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Found 4 results

  1. So, it seems WG finally got sick of Persha and shitcanned them: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2015/02/06/wargaming-disbands-warplanes-dev-studio-fires-staff/ Anyone think there's a chance this could mean big and hopefully good changes for WoWP?
  2. Title says it, i cant view replays from 9.5 in new 9.6 client. i have two installs, one EU, one NA, both updated to 9.6. Eu one has no mods, NA has a lot of mods. i was told theres a way to download the old 9.5 client from FTR to quickly solve this, but ive googled the crap and i cant find it. 1) is anyone else unable to view 9.5 in 9.6 or just me? 2) it doesnt work if use the NA 9.6 w mods, or the Eu 9.6 vanilla to launch it. when i say "it doesnt work", i mean the client launches, i get a warning that it is imcompatible and am i really sure i wanna watch it. i click yes. i think get a loading screen for that map, but all 30 player slots are empty, and it is frozen. there is no way to shut it down other than launching task manager and killing the process. i have some replays of a wz-11 completing ht-15, and a 13k spotting light. i really want to see these. does anyone have advice on either getting them to work, a way to download a 9.5 client, or some web site i dont know about that turns replay files into vid files?? Bestu kveðjur screng
  3. From FTR: An upcoming tier 6 Soviet premium medium tank. The description reads: Modification of the T-34-85 tank, created by the Factory No.183. It differed from the original tank by its improved frontal armor (at the expense of reducing the armor of the rear part) and fuel tanks, moved from the combat compartment to the rear. Only one prototype was created, as the suspension proved to be unreliable. As the description suggests, it’s basically a T-34/85 with more armor. It is equipped with 85mm S-53 gun and has following (preliminary!) characteristics. Penetration: 126/167/43 Damage: 160/160/280 DPM: 2002,2 Reload time: 4,795 Accuracy: 0,4 Aim time: 2,5 Depression: -5 Hitpoints: 740 Engine: 500hp Weight: 32,23 tons Hp/t: 15,51 Hull turnrate: 40 Viewrange: 350 -------------------------------------------- Looks to me like a sluggish Type 58 with a bit of hull armour. Having loved the 58, that excites me quite a bit. Anyone willing to share their (hopefully more informed) opinions?
  4. From today's FTR: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/07/14/14-7-2014/ As always, it's FTR so take it with a pinch of salt but it's nice to see they've finally "confirmed" everyones suspicion.
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