 games, 66.7% winrate). [ Session 3 (won 6 of 9 games, 66.7% winrate). [ Session 4 (won 7 of 8 games, 87.5% winrate). [ Session 5 (won 5 of 6 games, 83.3% winrate). [ Session 6 (won 9 of 22 games, 40.9% winrate). [ Session 7 (won 1 of 3 games, 33.3% winrate). [ Session 8 (won 4 of 4 games, 100% winrate). [ Session 9 (won 1 of 3 games, 33.3% winrate). [ Session 10 (won 3 of 3 games, 100% winrate). [
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