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Found 3 results

  1. On June 2012, this was my first tier 10 after months of struggling with no prem vehicles or prem days. Up until now, still my favorite tank along with M60 racking up 2.5k battles in M48 and currently 500 battles in M60. Post all your love for this tank here!! Currently maintaining 58% win rate on my M60, which is nice.
  2. Hi everyone, Played roughly 50 matches with this tank so far and I'm pretty torn between using it as a passive sniper or flanker when it needs to be. I'm 1 match away from hitting my 3rd skill on it so need some advice when next needs to be learned. If I need to keep on using it as a passive sniper beyond 300m range the coated optics should help but should I learn camouflage as my 3rd skill? Even if it helps a little to be spotted that should be a huge help? Is the M48A1 Patton even used in CW at the moment? I want to possibly make the eventual transition to CW but I need to know what tanks I need? I currently have the Fatton,E-50M(which I still need to buy) and 30k XP away from the FV4202. I'm 10k XP away from unlocking the T-54 where I can go either/and or get both the Ob 430 and T-62a. I suppose the Batchat is the most popular choice at the moment but that is is going to take a long time to grind for me to get it. P.S. I have no issues retraining at all for this tank. Screenshot attached http://i.imgur.com/u0XN6fx.jpg[1]
  3. So, I got the patton as one of my last tier 10's, having heard about it for a long time, never having seen many of them being played, and certainly none doing anything special. Figured I wouldn't like it much and was not enthusiastic about getting it. M46 was lame, and then i got the M48, free xp'd the gun, and played my first few matches with an expectation of mediocre ho-huminess. Derp. Much wrong. Such mistaken. Wow. I love this thing. Played it so much i got my first MoE of any tank on it, not even trying, just playing it because I love it. People ask me why I love it, and I'm usually kind of drunk so I just spew some random garbage and move on, but truth be told, I don't really know why. I currently own or have played and sold every single tier 10 in the game except cancer. The I'm terribad at the Leo 1, but I do like it. It's a better sniper/ambusher than the Patton. 50M is a better brawler in every way except DPM. STB-1 is faster with better depression, turret armor, and DPM. I hated the 62A and 140, but for some reason love the 430, all of which have better DPM, speed, and armor. So why is it that I love the patton to the point that I've actually managed to get good at it, like this: http://wotreplays.com/site/1146599#erlenberg-shade421-m48a1 http://wotreplays.com/site/1082387#prokhorovka-shade421-m48a1 http://wotreplays.com/site/962069#siegfried_line-shade421-m48a1 It doesn't make a lot of sense, and I was wondering if anyone else had these secret feelings ? Any of the players far better than myself have any pro/con opinions on the Patton as a general pubstar?
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