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Found 2 results

  1. so, as a lot of people that know me on WoT may know, (and some that don't, thanks to my sig) know that I adore my FV4202. people wonder why, and, quite frankly, I never actually knew exactly why I like it. I mean, I know its not the best tank out there, if you asked me which tank is better, my 140 or my 4202, I would hands down say the 140. but, if you asked which tank I enjoyed playing more, I would say the FV4202. and I think I have figured out why. I have figured out that it is because it is, firstly, a rare tank to see. you dont see many of them. everyone is driving around in T-62As/140s/E5s/E-100s/etc.but you hardly ever see an FV4202. the second reason, is because, I just find it fun. the 140 I play because its good, it provide wins, its fun in that way. but the 4202, you could describe it like the TOG 2. its fun to derp around in. the way it plays is just, well, comfortable. and people always under estimate it. they see it and think "oh, its a 4202, easy" then they go WTF as they bounce their IS-7s gold round off my front hull while I sit there laughing at them, before killing them. people say HESH is bad on it as well, and I agree with them. as a gold round, its crap. but as a fun thing to derp around with, its great. a few days ago, I decided to play around with HESH more than I usually do, and, thanks to a rather unlucky AMX 50B, Its an easy way to do 1500 damage in 3 shots, with a medium. lol. while I had it loaded, a T-62A also came past, his side to me. twice I hit him for over 400, with the HESH. adding to that the 600 damage I got on a JPE-100s side in 8.11, and its hilarious sometimes. then the accuracy, GLORIOUS accuracy. nothing better than hitting E-100 LFP at 400m. yesterday I managed to snipe a T110E4s LFP from 500m away, so gud. adding all this up, I just find the tank enjoyable to play. its not a tank I play for stats or whatever, its just... well, fun. and in the end, thats all that matters, isn't it? having fun. and its not like im doing particularly badly in it, 54% W/R with 2200 DPG. thats a nice low blue/high green at least. and for my second tier 10, im happy with that. I am obviously keen to improve it though. So, FV4202. great fun to play. great for some laughs, and honestly not as bad a tank as everyone makes out, IMO.
  2. So I picked this tank up yesterday and played 50 games in it, no GLD but instead tool kit (somehow I ran out of stock on GLD and do not have enough coins to buy one), and started with 95% crew (vents) so here are the stats so far as you can see, 3.1k dpg and destruction ratio of 2.63 Is it just bad luck or this tank really requires high dpg to win the game? (It just feels weird how after doing like 6-7k dmg in several games but still managed to loose all of them, its just weird...)
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